A Helping Hand: Black Jack reminds us that we are all family on ‘We’re Not Alone’


As he kindly urges us all to forget the past and to work together despite our differences, Black Jack sings about the world that we live in that has faced many challenges recently with ‘We’re Not Alone‘.

Austin Hecker aka Peanut, is an emerging RnB and pop artist and Milwaukee Area Technical College graduate from Hartford, Wisconsin. After struggling with addiction issues he has found his love for music again and this is his comeback to what he enjoys doing.

Never shy about displaying his vocal talents, Blackjack started recording his efforts while recovering from active addiction in 1990s. After relapsing, active addiction has taken over his life, his interest in music died along with his heart of what he loved doing. On June 3rd, 2005, Blackjack entered rehabilitation and attend meetings for recovering from addiction. In 2020, Blackjack regained interest in music industry, started writing, recording songs”. – Black Jack

We’re Not Alone‘ from Hartford, Wisconsin-based Black Jack, is the story that we all needed to hear. You might have problems and be different to your neighbor, but deep down we are all similar. We want to love and be happy in a free and fair world, no matter what else has gone on before. This is the story about a brave man who is trying to overcome many issues, and has sent us a message to us all, that he hopes will help someone out there to be inspired.

Stream this new single on his Soundcloud and see more via his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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