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Solutions are tomorrow’s news: Manchester’s Urban Theory open up our curious minds on truthful ‘A Poet’s World’

Leading our overly-stimulated minds to shy away from the mainstream thinking that only adds to the gloom, Urban Theory scribble down courageous clues for us to enamor ourselves with, on the wonderful star-gazer called ‘A Poet’s World‘.

Fast-rising Manchester, England-based four-piece indie-punk band Urban Theory, fuse together delightfully that extra thoughtful music, that takes you to a new place so you can reassure yourself, that everything is going to be okay again.

With their first released single of the year, they sound especially hungry and show intimate intent with a stunning array of thunderous soundscapes, that simmers in hot like a steaming induction cooker. They have that raw power and are impressively self-aware, as they have seen so many around them lose their way. Their message is to wake up the masses with that sonic boosting vibes, that stomps you in the soul so nicely.

Recorded by the talented team at Bury’s Edwin Street Studio, this is one of three singles planned for 2021 as the band take things up a notch with a pure single, that makes your body move and groove with delight and thoughtfulness, all somehow at the same time.

A Poet’s World‘ from Manchester’s riveting indie-punk/rock outfit Urban Theory, is that special type of song that has you thinking about the current world and how broke the structures really are. Whilst we don’t have all the answers, avoiding the cracked steps of today is vital so you can maze safely into tomorrow, with your head held high looking at the stars to rest your weary mind.

Hear this excellent track here on their Spotify and find out more via the band’s IG.

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Raising proper awareness: Suffolk emcee Tad grabs the loot on superb ‘Made To Be Tame’

Bringing his prodigiously crafted rap delivery that heats up your senses satisfyingly, Tad rips up the script on 2021 with one of the best underground hip hop tracks of the year called ‘Made To Be Tame‘.

Dynamic Lisbon, Portugal-born, Tadeu Fialho aka Tad is a Suffolk, UK-based emcee, who makes that true life hip hop about vitally important causes that actually matter, like disgraceful discrimination and worrying mental health issues which are spoken about with meaning and force on a sizzling beat from Ddiltz Productions.

His furious flow rides through like a drive-by, he swerves into your speaker system to make a real difference with his self-aware lyrics about the current hardships that are plaguing his local area right now. With so many youngsters in jail, the world going mad and leeches out there trying to suck all the good energy out of the world, he lights a dazzling fuse and throws it all the way into our consciousness, to make a name for himself in this often diluted genre.

This is the story about having that extra determination to reach your dreams despite all the rocks being thrown at you. Surviving in this war-torn world is tough at the best of times, but this pandemic has showed you who your real friends are and what you need to do in order to rise to the top of the food chain.

Made To Be Tame‘ from the supremely talented UK/Portuguese emcee Tad, is a true life look into the darkness of today, that is rapped in a tremendously world class flow that lifts the lid of current issues that have engulfed the UK, whilst showing that he is headed all the way to the top where that tasty loot is at.

See the top video on YouTube and find out more about his story via IG.

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No longer lost: Papa Roy Foundation slay the speakers with excellent dance debut ‘Say’

Taken off their upcoming album ‘Out of the Darkness‘, Papa Roy Foundation move from lost recordings treasure hunters to impressive musicians, on the bolt-busting debut track called ‘Say‘.

Papa Roy Foundation are an electrifying four-piece UK based dance/pop act featuring Rouge, Skxllzy, Marc and Papa Roy. They spark up hot with a force field of bright lava juices, that was inspired by finding some lost recordings which only makes this debut even more special.

After getting their name and heartfelt inspiration from Polynesian mythology, Papa Roy Foundation is fulfilling the ancient myths with a spiritual experience from the first second. They have the ability to somehow capture your mind and race in with beats so dynamic, you will need to take an extra breath to recover.

”Papa a form of greeting a close friend in some South American countries. Papa also means father and in Polynesian mythology it means Mother earth. It is also mentioned that it appeared from French papa in the 1600’s and also from Latin papa, originally a reduplicated child’s word, similar to Greek pappa.”- Papa Roy Foundation

This is the sweet story about meeting someone who makes your heart beat so fast, they are so lovable you want them to stay forever and say what is on their mind. Times are good right now and you keep on skipping heartbeats, as you feel that they could be the one.

Say‘ from Papa Roy Foundation is that specially sauced happy music that bonds your body together and heals all worries away like the wind. Seek enough and you will find enough.

Hear this earthy wonder on Spotify and catch their story on IG.

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You are good enough: Edja shows us the way to fulfilling your dreams on electrifying second single ‘Song For Who’ve Been There’

After blessing us last month with her lovely debut ‘Happy‘ that gets the feet tapping with confidence, the lovable Edja returns to shower us with an inspiring message to us all, on the call to follow your inner desires on ‘Song For Who’ve Been There‘.

