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That Hot Late Night: THEMXXNLIGHT bring the pulsating heat with steaming visuals for ‘Naughty or Nice’ (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Produced by Sledgren, Jacobi and Soriano, fast-rising RnB hit duo THEMXXNLIGHT charmingly return with their hot new single after the massive success of ‘Body Language‘, with the sensually sensational ‘Naughty or Nice(feat. Wiz Khalifa).

Akash and Krish Chandani aka THEMXXNLIGHT are a mightily confident Indian-American California-based indie RnB duo and identical twins. They bring on board the legendary Wiz Khalifa for this outstanding track with so much bounce, you can’t help but nod your head in ultimate joyful excitement.

Featuring direction by GShots and Joe Hood, the stimulating visuals here bring us smoothly into this drink-filled story of knowing what you want. This is the feeling of looking into her glittering eyes and wondering deeply is she is a good girl, or if she is looking for that bad girl kind of evening.

The vocals are brilliantly polished with class and mixed with the impressive feature of a hip-hop great, and this is one of those summer tracks to marvel gloriously with. This is the dance floor filler, as the atmosphere has you looking for that fun night, with a sexy track which has you swaying your whole body all night to.

Naughty or Nice(feat. Wiz Khalifa) from the excellent California-based RnB twin duo THEMXXNLIGHT, is a house-party winner if there ever was one. With a lusciously tasty beat, gorgeous visuals and featuring three world class artists in their prime, this is a sure-fire hit that has your whole delighted body in absolute euphoria.

See this party-lit music video on YouTube and see more news via their IG.

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Am I Really Here: Instinctive Isle of Man gloom-pop duo Raine wonder if this is all really real with the moody classic ‘Roam’

Floating furiously through the creepy chimneys and into our suddenly alert mindsets via their debut album named ‘Most Nights Lately‘, Raine have our anxious hearts beating even faster with the dark cloudy skies new single about feeling so lost in these familiar but eerie streets with ‘Roam‘.

Isle of Man electronic/ gloom-pop group Raine, are a dynamically charged outfit full of creative interweaving skills which has your mind swerving around frantically to find out more. They have such a uniquely attractive sound that is such a pleasure to hear, as they take us on a wild trip through the doom and gloom of the current world.

Raine’s sound is uniquely positioned to their environment. Living on an island, the isolation and vast landscapes detail their experiences to deliver a haunting broadcast to a wider world.” ~ Raine

Raine have us looking around so apprehensively – as we scan our left and right – to work out if the devil is indeed beside us or if we are safe – from this feeling of mass paranoia, which has shaken our once-strong confidence to its fragile core. They have a innate ability to capture your vivid thoughts that has your pulse racing at a spectacular Lewis Hamilton rate, all through this movie-like soundtrack.

Roam‘ from the exciting Isle of Man electronic/gloom-pop duo act Raine, is such a moody track which has you thinking rather deeply about your current state of mind. This is the story about feeling so lost and not knowing what to do, as you truly feel like an odd stranger in your own town, which suddenly feels dangerously dark and horribly sinister. The weather seems to be turning even more ominous as this track develops even further into the shadows, as you wonder if you are even alive anymore.

Stream this epic new single on Spotify or see their travels into our lives via IG.

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Just Be Bold: Sarah Reynolds finds that courageous strength through her faith on the beautiful ‘WILDERNESS’

As she prays hard on her tired knees asking for that much-needed fire to keep on burning inside her so she may stride on to find that hidden path, Sarah Reynolds puts on an incredibly inspiring display with the mountain-conquering new single ‘WILDERNESS‘.

Sarah Reynolds is a multi-skilled Cotswolds, UK-based solo indie pop artist, Christian music producer, singer-songwriter and composer, who has a massive love for pets, faith and photography. She kindly makes a tremendously admirable blend of bless-filled soundscape music, that shows us her belief that God will guide her away from any troubling situation.

You feel her wonderfully elegant tone shining over the clouds to wash away the tears from before, as her kind soul only shows us that you can be whoever you wish to be, if you really believe enough. This is such a sumptuously enthralling listen from an inspired artist – who is singing from her heart- as her vocal range is such an ear-warming experience.

