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The ÆTHER – Instrumental: The Instrumental Album of the Year

The ÆTHER became one of the most unforgettable emerging artists of the year with the release of their single Alone which featured on their third album Ætherville. No matter how many times I listen to it, it still feels like I’ve had lead injected into my bloodstream.

Their latest 2-hour mammoth project “Instrumental” which consists of 32 tracks affirms that if anyone can be considered the Glenn Branca of our time, it’s The ÆTHER.

By sharing the same avant-garde composing style and the same tendency to experiment with volumes and tones it was never going to be an endurance test. From transcendentally light arrangements to piercingly sharp progressions, to droning guitars, each track swallows your conscious whole.

Rather than taking sole inspiration from other artists, The ÆTHER found inspiration in the work of filmmakers such as David Lynch and Duncan Jones. For the project, they used instrumentals used in their previously released self-produced albums. But with the absence of lyrics, there was no absence of expansive poignancy. The ÆTHER set out to create a new language by creating soundtracks to imaginary films, they more than succeeded. Listening to Instrumental almost feels like a collaborative experience. He’s laid out the explorative soundscapes with easily found aural passages. Then it’s up to find your own narrative.

Instrumental comes highly recommended to any fans of Thurston Moore’s latest extended-release “Spirit Counsel”. The ÆTHER may not currently share the same international acclaim as Moore. Yet his instrumental ability easily sits in parallel alongside their illimitable ingenuity.

You can listen to Instrumental along with their earlier releases on Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


The ÆTHER releases their comfortingly resonant single “Alone”

“Alone” is just one of the singles which you’ll find on the third album from UK Alt Indie artist The ÆTHER “ÆTHERVILLE”.

The standout single serves the poignant purpose of reminding the listener that no matter how much shame surrounds the concepts of loneliness, it’s very much part of our modern existence.

The tentatively ambient single is about as pensive as Indie gets. It switches between verses where you could hear a pin drop to high-octane swells of Indie; affirming that your rhythmic pulses are well and truly at the command of The ÆTHER. And from sweet harmonic stretches to baritone hums of expressive languor, the vocals prove to be just as dynamic as the instrumentals.

There’s something so essential about songs such as Alone right now. It provides a cathartic escape from the gripping melancholy which seems to be slowly consuming our society. It seems ironic to find comfort in such a morose single, but the way the momentum ebbs and flows is reminiscent of the fluctuations in your own frustrative apathy. In short, it allows you to dare to believe that you’re not alone in your own isolation.

You can check out the official video to Alone for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

You can also stream, download, and grab a physical release of  The ÆTHER’s album via Bandcamp

Review by Amelia Vandergast