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Buying Into The Greed: White Collar Grunge remind us of what can happen if you take too much on the feast-filled ‘Capitulation’

After a long hiatus from the music world and released off his recently dropped ten-track album with a real bite to it, White Collar Grunge grabs our attention truthfully with the real-life story of how the world came to a money-related stop on ‘Capitulation‘.

White Collar Grunge is a brand new alt-rock band formed by the wildly creative father-of-two Cory Joseph Williams of Oshawa, Ontario. A massive 90’s music fan who was playing piano before being blown away by the quality of Nirvana’s classic second album called ‘Nevermind‘, he makes music for the love and will never ever compromise his morals for success.

Drawing on influences from the golden ages of rock, White Collar Grunge delivers powerful tunes on a self-titled debut album that feels both fresh and familiar.” – White Collar Grunge

The idea for the song Capitulation came about when the stock market tanked in March 2020. I was hearing the word a lot in the media and my father-in-law kept saying it as well. It seemed like an original lyric idea.” – White Collar Grunge

His voice is so tremendously exciting and the guitar riffs have you grooving like it was the 90’s again. with smartly penned lyrics that strikes right at the core of your body, soul and mind. In a lost world, this is exactly the insight that we all need to make better decisions next time, to avoid our hard-earned money getting wiped out underwater forever.

Capitulation‘ from Canadian alt-rockers White Collar Grunge, shows us an edge that is mostly lacking with lots of modern day releases. This is a true story about how things can come crashing so fast if you trust in the wrong people. The gamble of life can really take everything and destroy you, leaving you to wonder what really happened.

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Ode To The 80’s: EDM producer NiraN drops the epic bass groove on ‘A Night In Vice’

Featuring a wonderfully old school big drum percussion and a shake-your-body soundscape to you get into the mood, NiraN takes us back to a much simpler time on ‘A Night In Vice‘.

NiraN is the solo project of worldly experienced EDM producer/musician Farhan Saleem. He makes that supremely taste-filled ambient, deep house and chill type of music, that has you reaching for those shades and cold beverage to enjoy his busty beats.

Having lived in different parts of the globe, I have always listened to, been inspired by / and tried to incorporate music and inspiration from all over the world in my music”. – NiraN

The thumping beat transforms your mind and takes you to a new place that you perhaps wanted to go, but didn’t quite get to. The consistent bass and glassy-feel has you feeling re-energized and full of life again. The song slows down beautifully in the middle – as the warping energy sinks your doubts away into the quick-sand below, and takes you to a happy planet far away from the current madness.

A Night In Vice‘ from the talented globetrotting EDM artist, bassist and guitarist NiraN, brings us back to a place where things were alive and a night out must of been something you never could forget. The mood is lit with possibilities here, and this is a real beach party must-have when things in this crazy world, go back to almost-normal again.

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She Said She Miss Me: Cleveland rapper Visq doesn’t know who to trust on ‘Shade’

With a darkly-lit ominous beat and street-filled vocals mixed with straight up lyrical heat, Visq tells us all about keeping his eyes fully open no matter what the temptation on ‘Shade‘.

Visq is a ferocious underground Cleveland, Ohio-based rapper. He makes that real music that is all about stories from his life and features emotionally charged music, that is all about the different feelings that he experiences.

Visq is a DVISION of characters based on emotions, moods, and experiences. Each song that is created is based on the emotion and mood of that particular feeling.” – Visq

Shade‘ from the Cleveland, Ohio-based rapper Visq, pulls up the umbrella on those who dare to cause him issues, whether it be friends or lovers. He refuses to let them get him down in the slightest – and swarms bee-like on the mic to shred through the noise and get to the star-lit road – where he is ultimately headed. This is a head-strong musician who will put his shades on, no matter the climate.

We are thrown into is a street-laced track full of intrigue that will please the emerging underground hip-hop fan out there, who celebrates the underdog mentality.

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Coming For Ya: Emerging NYC artist Inés gets away from this wild year with the exhilarating new single ‘Run’

With a wildly intoxicating technique that is so delightfully proficient and ear-warmly enlightening, Inés sparks bright like an excited fuse that dazzles the mind on her new single ‘Run‘.

Inés is a classy solo project who was formed by the young and talented NYC native Patricia Zulueta who is a EDM music producer, indie-dark-pop singer-songwriter and guitarist. Influenced heavily by her hero’s Björk and SOPHIE, she makes that different vibe that is full of her almost wizard-like creativity.

This song speaks to the crazy, unpredictable nature of the past year. I hope that the ever-changing textures and beats evoke
the rapid twists and turns of 2020/21.” – Inés

Her approach is supremely graceful and filled with such innovation that quite frankly, boggles the mind. As you turn the volume up so you can clearly hear her quick-fire vocals, you admire her DIY artistic approach that is quite a sumptuous effort.

Run‘ from New York City-based EDM music producer and dark-pop singer Inés who made this terrific track from her cozy bedroom, shows us her fascinating experimental project in full force with an outstanding display of skill. She is definitely a rising name who brings forth her eclectic music style, that certainly rivets the mind, body and soul, into life again after being dormant for too long.

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Broken Heart: J-Desir keeps on ‘Searching’ to be with his true soulmate

With a caring tone that shows evidently that he shall never give up on who he truly desires, J-Desir drops the delightful visuals for this romantic story which is all about realizing that you can never understand her, but will always be there for her when she needs you on ‘Searching‘.

OG Josh aka J-Desir, is a talented RnB/hip-hop artist from South Florida in the USA. He cleverly constructs that loving sound that sweeps you off your feet and has you reaching for those dusty candles, to dim the flashing lights of this harshly lit world.

Music is not my passion or my hobby, music is my life! I am a creator I was made to create“. – J.Desir

The visuals are clear and concise, you easily see his passion towards her as he hopes that she will indeed forget the other guy and join him hand in hand again. His voice is smooth and full of animation on his bearded face, as he wishes that things could be simpler than they appear right now.

Searching‘ from the stylish South Florida hip-hop/RnB artist J-Desir, shows us a man on a mission to be with that sweet woman who he really wants to spend all of his spare time with. He knows that she wondered away for a while to see what what out there, but in his deepest heart he knows that they will end up being together.

Sometimes you can wait forever, or it will happen sooner than you think. Such is the unpredictable game of love after all.

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I Can Still Feel You In My Chest: Southern California’s NORSWRTHY fights determinedly to be free on ‘Claws’

With his much-anticipated debut EP ‘Ghost of California‘ scheduled for late 2021, the well-respected NORSWRTHY sharpens up with a subtlety impressive edge as he fully focuses on his music expression, on the cinematic-like great 2nd single release called ‘Claws‘.

Stephen “Norswrthy” Schofield aka NORSWRTHY, is a remarkable Southern Californian-based indie singer-songwriter, composer, and music producer. After years of working with other artists in various creative forms, he confidently swoops in to do something that has been on his mind for a long time.

Originally known for his photography in LOWFIELD, Stephen has been well established in the music industry having created album art for artists like Pharrell, Halsey, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Hailee Steinfeld, Rich The Kid and more.” – NORSWRTHY

He sings so effortlessly with such a piercing style that has you captivated the whole way through, as his stylish voice and terrific lyrics are backed up with a sound that feels like you are in another world. His energy is rather momentous and you click out of reality and move into a place where he wants to be – but knows that to be free again – he needs to forget and move on from the past. This is easier said than done – as the memories stain your mind like sticky blood on a much-loved shirt – when you know that the new path is probably best now.

Claws‘ from the multi-skilled Southern California-based NORSWRTHY, is a highly impressive release from an obviously talented artist. Nothing might be ever good enough in his mind – but to us mere mortals – this is something really outstanding.

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Back Here Again: Madraykin saunters in confidently with powerfully sung new single ‘Black Cat’

With sensationally captivating vocals and a sassy yet lovable style that has you looking for the water bowl to fill it up, Madraykin is quite stupendous on the terrific new track that will have you thinking that you need to claw out of the dark hole for good to find true peace on ‘Black Cat‘.

Madraykin is a fairly new and exciting noir folk musical project from Gloucestershire musician Madeleine Harwood. She terrifically explores deep and philosophical issues through her exciting cross-genre music, that is rather hard to place carefully into any specific kitty scratch pad.

This is the follow-up to the wonderfully supported ‘The Heart Has A Thousand Tongues‘, and you feeling her dynamic vocals delivered with such ferocious velocity. Each note swirls in like a perfect storm that grabs you close and takes you to exactly where it wants to go. This is the true sign of a skilled musician who performs with such vigor and determination – albeit with a rare touch of underrated class – that is so hard to find in this copycat world of posers at every corner.

Madraykin explains: “The black cat signifies depression, and the relationship that a depressive state can have with our mental health – you can both despise it and long for the comfort of its familiarity. The song was bourne out of a song writing session with Boo Hewerdine and it was interesting to take things in a brooding, melancholy direction and talk
about the black cat we are all working with in lockdown. “I wanted to put something out with a similar noir vibe to my debut single, but I hope this is an even more raw and soulful offering on a subject that many others will relate to at the
moment.” – Madraykin

Black Cat was written and composed by Madeleine and Boo Hewerdine and recorded by Chris Pepper at Saltwell Studios, Cambridgeshire. The orchestral arrangement is courtesy of David Kernohan and Madeleine’s vocals are accompanied by Chris on drums and percussion, bass, piano, electric guitar and keyboards, Ailie Robertson on harp and Elaine Lennon on backing vocals.” – Madraykin

Black Cat‘ from the emerging noir folk artist from Gloucestershire, UK Madraykin, scratches at the door and slides sneakily into our heart with willful abandon. This is the type of mysteriously enchanting song that might put a spell on you, as you fall into the moment and wish that more music would be as pure and even half as fascinating as this.

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Will We Ever Slow Down: Tampa Bay rockers The Paper Airport urge us to take a reflective moment on debut ‘Turning’

Formerly known as FAM, The Paper Airport fly in speedily with the terrifically introspective debut single that importantly speaks about how the world needs to slow down for its own good on ‘Turning‘.

The Paper Airport is a highly-zestful Tampa Bay-based three-piece indie rock band. They cultivate that striking sound that wacks the speakers off the table, as they kindly drive us into the right direction.

We wrote this one during quarantine, remote from each other about the state of the world and how we need to slow down; otherwise, our actions could prematurely make our species extinct. And how we hope for a better future, but we aren’t sure we will get one.” – The Paper Airport

His indefatigable vocals are superbly impassioned and busts compassionately inside your curious mind with hearty appeal – as this excellent band back him up with a sparkling sound – that sprightly soars with tremendous abandon.

Turning‘ from dynamic Tampa Bay, USA-based theme-park dropouts The Paper Airport, change direction with a new name and a fantastic debut track. They bounce in with a stylish three-pointer and impress highly with such a smooth sound – that certainly has you listening rather intently – and calms your mind to refresh your perspective. This is a top act who deserve our attention.

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That Booming Feeling: Dethhaus fire in hot with high-energy new instrumental effort ‘Track Three’

Dropped from dizzy heights through Rakka Rakka Records, Dethhaus stomp on the mic and let it rip handsomely with their latest single simply called ‘Track Three‘.

Dethhaus is daringly eye-piercing instrumental band consisting of Johnny Void from X-Ray Youth (guitar, bass, and keyboard), and Justin Welch from Elastica (drums). This impressive work of art was produced and mostly recorded in Room 101 in Central Florida, as well as also being recorded in windy England, UK.

This is a fast-paced and thundering storm of a splashing single that has your awakened eyes wide and your awaiting body shaking in anticipation for more to come. The distorted cacophonous melody has you feeling fully awake and without needing that coffee boost, as the electrifying energy is one that you can’t easily forget.

Track Three‘ from the deafeningly exciting Florida/England instrumental duo Dethhaus, rampages excitedly into your scared ears like a buzz saw on your fragile hair – as the ferociously intoxicating sounds somehow has you so thrilled – and a bit anxious at the same time. This is the perfect kind of video game music or from a dramatic scene from a movie. They are both seriously talented artists and provide us with a lovely mixture of crashing sound waves, to get you uplifted for the days events.

Stream this fantastic new single on Spotify.

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Running His Mouth: North Carolina rapper Lil Glokkah drops underground bar-fest ‘On Yo Block’

Released off local indie label Branch Off Records, Lil Glokkah enthusiastically smashes the door open and kicks it down easily so everyone knows that he is in town with the speedy new rap track ‘On Yo Block‘.

Lil Glokkah is a underground Brunswick County, North Carolina-based rapper with a fiery delivery that lets it be known that he is on the rise.

His style is full-on – as he tells street stories that will shock many – as his straight up attitude shows you what he deals with on a daily basis with small-mind folks really getting under his skin with their false narratives. This is the story about making it known that you are not going to take any cheap shots from anyone, as you build up your name the right now, and show all that your bars need to be taken seriously.

His flow is fast and he slides ruggedly on the mic, as he breathlessly takes charge and brings some of that rare new school hardcore rap back to the masses. You feel his energy is so transfixing – as he strongly slams down the weak competition into a vicious choke hold – that will be so hard to get out of.

On Yo Block‘ from the emerging North Carolina-based hip-hop artist Lil Glokkah, is a quick-fire swarm through like a hungry bee ready to bite at whoever gets in his way. This is his time to shine, as the determination is so evident and you feel that he will do whatever it takes to be the top dog.

Hear this new track on YouTube and follow his IG for more block news.

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