WILDERNESS‘ from the soulfully sweet UK-based indie-pop Christian artist Sarah Reynolds, shows us a world that is waiting for us, if we get off our lazy couches and move swiftly into a new layer of goodness to learn from. She sings with such grace and care on stunning effort, which shows us all that losing faith is never an option.

You will be rescued if you believe in yourself enough – as you are trusted to carefully use the powers sent to you – by the guiding light to your true destiny.

Stream this gloriously beautiful new single on Spotify and see her journey into the wild via IG.

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Am I Here On My Own: Inspiring Reading band Third Lung urge us to stick together tightly on their excellent ‘What Is a Life?’

After smartly forming the much-anticipated LODDFEST (on Saturday 18th September 2021) with the awesome folks at THE LODDON BREWERY, Third Lung drops their third single of the year which urges us to join together and get back into the live music rhythm on ‘What Is a Life?‘.

Third Lung is a well-respected Reading, England-based four-piece indie-rock band with a terrific sound which seems to wash all your worries away into the distance. They make that meaningful music with such real introspection into issues which are actually important.

Their wondrous heart-beating sound can be compared to a few other bands but they are the most relevant one around in the UK currently. It feels like they are really building an impressively resilient castle that will never ever be conquered – no matter what the world says – as they perform for more than themselves. They seem to be able to lift you up no matter what your day is telling you to do – and the soundscape is absolutely scrumptious – just like a tasty cold drink after a salty swim in the sand-filled sea.

Song of 2021 so far.” ~ Tom Bright

This is the story about coming closer again and making sure that those you truly care about are there right now, no matter what has happened before. After many gigs and festivals lost, the live music scene all over the world has been decimated and this feels like a way to change the current tide of doom.

What Is a Life?‘ from the top quality Reading, England indie rockers Third Lung, is a true classic single in every sense of the word. Their stunning vocals, carefully crafted lyrics and blush-heavy sound, has all the makings of a real gem for our tired hearts. After so much time away from each other, this feels like a sensational single we can all jump up and down to, hug closely to, and make new friends with. This really is one of the best tracks of the year so far without doubt, as it is one of those memorable songs you feel deep in your beating heart, packed full of pure joy and love.

Music really does heal all worries away.

Stream their new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Peaceful Place: South Jersey act Garden State Etheric brings back the natural feel with ‘When A Ghost Meets A Soul’

With a gushing flow of river-like crystal water droplets to calm the busy brain from all the distractions in this click-quick world, Garden State Etheric returns with his latest single after 2021’s reassuring ‘Hey…its gonna work out‘, and this one is called ‘When A Ghost Meets A Soul’.

South Jersey-based indie Garden State Etheric, is an indie rock instrumental act with a yoga-fused ambiance that relaxes your mind and puts you into a better state than before.

This is the story of getting lost in the trees again, to take some time out of the day to experience the world in a more conscious be-here-now style, rather than rushing around and forgetting to look at the sky. The tasty track has your mind feeling way more calm than before, as this soundscape has you closing your eyes and recalling when things were so simple and not highly confusing.

When A Ghost Meets A Soul‘ from the South Jersey instrumental indie rock act Garden State Etheric, is a striking track that has you in a different state than before, as the energy takes you beautifully back to the stunning parts of nature which we need to remember, are there for us to look after and to find true peace too. Life is busy and full of pitfalls, but this is a track to get away from it all for a few minutes.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Had Good Times: Brave Country singer and 4x cancer survivor hero Ryan HamNer reminisces about that ‘Blank Stare Goodbye’

As he distinctly remembers the one September on that beautiful beach that lit his beating heart alive like fireworks, Ryan HamNer won’t ever forget the laughs and the wind blowing through her hair on his reflective new single called ‘Blank Stare Goodbye‘.

Ryan HamNer is an extremely courageous 4x cancer survivor and a soulful Columbus, Georgia-born indie Country singer-songwriter and esteemed author. He has a real story to tell that automatically makes your eyes water, as you feel his pain and totally admire his movie-like journey, to helping others who are facing the hard road he went down.

Growing up, Hamner underwent cancer treatment at ages 6, 9, 11, and 21. To cope, he focused on music, often recording his favorite songs off of the Weekly Top 40 to listen to on his Walkman during chemo sessions.” ~ Ryan HamNer

As he sings with such a sad tone about that day he wishes was real again, so he could see her close up and hear that cute laugh again, you feel the ever-lasting love to the one that got away. This is the remembrance anthem, that is important to deal with,  so that you may move into warmer waters again.

Other than recording music, Hamner also operates Bamba Box, a small gift box company that sends care packages to kids with cancer, foster kids, and other children going through hard times. Every Bamba Box recipient has a chance to win a virtual visit and concert with Ryan.” ~ Ryan HamNer

Blank Stare Goodbye‘ from the brave Columbus, Georgia-born Country artist and author Ryan HamNer, is a love lost story which he will remember forever. The moon was beautiful and he thought it would last forever, but sadly it didn’t. This is that moment you should put deep in your memory to move on – but is so hard to push away – as you wish that this time would happen again. Love certainly is cruel sometimes.

Hear this top new single on his Spotify and see more of his life via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Came From The Light: The incomparable Bridget Barkan slays the fame-hungry vampires mightily on the inspiring anthem ‘F**k You Money’

As the burning fire inside her pulsating veins flowed over massively to perform her strikingly real music again as the world shutdown, Bridget Barkan tells us straight up how she feels about those who just greedily take whatever is given despite the soul-stealing consequences, with a stunning effort that will surely grab your attention mightily on ‘F**k You Money‘.

Bridget Barkan is a wonderfully talented New York-based and multi-hyphenate film and theatre actor, director, poet, activist, and indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter. She is also impressively a teaching artist at Carnegie Hall, working with incarcerated youth and young mothers.

Some have said she is like the secret child of Cindy Sherman and John Waters, raised by the ghost of Janis Joplin.” – Bridget Barkan

Her melodiously elegant yet powerful voice is toned so perfectly, as he slides gracefully into your willing speakers – she sings with such precision and breathtaking meaning – her style is ferociously independent – as she never forgets where she came from.

Her beloved late Father and Uncle taught her so well and she stands for the things that mean something – hard work and being true to yourself no matter what others sneakily offer you – as she refuses that blood money and going against anything that calls her morals into question. She was told when she moved to Hollywood that people would try and grab her valuable soul away so she created a character called Mr. 1985 New York – a combination of her Dad and Uncle –  and shows a fitting tribute here to their everlasting spirit and life-changing advice.

As a singer, she toured the world with pop glam band Scissor Sisters who opened for Lady Gaga, sung with Lily Allen, drag legend Joey Arias and many more.” – Bridget Barkan

F**k You Money‘ from the multi-talented and totally authentic New York-based singer, actress, director and that true all-round entertainer Bridget Barkan, is an monumentally remarkable effort that is one of those pure songs you can’t forget easily. This is the insightful lesson of being rather careful with your hard-earned money – as it is so easy to spend it on things that you don’t really need – or gaining it in ways which will have you avoiding the mirror for a while, as you are so ashamed of yourself.

Your trusty gut is your only guide to true self-awareness and that rare enlightenment, which this world class human has in abundance. This is the only way to be truly grounded after all and after listening to this tremendous track, you will probably feel that this is the elusive anthem, that we all needed to find in 2021.

Hear this excellent new single on her Spotify and see more of her exciting straight-talking adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Time To Fly: Ohio singer-songwriter Zack Fletcher urges us to live for those who are sadly gone on ‘The Traveler’

Peacefully blessing us with the first release from his much-awaited five-track ‘Ohio Reveries‘ series, Zack Fletcher sings with such meaningful grace on the reflectively brilliant story about living for now on ‘The Traveler‘.

Ohio-based indie-folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zack Fletcher, performs with a deeply rooted soul and is the type of artist who you turn up loud, as his calming voice is lathered with such haunting emotion.

Throughout the years Fletcher has continued to perform and write, often out of necessity. Music is his way to filter his experience, to process the trauma, relieve the burdens, and celebrate the beauty.” ~ Zack Fletcher

This is the true story of living for today and appreciating those who have been sadly lost in such a short space of time. After losing a few really close friendships recently, this is all about being in the here and now, no matter what. Life is so scarily fragile and you need to be in the moment, before its all over in a flash.