Edja is a galvanizing Italy-born, London, England-based indie-rock singer-songwriter, who performs with an old school energy that has you looking deeper within yourself, she had her doubts before but forged through the whispers in her mind to now do what she loves. Playing music is what she truly adores and sings to help others that are stuck in the quicksand of their own minds, needing a caring hand to rise up and never go back to that scary place again.

This is the story of breaking down your self-imposed limits and re-training your curious brain to believe in yourself so you can take that first step forward, building momentum the further you go. With so many of us behind the curtains at home, the need for an encouraging message like this, has never been more important in our lifetime.

The stirring song shocks you into action at first, Luca Chessa’s guitar and powerful production fires into action like a speeding train that meshes so well with Edja’s stunning vocals. You are sitting in your seat and feel her fire inside that gives you chills all over your body.

Song For Who’ve Been There‘ from London indie rocker Edja, brings you to a place in your mind that has you thinking through the walls and instead of letting them hold you inside, you find the urge to break them down and doing what you know you are actually capable of.

Her message is so real and needs to be heard far and wide, as if you regret never taking that shot when you know you could of scored the winner, will haunt you forever. After all, if you love something enough, why not try it out and see what happens. You just never know.

Hear this epic single full of stirring beauty on Spotify and see more of her uplifting life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Slicing away the doubts: Roses from Bones cuts through the loneliness with ‘Guillotine’

Whilst looking after his father recover from a dreadful accident, Roses from Bones sings from the darkest part of his soul on the impressively sharp ‘Guillotine‘.

Roses from Bones is the consciously advanced DIY indie-folk music project from Florida-based Chris Fritz. He sings about being lonely, dealing with self-doubt, fitting in and having the courage to follow your dreams, no matter what locked doors are in front of you.

His eerily honest voice fills the room full of darkness, his unfurnished room with the air mattress in the corner sinks into the creaky floor of his parents house, as he finds the inspiration to make the type of music he has been visualizing for years.

With recording studios closed due to pesky covid restrictions, he has done an outstanding job to almost-perfect the production, his over analyzing mind lathering over the thoughts, as he realized it was actually done and the time to move on to the next song was near.

With strong vocals that show his ambition, each word is meaningful and with deep thought as he sings so brightly and with that extra hunger in his spine. This is the ultimate underdog who refuses to be shut out, the talent is there and can be heard marvelously here, as he starts this new journey to full enlightenment.

Guillotine‘ from Florida’s indie-folk project Roses from Bones, is that special track that makes the hairs on your arms stand up as you nod your head and turn the volume up, eager not to miss any word from this humble underground gem.

Slowly edging away from his doubts, this is the story of breaking free from the shackles of society and being free with the caring sounds of true music.

Stream this gripping single on Spotify and see more about this real artist on IG.

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Looking for that second chance: Mississippi’s Lxyne misses that special soul who made him feel alive on ‘Caught Up’

Missing that deep love he really craves to be truly happy again, Lxyne is sensational on his new single called ‘Caught Up‘.

Lxyne is a Lucedale, Mississippi, USA-based r&b/hip artist who formulates that contemplative music, which sparks your mind on and has you unraveling those emotions that are holding you back in life.

This is the chronicle about a past relationship that was so strong and made you alive, despite the ups and downs that occurred during the exhilarating journey. They were there for you when no one else was and you appreciate that so much. Things then got twisted but you are past that now and just want to move on from what kept you apart, to be happy again and start fresh, side by side.

His striking voice sparks your attention as the sumptuous beat has you hooked instantly, you fall for the mellow ride and lock into the story as you recall when this happened to you. Most of the time the second chance either didn’t happen at all or work out, you hope that this one will be different as if two souls connect so tight, surely that bond can never be broken.

Caught Up‘ from Mississippi hip-hop/r&b artist Lxyne, is a thoughtful song about that person that you really want to be with, as you delve into the past and hope that you can be together again. With a loving tone, you feel that he will take his time to build the bond strong again, his soothing voice illuminating from the top of the mountain, as he sings with so much meaning.

Hear this top track on Spotify and see his visuals on IG.

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Boyz II Men remix: Black Camaileon drops soulful tribute to ‘It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday’

With a stirring message that is so relevant in these troubled times, Black Camaileon is back with the remix to the classic ‘It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday‘.

Black Camaileon is a New York-based producer and indie r&b influenced singer-songwriter who sadly lost his loving wife recently to cancer, and makes music to courageously honor her name.

With stunning vocals that flow out of his soul from his rough life growing up, he had a successful career before taking a long hiatus, as money and fame was never the pursuit, only making music and inspiring those who choose to listen to it.

He sings with love on this conscious classic that speaks on important issues that are still facing many today and with vocals that strike your heart and make you feel warm inside, he is an underground legend that is back in the game after many years away. You can feel his passion as he remembers the incredible 90’s, each word is sung with such precision and meaning to heat your senses and help you forget the worries of modern times.

It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday‘ from New York’s indie r&b singer Black Camaileon, is a stirring rendition of a track that is one of the top songs of its generation and is sung so gloriously here. A fitting tribute indeed. that helps us realize that we can be so much more if we work together and plan for a better day tomorrow, as one team.

See this terrific remix here on YouTube and find out more on IG.

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Grind into motion: MJR and Davlo make it clear that they are stepping over the ‘Bullshit’

Swerving around bad news in the papers like skilled professionals, MJR and Davlo drop their excellent new single about avoiding undesirable mainstream thinking on ‘Bullshit‘.

Davlo is a quality British/Indian-based hip-hop/pop producer and songwriter, who is best known for working with various singers and rappers worldwide, in order to find his optimal sound for global domination. He joins forces on this top track with established South London, England/Dublin, Ireland-based emcee MJR, on this clever barrage of deep beats and witty punchlines, that pushes haters to foul trouble rather quickly in this game.

With a supremely likable flow, fully of witty lines about how some people like to bring their drama to you without permission, the fine production only magnifies this to a high level of enjoyment for hip-hop fans. The deluge of bounce here has you scoring three pointers all day with your eyes closed.

This is the true story of ignoring the doom-and-gloomers and the small-minded people who fill up your DM’s with nonsense, as you fly above all of that and just keep on grinding, as you know that this is the only way to stay focused and productive.

Bullshit‘ from UK emcee MJR and producer Davlo, is a marvelous portrayal of what life has been like lately, with so many groans instead of working hard like these two have. With a monumentally catchy flow and a sumptuously desirable beat, this is an easy-on-the ear music vaccine for our willing veins, to soak up greedily.

Some people will always try and bring you down no matter what, but as long as you have the right mindset and keep on shooting, you will always win.

Hear this top new track on Spotify and see more visuals on Davlo and MJR’s IG’s.

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Take a walk with me: Alpina Noise sneak us underground with the mind-blowing ‘Coat Check Girl’

With their moody honesty pounding through the fragile speakers with abandon, Alpina Noise takes us into the underground club of mind-blowing temptation with ‘Coat Check Girl’.

Canada and California-fused indie dark-post rock act Alpina Noise, are the type of band you turn up loud and jump around in unwavering delight. Their pulsating energy transfixes your mind and never even gives you the chance to let go, as they maraud gleefully in your head until they are done with you, such is their mesmerizing presence.

This is the ear-tingling story of a girl who has your coat behind her, as you try and work out what she is into after a wild night. Your body is swaying around, as you chat to her and try to find out if she will go home with you. The evening has been adventurous but your heart is beating so fast when you look into her cheeky eyes, as then suddenly you feel strange as she has other ideas in mind.

The incredible eight minute experience is a true throwback experience to the proper cinematic music, that gives you chills in your whole spine, as you throw off your shirt and stomp around the lounge, in unadulterated joy from listening to this sweaty classic.

”A fusion of multiple musical genres, with dark echoes of post rock, punk, alternative, shoegaze, metal, noise rock, trip rock, and electronic-tinged pop confections.”- Alpina Noise

Coat Check Girl‘ from Canada/California dark-post rock outfit Alpina Noise, is the sensational song you knew was missing from your heart, as they take you for a riveting ride that you never want to escape from.

Head this heart-stopping track on Spotify and find out more via IG.

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I don’t want you there: Nigel T drops eye-catching visuals for ‘Get Out Of My Head’

With a deep frustration about a former friendship causing him pain, Nigel T shreds all thoughts of the person away rapidly on the fiery new single ‘Get Out Of My Head‘.

Nigel T is an indie rapper/singer from Minneapolis in Minnesota, who breaks the genres of metal and hip-hop into his own escape from this wild world, with breakneck appeal that you need to keep up with. His quick-fire fuse of a delivery, splatters all doubts on the walls, as you are engulfed by a man who is at the top of his game.

This is the highly entertaining but sinister chronicle of a pissed off rapper, who has been let down and is supremely annoyed by the lies, so he is taking action to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He is consumed by the thoughts of the past and just wants them to wash away and never return to his head. These vivid memories are making him obsessed, which he knows needs to vanish into the distance as soon as possible.

Get Out Of My Head‘ from Minneapolis, Minnesota’s rap/metal artist Nigel T, is a lightning bolt into your consciousness, as he enthusiastically shows us into the room of gloomy darkness, where the frustration boils over and heat is on the way real quick. He savages the mic with ferocious abandon and torches all doubters and fake former friends away from his mind for good.

Hear this head-banger on YouTube and see more from this life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen