A Day A Week – T.G.I.F: The New Soundtrack to your Friday Feeling

We all have that one track that we whack on as soon as we sniff the freedom of weekend. Perhaps yours is still by Rebecca Black (we won’t judge), but maybe it’s time to mix it up with A Day A Week’s latest single T.G.I.F. The track stands in a completely different league to every single feel good track I’ve checked out this year.

The soundscape is alive with polished Pop, Jazz soaked Funk, popping basslines, and beautifully hyped vocals that will leave you as euphoric as you need to be to start the weekend.

Whatever day of the week it is, head on over to SoundCloud and check out A Day A Week’s latest single T.G.I.F and embrace the ecstasy which the up and coming Pop sensation has cooked u with their debut hit. Any fans Owl City & Carley Rae Jepsen’s iconic track Good Time are sure to love T.G.I.F.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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