Fletcher’s musical focus in recent years has been as the creative force behind Moths in the Attic, but he has been honing his skills since his early teens by performing with various ensembles, including several years as lead guitarist for the hard-rock quartet Flaming Hot Marbles.” ~ Zack Fletcher

The Traveler‘ from the world class Bowling Green, Ohio-based indie folk singer-songwriter Zack Fletcher, is such a beautiful song from a truly incredible artist, with that rare soul. He sings with a beautifully worthwhile style – and this is a tremendous track which might cause a tear or two – made with that determined love.

Live for now, and appreciate who is in your life. Tomorrow might change everything.

Stream his new single on Spotify and see more of his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Did It For The Love: New York’s Natey G paints us his vision with the catchy ‘Hush Money’

Returning with his latest single after the super ‘Wake Up‘ from 2020, Natey G brings us a feel-good track for the ages with the blue-eyes, blonde-hair daydream single ‘Hush Money‘.

Multi-talented Connecticut-born, New York-based indie hip-hop artist, pianist, guitarist and keen fisherman Nathan Goldenberg aka Natey G, makes a tasty blend of meaningful music that has you feeling rejuvenated after a long slumber away from what you love.

At a very young age, he knew his passion for sound would lead to an artist career. With his father an avid trumpet player and older brother playing Cello, Natey G quickly showed interest in the realms of Jazz, Classical Music, and Rock. In following the musical footsteps of his family, Natey G himself pursued a variety of instruments including piano, drums, violin and guitar.” ~ Natey G

The vibe is alive with a motivated stance upwards, he knows what he wants and is only determined to head on the right journey for his soul. This breathtaking beat has your ears perked up and you feel like you can do anything – as his eyes move towards the girl from Bel Air – while you move your hungry body to this superbly-made single, with such a stylish ear-bending ability.

Hush Money‘ from the experienced New York-based rapper Natey G, shows us the way to being truly happy in this rather strange world full of undesirable paths. He performs with a real confident flow and the chorus here is absolutely bounce-filled with such a likable style, which has you feeling so much better after the rough recent seas. This is one of those songs to wake up to, as this flows wonderfully into your mind and gets you motivated. Just like great music does.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

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Tell Me You Feel It Too: Norwood wants to be truly loved on ‘Maskerade’

As he casually scrolls on his phone so that that his lonely lips may feel alive and burning hot again with that perfect love to fill up the exhausting emptiness, Norwood thoughtfully wonders if he will find the one so that he may finally stop this pointless ‘Maskerade‘.

Norwood is a vibrant and high-spirited indie electronic dance artist and vocal coach, who grew up home-schooled in Atlanta, Georgia.

After feeling so stuck inside with church and books the only thing he was told to focus on, you feel his energetic nature flowing wonderfully on his exciting music creation, as he urges his fans to break free too. Love, acceptance, and empowerment, is what life should all be about anyway.

There’s nothing I love more than looking out into a crowd and seeing faces of every color, nationality, and gender smiling back at me. I try to make the world a more equal, inclusive place in my art and in my day-to-day life, so whenever I see that ideal mirrored in an audience, it’s always a special moment for me.”  ~ Norwood

He sings with such a passionate freedom which is so vividly welcoming, and has your formally sad soul feeling so enthralled again. There is a passionate urging in his voice for the walls to fall down, as he performs with such intent and that ultimate purpose.

My goal during every performance is for people to escape for a few hours, dance like no one is watching, and feel empowered to love themselves exactly as they are and express themselves freely.” ~ Norwood

This the story of wishing that the norm may return so that you can meet someone face to face, as the social distance is so weak and tiresome for your body, which needs some real love. You call for this to happen and are manifesting this to the stars, who are hopefully listening to your urges.

Maskerade‘ from the high-octane Atlanta, Georgia indie electronic artist Norwood, is a stunning release which is totally honest and remarkably relevant in this stagnate world. He is a real bolt of lightning into the world, that needs to be admired for its inspirational boost to us all. That true partner is all we really desire, not the constant finger-tiring swiping to nothingness.

Stream this ear-warmer on Spotify and see more of his remarkable story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen