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Hold Up: Gregory O Screen guides us into ‘The Steppers Club Suite 3- Steppers Party Mix’ (feat. LeSauce)

Bringing us volume three of this catchy track that will have your body grooving to the tune, Gregory O Screen drops more exciting music for us to get excited about on ‘The Steppers Club Suite 3- Steppers Party Mix(feat. LeSauce).

Gregory O Screen is an experienced Illinois-based indie artist who makes that crisp old school feeling-to-the-soul hip hop that brings you back to the good days.

The Stepper’s Club Suites is three songs, that were originally composed to be an individual instrumental. The original was composed approximately 7 years ago, and shelved for other reasons at that time. Once time permitted, Greg dusted of the original track, and took it to local Music Producer Joseph Wright Jr. at JoRon 2000 Studios, in Midlothian, Illinois.” ~ Gregory O Screen

This is a six-minute fade up all the way with the volume high type of experience, that is all about that all-night sensual journey to keep you into the groove away from the bad moods. You feel like you have just stepped back into a peaceful place, as there is a mellow energy here which has to surely get your feet tapping.

The Steppers Club Suite 3- Steppers Party Mix(feat. LeSauce) from Illinois-based Gregory O Screen, shows us into a party that is full of a welcome that grips your attention. With a soulful ambiance which has you feeling so good again, you feel like you are inside the club and enjoying the ride all night long. Featuring lots of soulful singing and drinks to keep you refreshed, this is a track to dive into the whole evening.

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Breaking Me Down: London’s Essosa is shaken up as she regrets falling for the wrong lover on pop-dance gem ‘Lemonade’

Produced by the well-respected music producer Tibo and directed by Alice Rotherham, Essosa expertly recreates the classic 1980s New York dance club energy from The Danceteria and Studio 54 with her fabulous new release called ‘Lemonade‘.

Essosa is a highly ambitious 20-year old East London, UK-born, Toronto, Canada-raised indie-pop singer-songwriter and dancer.

The song has been her most successful venture to date, racking up an incredible 10,000 streams in just under a month via playlisting, her smart TikTok promotion tactics, and her small but dedicated fanbase.” ~ Essosa

Displaying inspiring maturity beyond her age while stimulating our senses with a vocal performance to treasure, Essosa is one of the breakout artists of 2022 with a quite excellent track you will be automatically putting on repeat.

Lemonade‘ from the sensational London, UK-based indie-pop and dancer Essosa, is a flashy video that shows us inside her mind as she wonders why they messed her around for too long. Sung with breathless elegance and classy grace you can’t help but be impressed by – this is a break-up anthem of magnetic proportions – for anyone who has felt the full force of an ex who didn’t treat your fragile heart like it deserved.

Moving on from the rough waters and staying close to those who actually care about you, is the smart way to build up your strength again to love wholeheartedly again.

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I’ll Know If I See Her Face: Atlanta rapper Scooter Swayze glocks up the max with ‘My Favorite Hater’

Taken off his recent 11-track album called ‘SWAYZE‘, Scooter Swayze lights up and lets us know that he doesn’t waste time with small-minded fools on his latest banger called ‘My Favorite Hater‘.

Scooter Swayze is a well-established Atlanta, Georgia-based indie rapper who flows with a resolute attitude that lets you know that he doesn’t feel the need to mess around with petty games.

Featuring that signature Southern twang that has you absorbed into his hustle way of life that is indisputably proving profitable, Scooter Swayze flows with the confidence of someone that is in the zone right now as he sparks our imagination with an insightful new single full of intended poise and a deadly delivery.

My Favorite Hater‘ from the Atlanta, Georgia-based indie rapper Scooter Swayze, is one of those underground tracks that are perfect for that late-night cruise if you are in the car with the crew. The energy is full-paced here and 420-friendly – as we find an artist who is stacking up the paper to the ceiling – and does not worry about anything that is potentially in the way down the line. He has assembled a fearsome team who know the streets like the back of their hands, as he leads them to that treasure-filled land that is only stuffed with success.

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That Spark: Jon Clark and One Long Skid sense that special feeling on ‘Chemical Blond’

Taken off their 3rd album ‘A Knot In Time‘, Jon Clark and One Long Skid are at their dreamy best with their latest single that will have you in a tender gaze as you wait for the light to come around with the ‘Chemical Blond‘.

Jon Clark is a Sterling, Massachusetts, USA-based indie-folk/rock artist and music producer who performs with his family band named One Long Skid.

We’re either in control of our skid, enjoying the ride, or spinning out of control into the dark abyss. Sometimes our final destination is in the hand of others.” ~ Jon Clark

Bringing us a nostalgic combination of serene music melodies that has you in a contemplative mood as you listen deeper to a true storyteller at work, Jon Clark and One Long Skid have a trance-like impact on our hearts with a track that is rich in quality and full of easygoing vocals that reminds you of better times.

Chemical Blond‘ from the Massachusetts-based indie folk/rock singer-songwriter and music producer Jon Clark and One Long Skid, is a fresh-from-a-distance track that has you smiling brightly as you remember that human who forced you to look twice and check your temperature. There is so much soul brewing from the sunlight here that warms up your fascinated body, as you remember that time you just knew someone who was something special.

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Good Vibes: Xaver is at his best on sensual new single ‘See Through’

Showing us his true love for music from his travels all over, Xaver takes us on a daydream-filled journey on his latest cruise-through single that has you feeling a bit naughty on ‘See Through‘.

Xaver (pronounced: ks-ah-fur) is a 23-year old Californian alt-RnB solo singer-songwriter who skillfully mixes in soothing neo-soul and mellow hip-hop into his creations.

Taken from his debut 5-track EP called ‘Frame Work‘, you feel that Xaver is a truly classy artist who is inspired by many genres and makes a sound that puts you into a calm state of mind. His vocals have you blushing at times, with honest lyrics that lead you into this picture he has eloquently painted for us to glide into.

My goal with this music is to make something that makes people tune into their emotions and feel more connected to those of others. Whether you hear something in my songs that makes you sad or happy, I hope that you feel something, because to experience these thoughts and feelings is our job as humans. All I want to do is show that it’s ok to do so.” ~ Xaver

See Through‘ from the California, USA-based indie alt-RnB solo artist Xaver, is one of those late-night playlist tracks you put on with your partner when you feel like taking things up a notch. With a smoothly projected ambience that has you feeling like lighting up some candles to add to the mood, this is a pacifying track that will have you beaming brightly and feeling that everything is going to be okay again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Picturing You And Me: Kitty Richardson wonders if they will ever be together on ‘Silhouette de Femme’ (feat. Sines)

Featuring ravishing vocals and an artistic movement replenished with delightful colours you will be totally transfixed by, Kitty Richardson shows us into her inner mind as she daydreams about that innocent love she has kept to herself for so long on ‘Silhouette de Femme’ (feat. Sines).

Kitty Richardson is an award-winning indie-pop singer-songwriter and music student from Rutland, UK, who studies music composition at the University of Leeds.

With her concentration on full as her gaze turns into something much more than meets the eye at first, Kitty Richardson is at her unique best on a new single that has you completely enthralled – by such a compelling experience – that has you glued to your screen. Bringing forth paint-filled visuals as she sketches us the picture of where her mind is currently inside, she skillfully lets us into her studio to watch this cinematic wonder unfold.

Silhouette de Femme(feat. Sines) from the fascinating Rutland, UK-based indie-pop artist Kitty Richardson, is a mood-altering single from an artist who keeps you locked into her story like all the greats seem to do. Her mesmerizing style has you quivering at times as you sense her romantic feelings towards someone who doesn’t know she exists yet.

Sometimes life can have you distracted by a love that might never happen, as it stirs your senses alive like a hot flame on your fragile skin.

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Healing From The Pain: AJ Mclovely leads us through the forest to find that peace on ‘Breathe’

As she walks barefoot into the tranquil forest to acquire that hope again after such a tragic loss, AJ Mclovely finds the strength to carry on as she knows that they would want her to be brave during this traumatic time on ‘Breathe‘.

AJ Mclovely is an Aberdeenshire, Scotland singer-songwriter, former beauty queen, and is a courageous ambassador for Mental Health.

The song was written by Aj, about the loss of a loved one and is a collaboration with Aberdeen Wedding Pianist, Dennis Douglas.” ~ AJ Mclovely 

Singing with an angelic presence that is beyond wonderful, AJ Mclovely helps us all heal from a personal loss with a superbly presented music video that has been made with such care and class. Each note is collected and crisp – and sends your memory into a peaceful place – as you recall those happy moments while you locate that true closure we all desire to fully fly into a better place.

Breathe‘ from the Aberdeenshire, Scotland indie singer-songwriter AJ Mclovely is a simply stunning display from an artist who is healing from a loss that hurt her so much. This is the story about looking for that beauty again so that you may move on, whilst remembering that soul who changed your life as you will never forget them. Looking for that love when there is only darkness beneath your naked feet, shows so much resilience when there has been a tragedy that you need time to get over.

Witness this deep music video on YouTube and see more news via the FB music channel.

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Hands Around Your Neck: $TABBY RIP $TAB $TAB wants his ex to totally forget on ‘Master’

On a mission to re-popularize metal music to its highest form and to be one of the all-time greats, $TABBY RIP $TAB $TAB shares his inner picture of a past relationship with a raw display on ‘Master‘.

$TABBY RIP $TAB $TAB is a youthful Los Angeles, California-based indie alt-metal singer-songwriter who was formed by Keith Man.

Launched in late August 2021, Keith released 5 songs that he felt would showcase the versatility of his project, as well as foreshadow his releases to come.” ~ $TABBY RIP $TAB $TAB

With a hauntingly scary style that has your whole body clenched up in anticipation for his next move, $TABBY RIP $TAB $TAB rips through our day with his signature aplomb on a track that shall have the hairs on your body standing up to attention.

Master‘ from the LA-based solo alt-metal solo singer-songwriter $TABBY RIP $TAB $TAB, is an underground experience that will shock many, and totally enthral others to turn up the volume. Just like his heroes from Slipknot, the aim here is to give out a true expression – that is filled with speaker-rattling moments that make you jolt – and think deeply about those moments that have the power to change everything.

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Don’t Get Too High: Andy Quick manages to block out the distractions on the visuals for ‘Ninety Nine’

With a barrage of challenges to deal with as he merely tries to keep in shape, Andy Quick shows us that it is indeed possible to push down the walls and breakthrough into that peaceful place with his entertaining new single ‘Ninety Nine‘.

Andy Quick is a much-loved and award-winning Plymouth, England-based indie singer-songwriter who is known throughout the UK for his wild live shows.

Showing us why he is so respected all over the land with his sincere edge and calming vocals, Andy Quick has a splendid style that is like no other and he is on top form here with a really likeable new single. You feel so might lighter on your feet after listening to a mightily skilled artist who only seems to delight your soul after each one of his much-awaited releases.

Ninety Nine‘ from the extraordinarily exhilarating Plymouth, England-based musician Andy Quick is one of those music videos you just want to watch again and again as it’s almost guaranteed to give you a gigantic smile across your dial. There is a real message here of keeping your cool when you could easily heat up and melt from all the stress in this rather peculiar world.

Hear this terrific new single on YouTube and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Always Been A Boss: NYC rapper YN ROCKY shows us his purpose on ‘Wouldn’t Understand’

Slowly sliding the knife out of his back with rare calmness you don’t see often, YN ROCKY realizes that this journey will be a tough one but ultimately worth it as he achieves all of his goals on the boss-mentality new single ‘Wouldn’t Understand‘.

Shanime Williams aka YN ROCKY is a New Rochelle, New York-based indie hip-hop solo artist who raps with a smooth conviction of someone who can deal with pressure and emerge victoriously.

Putting his stamp on the game that needs new heroes in capes to emerge from the lonely darkness, YN ROCKY displays his breathless bars in an enlightened format that shows you that he is for real. After dealing with so much disloyalty growing up, it feels like he has decided to rise above the tide – and showcase strength when others are praying for him to fail – with a street-filled track that has you in a massively contemplative mood.

Wouldn’t Understand‘ from New Rochelle, New York-based indie hip-hop solo artist YN ROCKY is an underground release for anyone who gets that you will, unfortunately, have to deal with extra if you chose to be your own leader. Instead of following others and making them rich, this is a man with a true intention who certainly delivers when he needs to. With a catchy beat and consistent flows from an artist on a mission to the top, this is an anthem for all the hustlers out there who don’t stop to nap when there is work to be done.

Check out the YouTube audio and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen