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The Great Noise – Common Ground: A Contemporary Rock Act Worthy of Their Name

I was starting to wonder if emerging artists that created blinding Rock tracks had just slipped off the earth. Then I stumbled across The Great Noise. The rock collectives name is probably the most apt band name I’ve come across in years.

Their use of heavy reverb around the otherwise soaring guitar riffs gave their debut track Common Ground that timeless Grunge aural alchemy that will never grow old. The vocals behind The Great Noise stuck within the safe confines of the more traditional Rock vocals which bore a sweet reminiscence to acts such as Smashing Pumpkins Soundgarden and Basement and other contemporary Rock bands that share the same veraciously raw vocal ability. Considering Common Ground was the first ever track produced by The Great Noise as part of their new raucous project, it can’t be denied that they started their career by hitting the ground running. The Virginia

Catch The Great Noise before they’re famous and impress all of your friends by heading over to Soundcloud and checking out their debut track Common Ground now.

You can tell them how amazing they are on their official Facebook page

Review by Amelia Vandergast

From The Slums: A Certain Energy saunters swiftly into the awaiting city with the fresh new single ‘Foreign’ (feat. David Sinclair-Black)

With a highly purposeful edge to his vividly exciting lyricism that sets him apart from the copycat former competition, A Certain Energy flows in impressively with a distinctive style that you can’t teach on his top quality new single called ‘Foreign(feat. David Sinclair-Black).

Shain Romanowski aka A Certain Energy, is a high caliber Asian-American rapper who is from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is a fast-rising musician on a mission to be up there with the greats, and his unflinching eyes tell you all you need to know.

ACE joined the United States Marines after graduating high school and served overseas. He quit music three times to be exact prior to being overseas. After the death of his best friend, Darian Asher-Layman (a fellow Fort Wayne native) he took it upon himself to make his dream come true in honor of him.” ~ A Certain Energy

As he indefatigably brings us the true story about some people in his life that like to talk but only act without the act-ion and desire to actually work, he puts them abruptly into their baby-seat with a edgy track that is rather enjoyably exciting on the ears. He raps with a calmly enhanced flow that streams vividly through like the crisp blue ocean – as his style is pertinaciously admirable – in a strange world that can change you so much, to be a false version of your true destiny without notice.

Foreign(feat. David Sinclair-Black) from the Indiana-based free-flower A Certain Energy, rips seductively into your awakened eyes and you see a confident artist in his most determined mindset. He might be signed to Sinclair Media Group now, but shows us that obvious hunger to launch further into opportunity-laden doors that were thought impossible to break into before. This is a self-aware man who knows where he wants to go, and isn’t letting any undesirable noise disturb his visionary outlook.

See this hot new music video on YouTube and see more via his IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tranquil Peace: King Zausage is effortlessly excellent on ‘Near Bonix’

As the peaceful soundscape unravels before your willing earlobes to send a sensation that is supremely exciting, King Zausage kindly filters out all of the noise for us, with the exhilarating new single that will have you in a cat-nap type of mood with ‘Near Bonix‘.

King Zausage is a multi-talented and deep-thinking Hong Kong experimental electronica producer, music journalist, composer, guitarist, tour manager, PhD researcher in theology, rock music and spirituality, at the University of Birmingham.

He makes that deep type of soundscape that is rather rare as it has so much pure soul, as he started his career in this world of entertainment as the music show curator in a mountain of the 2012 Shan Zhai Music Festival. The bug soon bit and hasn’t left him since — instead of taking the bite out of his veins — he has instead only forged onto greater heights and might be one of the most intriguing humans around.

You feel like you are in another planet here, each second feels like it has been carefully meshed into a story for us to hold onto, for our hearts to heal with.

Near Bonix’ from the fascinating and uniquely focused Birmingham-based, Hong Kong-born electronic producer King Zausage, is that peaceful trance that you needed after all the madness around. This is a world class artist who is so in tune with the needs of the world and brings us an ambient masterpiece, to treasure wisely here.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Throw me a hand: Moodbay are underwater and ‘Alone’ on sensational new electro-pop stunner

Moodbay show their ever-increasing greatness on the flourishing new single taken off their latest ambitious sixteen-track release, that will have you in a reflective mood when you are ‘Alone‘.

Manchester-based electro mood-pop two-piece act Moodbay, are fused together by Darlington-born pianist/singer Anna Stephens and pianist/producer/songwriter Alfie Cattell from Denbigh (Little Fortress) in Wales, who make that saucy edm, r&b and classically intertwined music, that makes your heart skip a few beats and gets your body grooving like it was pre-lockdown.

After meeting at the BIMM Institute in Manchester almost four years ago via a mysterious corridor, you can feel how in-sync the pair are, as they transform the dull room into an electric experience of bright lights and sonic soundscapes, that are so spectacularly illuminating.

Her voice echos eerily throughout as the vocals seep into your skin and give you the shivers. The pure class is undeniable and meshed with world class production, you get the feeling that you are listening to a duo that are going to be absolutely massive, if they stay patient and carry on making this immensely captivating music for the soul.

Alone‘ from Welsh/English electro mood-pop act Moodbay, is a late-night daze-dream through the mind and into the other side of your consciousness. This is that underwater rescue from your lifeguard, after you have sunk deep, and need saving from yourself.

When you are falling deep, you need someone to help wake you up before you sleep for good, as time is of the essence and there is not a moment to lose in this short life of ours. This is a magnificence single that shows you why you need good friends, to grab your hand, kill the noise and lift you up to soar brightly again.

Hear this wonderfully striking song on Spotify and see their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Insomnia’ is the debut space-rockin’ jam from Orlando planet wanderers Saucers Over Washington

Insomnia‘ is the spectacular new space-rockin’ jam from the Orlando planet wanderers named Saucers Over Washington.

A new side project of Grizzly Atoms songwriter, Nik Sidella, this is quite the breath-taking song. A powerful riff, the production on point, with a UFO-inspired theme that is a bit spooky, and fills your heart with inspiration to rock through the storms that await us.

Saucers Over Washington take their unique name from the now famous UFO flap that occurred in the Washington D.C. area in July 1952, their brand of shoegaze and noise rock is a joy to hear, you get lost in their music and this should be a definite playlist-adder to remember that great music is still around. It might be a bit harder to find but you can find it in abundance.

The idea for the Saucers Over Washington band name was originally conceived as an underlying concept for an album—namely a way to connect the paranormal with shoegaze music—that eventually took on a grander form as a blueprint for a new band and a new approach to both making music and connecting to an audience. This new direction is fantastic and shows how new forms of music will always appear organically. Always a better taste than music with no soul.

Lyrically, ‘Insomnia‘ explores the lead singer’s struggle with the debilitating fog of insomnia brought on by a history of horrific night terrors in childhood and the accompanying frustration of feeling like one has lost control of their own body and mind. The single is the first of two that will be released and eventually featured on a split EP with The Grizzly Atoms to be released later on in 2020.

With lots on the go, a new direction and a hunger to evolve, ‘Insomnia‘ from Saucers Over Washington is up there with the most creative music of the year.

Head through here to the Spotify link.

Click here for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London-based singer Israel Nke is magnificent on ‘Moonlight’ ft Shakira

Nigerian-born singer Israel Nke is here with a fantastic Hop Hop soul single called ‘Moonlight‘ ft Shakira.

Moonlight‘ is about the pain of a loss, the depth of a split-second decision and the lasting effects. With beautiful piano sounds illuminating with some noises of the street, we are soon underway. From there there beat turns to reflective Hip Hop and mellow rap vocals that gets you in the mood.

After leaving his polygamous father in Nigeria, to a life on the streets and a term in prison, this all led to his eventual redemption as a singer-songwriter. This is the debut single is ‘Moonlight‘, a song that speaks about how a split-second can change everything.

London-based Israel Nke has found his way after a life that was close to the bottom. He has emerged from the onslaught and is happy inside. He is happy as he is making great music and spreading his message of never giving up despite the odds. A comeback is always something to support if the intentions are pure. ‘Moonlight‘ ft Shakira is a fine track that lights up 2020’s peace flag.

Stream here on Soundcloud to hear this great song.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australian Alt-Rockers KaKu bring the heat with ”Winners Are Grinners”

KaKu are an Alt/Hard-Rock band straight outta Melbourne in Australia. They groove our hearts charmingly with their latest track called ”Winners Are Grinners”.

The band are from Melbourne’s inner north and are made up of the bearded Ben Schier, Dan Bergowicz and Andrew Cossey. The 3 piece band have loudly been flying their way up the Australian music biz for over 5 years.

KaKu have just released their debut EP on the 1st July which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Julian Schweitzer. This release is a product of a long musical relationship which explores brooding and introspective ballads, riff-laden jams and deep hooks that power through the speaks to magnetic levels.

Winners Are Grinners” is a terrific single from the outstanding Australian band KaKu. The Melbourne 3 piece blow past the noise and send us a great song. The Ozzie band are on the way up due to their quality song and intricate lyrics.

Stream this fab indie rock tune here on the bands Soundcloud.

Check out their YouTube channel to see their videos.

Spotify is the place to hear more.

Head to this acts Facebook music page and see when they are playing live again.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Honesty Is The Way Forward For Cerdafied X Saüd

In a world that seems filled with emerging urban artists sticking to the same cliched, mumble rap set to that same trap beat and taking that same self-aggrandising lyrical tough man act in an effort to just gain more views, likes, followers, money, gold, cars, houses… ad infinitum, it is great to come across someone really pushing the genre into new territory, really pushing the possibilities of where urban music can go next. Yes, they play with a lot of that imagery but somehow this time out it all seems more authentic, more honest, more from the grime reality of the streets.

Cerdafied X Saüd bring a lot of elements, expected and otherwise to the table. Old School lyrical flow and rap abounds, you know, the sort of deliveries that actually landed with some sort of memorable impact the brain. The beats strut confidently across the tracks of the album as it wanders between confident grooves and more hazy synth washes but it is what is going on behind, beyond and between these structures which is the real charm. Glitchy electronica, golden age of hip-hop strut, pulsing bass lines, mutant dance and futuristic space noise all weave around the more expected sounds. The future of urban music? I wouldn’t rule it out.

Mike Green – Back to basics for the best results

Always by Mike Green

One of the challenges facing the singer-songwriter, voice and guitar driven song is how to get noticed against the modern background of musical noise. Not noticed in the bombastic, U2 stadium rock sense but by knowing how to take these simple elements and lift them off the musical page, make them sound robust and accessible, set them apart from the pack. Some do it by deft and intricate guitar work, layering vocals, production tricks and other gimmickry. Mike Green does it mainly by writing great songs and delivering them with competence and confidence.

It seems pretty obvious really, why dress a song up to create some sort of pretend elegance when you can strip it back to actual eloquence? And Always is eloquent, in a solid and dependable sort of way, a combination of keeping things simple, though far from simplistic, and that fantastic, emotive voice of his. Letting the music breath and the vocals soar, a vocal which seems to blend romance and honesty and a soulfulness with a delivery that most rock singers would kill for. Get the basics right and sometimes the rest will just naturally fall into line.

Lil Leek – Who’s That? Baller Beats

Whilst this 2:11 track is wall to wall in tightly packed lyrics which feverishly flow, no sense followed, and the experience of this track left me thoroughly complexed. On the tenth time of listening to Who’s This? the latest track By Lil Leek, Aka Malik Glover a Hip Hop Rap artist from Lafayette, US I was still perplexed until I listened to his other tracks, and realised just how far Leek needs to come as a Hip Hop artist to be respected.

The sniggering, whooping, and other dubious noises that the artist makes is less than the perfect introduction to a track where you want to be taken seriously, let alone achieve his goal of being great in God’s eyes. Leek may want to refrain from the overly crass lyrics and actual convey some amiable emotion in his music, rather than stick with his current style.

His lyrical ability isn’t in question here, he’s got the talent hidden away under his baller misogynist attitude. The beat supporting his Rap flow is simplistic, and totally gets lost within the mix, the production is less than polished and seems tragically half-assed. There’s enough soulless music out there already. Let’s hope Lil Leek finds his way.

In the meantime, check out the track using the SoundCloud link below: