A Beautiful Glitch on the Radar of SoCal

Imagine you’ve got the innovation of Richard James (Aphex Twin) mixed with the Latin American flavor of Ozomatli and you’ve got a little bit of an idea for the sound of Teratoma Girls. A duo from Southern California and alumni of UCSD, Erin Jimenez and Nia Camacho respectively; they bring a mix of Mexican styles to EDM in a way that is gritty, at times noisey, but always energetic.

Their track “Permaculture20K” is largely remixes of other artists but done in a kind-of-collage-meets-mixed-media way. It begins with the standard fiesta announcer, the sort of thing you’d hear in a family-owned Mexican restaurant which caters to Mexican clientele, before moving into a grimy, stylish/stuttering glitch-fest (or maybe I should say “glitch fiesta”). It’s just great, the way these two beat juggle between drawn out triplet figures, static replacing snare sounds, and of course the migration of one track to another. “Permaculture20K” clocks in at about 50 minutes, so it’s ideal for a house party-ready track.

Sadly, Teratoma Girls’ Instagram is scant, currently only featuring the album cover for the aforementioned track. I’m sure most of the readers would love to get an idea of how these creative young ladies look, but as someone who has built a business from the ground up, I know very well how long the “to-do” list gets for media and advertising.

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