A celebration of the female form: Alaina Kai Chester sings with such class on ‘Body Worthy (Amen)’

Alaina Kai Chester sings so gloriously and with such elegance on the wonderful new single that celebrates who you are and that you are indeed ‘Body Worthy (Amen)’.

The Cincinnati, Ohio-born, New York-based actor, singer-songwriter and digital creative Alaina Kai Chester sings with an aura of a woman who knows who she is deep inside and her astonishing voice is an incredible listen. Each sentence is crystal clear and the way she holds her tone is an example to singers all over the world.

Her sweet fusion of r&b, pop and soul is a massive hug to our scared hearts, as she takes us on a loving journey of self-discovery and learning to love yourself.

Taken off her debut five-track EP called ‘First Comes Love, Then Comes Liberty‘, this is a self-aware creative who sings with a real stylish nature that shows her grace and faith are strong and genuine.

Body Worthy (Amen)’ from Alaina Kai Chester is a song that celebrates the female body and how glorious it really is. She shows that it is possible to be classy and make quality music at the same time; without going over the top and comprising your core values.

Appreciation is what its all about and doing it in a way that makes you a true model for the young females in the world. If only more musicians would follow Alaina Kai Chester’s lead and be the guiding light, in this often dark world.

Stream this soulful single on her Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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