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Thinking about love during the festive season: Gabriel Gassi drops new romantic single ‘Time Of Year’ (feat. Malkom Cheru)

Set for release on the 4th December 2020, this is a happy song that gets us into the festive mood despite the horrifically difficult year our planet has faced this year. Gabriel Gassi sings with all the bells and whistles on ‘Time Of Year’ (ft. Malkom Cheru).

The Stockholm, Sweden based pop singer-songwriter brings us a lo-fi flavored festive season treats and brings along the fellow Swedish rapper Malkom Cheru who has Washington, DC roots.

The snow and the lights make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as you remember that great times being with the family in your life. There is so much to like here as he has a soothing voice that simmers through the cold winds of a rocky year.

He cares for the family but misses his special one during this time and wishes they could be together during this time of year. The romantic nature of late December makes him think so much of when they will be able to share this time and not be so far away.

Time Of Year’ (ft. Malkom Cheru) is a song to enjoy with the whole family and makes things a bit better when you think about these precious moments that you can’t replace. Gabriel Gassi is a motivated individual and you can feel his passion pulsating through his veins and into his music. This is a musician that isn’t afraid to collaborate with other artists and wants to have his music heard globally. With a lot of hard work, patience and the correct strategy, that Christmas stocking should be a lot fuller in 2021.

Get into the merry mood on Soundcloud plus find out more on IG and Facebook.

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Realizing you deserve better: Alice D sings with pent-up frustration on the honest ‘Drunk Talk’

Set for release on the 4th December 2020, this new Future-Pop single has such an splendid soundscape, that drifts our minds into previous relationships that were covered in crazy talk, and got a bit too much. Your brain is thrown into disbelief as you struggle to comprehend how you are still with his person, your loyalty is being tested way too much, and you know it won’t last for much longer. The sparkling singer-songwriter Alice D returns to express her current frustrations, on her latest release ‘Drunk Talk‘.

Her voice is so classy and crisp, the style is fresh and the Pop pureness is a gift for those tired ears out there. The simple beat keeps everything in a marvelous bow of consistency, that is a splendid listen. This is a singer who hold her tone just right, and doesn’t try and overdue anything. A sign of a mature artist in a young body, she shows us all that loyalty is important but knows that the time to end this might be close, unless big changes are made.

The story of being with someone that cares about the bottle more than you, their stories are starting to repeat themselves, and you are wising up to the situation. Sometimes the innocent ones get taken for a ride by selfish characters, who think their ride will last forever, but it will eventually end in tears.

Drunk Talk‘ from the sweet-sounding vocals of Alice D is a warning to those who push it too far, the journey to be happy is more important, than following along a lost cause that is only going backwards.

Hear this honest single full of real talk on Soundcloud and see more on her Facebook page.

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Keeping the night from ending: Lovable Devon family indie-folk band KoCapoli sing of better days ahead on ‘Sun Don’t Rise’

Devon/Brighton based indie-folk act KoCapoli are back with more beautiful melodies on their latest single ‘Sun Don’t Rise‘.

Twin sisters Alice, Kit and brother Billy, have been performing since they were youngsters and being in a band was always the plan. Their family has grown a bit bigger recently and they have brought in their friends Robin on drums and Ben on bass. With funk, folk, soul, and alternative sounds all woven into one, this is an outfit that make sweet music that leaves you wanting more treats to fill up your empty heart.

This is the story of wanting that special night to last just a bit more and longing for this to happen. You are with friends or lovers and don’t want it to end as everything is so perfect. This is that rare moment when the stars align just right and everything blends in your heart as you smile so bright and you don’t want the day to come, only the night.

The twin’s vocals are so pure and heartfelt and the mellow guitar adds a layer of sweetener to make this is a warm cuppa tea for the battered heart, tired of being locked inside and lonely. This is exactly what we need more of in the world; dreams and desires instead of gloom and doom that does nothing to help.

This is a lively band that has so much fun together and loves a good laugh and each other’s company while attempting to make Instagram videos. Their laughter is infectious (in a good way) and this type of happy energy is transported into their music.

South Devon/Brighton based KoCapoli miss each other a lot as they are separated due to current times but hopefully their bond has grown even stronger. ‘Sun Don’t Rise’ is a caring story of love and has been released like a caged bird, to bless us when we needed it most. Life is about being with those we care about most after all.

Hear this piece of calming beauty via their Spotify and find out more about the band on their IG & FB.

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You want her to be the only one: ‘I Want It To Be You’ is New York City musician/writer Lauren Kidd’s exceptional solo debut of self-discovery

Queens, New York singer-songwriter Lauren Kidd is heading for big things due to her exceptional voice and self-motivated attitude. These are two qualities that are at the core of being a successful indie artist and Lauren epitomizes this.

The former frontwoman of NYC band Clearview and after starting to learn music when she was just 9 years old, she is now fully integrated into the solo world and is excitedly releasing her debut album called ‘Our Numbered Days’ which drops on the 18th December 2020. Luckily, Lauren has been kind enough to sneak us a listen of her ‘I Want It To Be You’ debut single to wet our appetites and this is like a thunderbolt into our hungry hearts.

This is the story of knowing what you want but struggling to find the right path to get there. The pain in her voice is palpable as she wrestles with easy temptations that have been there from life in a band. Quick and fun flings are there if you want it; they can be so hard to resist if you let yourself be drawn in and hang out at places you know are bad for you.

She sings from the heart and wants to be a better person and there is only one special soul that she visualizes being with The problem is, it might be too late. Patience and self-reflection are the two qualities needed right now but you don’t want to be alone either.

With a strong voice, terrific visuals and a heartfelt style, it’s no wonder that this is a musician on the rise. Her honesty shines through the cracks of the room as you reminisce about those nights you spent with someone you barely knew.

I Want It To Be You’ from New York’s Lauren Kidd is a single that is part of the master-plan and a way to heal inside so that you can move on and do what you can, to gain that ultimate forgiveness. Life is all about learning from mistakes and not being too hard on yourself. We are only human after all.

See the excellent music video on YouTube, stream her on Spotify and find out more via IG & FB.

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Staying young while it lasts: Pop act Slits & $lie entertain us with catchy ‘Like That’

Slits & $lie return with the fantastic new R&B-Pop dance floor slider on ‘Like That’. The quick start is like an engine humming as the song builds and soon we are flying fast on this highway, hair swirling in the wind with your sunglasses on looking all fresh.

Taken off ‘Burnt Out’, the new school energy is vibrant here as the duo speaks about what life is like for them right now and how it is. This is about leaving those demons for another day as you are having too much fun right now with your homies. You know you need to fix yourself up as things are getting rather hazy and you are losing touch with reality a bit much but not today. The night is still way too young and you want to see her again and tell her how you feel inside.

The beat is simple and meshes well with the vibe of this track, the lo-fi layers adds to the energy and you feel like sparking up and swimming in a pool while listening here. These are two young musicians who are still learning about themselves, other people and right now the friend circle is tight like a well-tied scout knot.

Like That’ from Slits & $lie is that new track you will tell your friends about and play again and again; real loud. It’s a perfect track for summer and speaks about how love can make your mind spin around like a lost wheel sometimes. After all, when you are young you think that you can do anything and you need good friends to hold you back sometimes to show they actually care. Right now though, the drinks are flowing and no-one wants to be the party stopper.

Hear this party vibe on Spotify and find out more via lilslits and bigslie.

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Starting fresh again: Irish act The Flavours are ready to move on from toxic energy on ‘More Than Once’

Cork City 4-Piece band The Flavours are an impressive folk, indie rock, soul, reggae and jazzy mesh of wonder and ‘More Than Once‘ is their latest single to bless our ears from 2020. Forgetting this torrid year is the key but unlocking quality music is the right door to open; in these often confusing times that leads us astray like a lost kitty cat.

Her stunning vocals drift in so sweetly and with a tone that is never rushed or unnatural. Your heart feels happier as you tap your feet and wonder how they sound live. The band have a humble and soulful sound, they appear to all genuinely enjoy each other’s company and this shines through like the sun coming through on a winter’s day in the UK. It might be chilly outside but you feel warmth and can’t help but have a goofy smile while listening.

There is so much to like here as they tease us at the beginning and gracefully open to the door for us to wipe our shoes and walk into their journey. This is the story of being let down a few too many times and the game is now stale and old. You have been let too many times and you now you are sick and tired of it. You waited and waited but they showed zero respect. The kindness you had has been wrapped up over you like plastic in the sea and you know it’s time to remove it for good.

With a luscious vocal delivery and a band in tune with each other’s styles, they send through a message that is heard loud and clear. After being chosen to perform at Wild Roots Music, Performing Arts & Adventure Festival 2021 with James Morrison and Kaiser Chiefs on the line-up, the arrow is pointing up for these archers.

More Than Once’ from proudly Irish band The Flavours is a track that you will end up playing again and again due to its quality and real message. After all, you deserve to be with someone that respects you and sticks to their word.

Support the band via their Spotify and see their smiling faces on IG & FB.

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Debut days: ‘Classic Weekender’ from Manchester rock band Sterling reminisces on those wild weekends

Manchester based indie-rock band Sterling get us in the mood via their debut track ‘Classic Weekender’ and this is a quality release from the new boys.

The explosive start is like a fuse that has been lit and is still sparking bright. Their fierce energy is so welcome in these dark times and this is an Indie Rock thump that knocks the door down to let everyone know that they mean business.

The Manchester boys made the wise move of using the legendary studio Vibe Recording Studios in Cheetham Hill. You can feel that this is going to be a band that will make noise in the UK music scene as they are building their name up to make maximum impact.

With their first EP ‘Billy Boy’ being carefully crafted as we speak and set for release in early 2021, this is the first taste that we have gotten and we want more. The lyrics are honest and reminisce for the fun days of the weekend when we could all go out and not blink twice. The story of going out and having a fun time without a worry in the world.

This has that 90’s Brit feel to it and the bass-lines are so rhythmical and get you in the mood to go down to your local and chat with your mates with a cold brew in hand. This is that Friday night vibe when the lights are on and the conversation is loud and where memories are made.

Sterling from Manchester, UK bring out a debut to remember on ‘Classic Weekender’ and this is the tune to play real loud during those nights that you wish could return to normal again.

Fire up your Friday nights on Spotify and see more of the band on their IG & FB.

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Footie, space and music combine: West Midlands Rockers Marquis Drive remind us to look at the positives on ‘Spaceman’

Signed to the Creation23 Label, the 7-Piece indie rockers Marquis Drive float into our hearts on the planetary journey that is ‘Spaceman’.

The vigorous entry gets you hot under the collar and a fresh fan might be needed to cool the air down. This is energetic stuff as the setup to the chorus is quite a listen, the marauding guitars fly in to swat all flies away with a force that is so electric and makes your heart skip a beat. The band that met at a local pub and share a massive love for football; once again show us their quality on this rip-roaring effort that will make the hungriest lion blush in delight.

With a year that has been characterized by mostly bad news, this is a refreshing song about with the future and what what it holds for humankind. Space travel is a topic that has been off our minds for a while but Elon Musk might have a new theme song here. Travelling up above has always fascinated humans and the aura is once again lifted to commend the great work that so many do to discover new things that will hopefully help future discoveries for many moons to follow.

The vocals are delivered with a punchy style that is often breathless and packed with a spectacular energy that is phenomenally sung. The 7-Piece outfit shred our anxiousness away with one of the best rock tracks this year. They are such a riveting listen and you just want to see them live and dance the rust away with a band that has so much going for them.

After being announced to perform at the epic Creation Festival 2021, things are coming together for Marquis Drive. Everyone does love a ‘Spaceman’ after all.

Stream the band here on Spotify and Soundcloud plus see their music adventure on IG & FB.

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The journey of love: Los Angeles, California based singer-songwriter Joe Romersa guides us all on ‘Where We Go From Here’

The legendary LA drummer, singer- songwriter, producer, voice actor and composer extraordinaire Joe Romersa is back with a modern story of the hearts fulfillment, on his latest single called ‘Where We Go From Here’.

This is a man whose work was featured in the 1992 Grammy award-winning ‘The Missing Years‘ album by the late great country-folk singer-songwriter John Prine, and his career has been one that exemplifies the rugged journey of a true musician that never gave up. There have been lots of ups and a few downs, good gigs and bad gigs but he is a person who has never given up. His passion for his art form and learning new skills is obvious.

There is so much to appreciate about this terrific track and the start tells us everything we need to know straight away like a bullet pass for a touchdown. The years of experience and care to play the guitar at a level that most of us only dream of is tremendous. There is a touch of blues, country and rock here and you feel all giddy waiting for his vocals to illuminate through into your headphones.

His gritty voice that is full of incredible stories of life and travel is opened up to us like a creaking door. This is the story of being with that special person in your life as you reminisce about being so happy- they fall asleep in your arms- and you can’t believe this is real. You feel like you two can do anything you want together and nothing has ever felt so right before. After a long search, they found you and you click like a light switch and everything is shining bright with your world again.

Love is on his mind and why not. This is that kind of feeling that you didn’t know really existed for you but has come into your life to make your smile beam wide as can be. ‘Where We Go From Here’ by the renowned and respected Joe Romersa is a guiding light of hope, in an often dark and morbid world. Knowing where to go next is the journey now but it is a question he can share with his partner, and that is all that matters.

Hear this hand-crafted gem via Joe’s Spotify and see where he goes next on FB & IG.

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Adventures in Sydney: Really Nice bless our hearts with well-made lyric video for ‘Been a Long Time’

The 80’s type waveform of silky sound treats from Really Nice filters in rather quickly and the lyric video ‘Been a Long Time’ gives you those happy chills inside your whole body. This wonderful creation is reminder to the good old days of when life was simple and we had cassette tapes to slide into our VCR’s. A message of hope and a positive outlook is airlifted to us and the results are so satisfying.

This is the back to the future type of vibe that blows in like a lost leaf from outside in the garden. Simple times indeed. These are happy memories.

This indie-pop electronic feel is so pleasurable and the lyric video is so well-done to make you sing along as intended. This is a message of hope among darkness with the Sydney act leading the way as their country removes the shackles and breaks free- cautiously- back to a kind of normal world again.

The Australian band feature a massive lizard, birds and a few dogs along with sultry vocals that blends into your soul like a fresh pair of shoes. This is all about getting that sign and just going for it as you know that this is your time to soar in life, and not be held back on a leash any longer. You take a deep breath and marvel at the simple and effective message here which is a needed one at that too.

With so much bad news around, this is a positive message from Really Nice believe in yourself and do what makes you happy. It’s ‘Been a Long Time’ but to dream and jump up to reach your goals; is the only way to grow and be who you want to be.

Stream their new track via YouTube and see more music adventures on FB.

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