A Day a Week releases their second single “I Wasn’t Built for Speed”

“I Wasn’t Built for Speed” is the first 2019 release from up and coming Folk singer-songwriter A Day a Week AKA Jonas Dejevik. Of course, there was no forgetting him from his 2018 single “Coffee Shop Heaven”. They may have left the experimental digital effects out of this single, but A Day a Week’s ingenuity doesn’t fail to impress once more.

The emotively rendered acoustic single carries plenty of progression, starting off from a track which isn’t all too dissimilar from the work of Glenn Hansard before working towards a massive Pop chorus. Whilst it was a slightly bitter-sweet emotion to move so far away from the raw quintessential nature of the prelude into a sound which wouldn’t sound out of place in a Disney soundtrack, there’s no denying that I Wasn’t Built for Speed is a sticky-sweet honeyed earworm.

You can check out A Day a Week’s latest single I Wasn’t Built for Speed for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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