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Inspiring Sounds: The Fade ’11 have us in raptures with delightful ‘Frost’

As bravely dealing with fighting cancer in a pandemic world whilst apart from each other, The Fade ’11 warms up our hearts on the peaceful new single that will you give you a bit of a shiver, but shall ultimately have you feeling hopeful on ‘Frost‘.

The Fade ’11 is a new two piece soundtrack rock duo pieced together by brothers Dan and Andrew, who bring us their soundtrack to life with all the highs and lows. They perform with so much class throughout this incredible experience.

”Without words, this tells our story. This is our soundtrack of love, anger, fear, hope, defeat and triumph. From the highs to the lows. For the lost and the found and the journey in between. To Life.” – The Fade ’11

The soundscape here sends your soul to a place far away from the madness, with a thriving piece of art that is so cinematic and wonderfully pure and loving.

Frost‘ from the soulful two-piece soundtrack ambient brother duo The Fade ’11, heats up your mind with crisply cool instrumentals that takes you to a new positive land with promise, that has you in a mood to achieve your goals. With an album on the way, you feel like you have just found a peaceful outlet to unplug from the world to.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and see more on the IG.

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The Truth: Oceans Of Tears shows us what is really going on with ‘All The Children Are Dying’

With a heavy feel that has you feeling numb and rather emotional, Oceans Of Tears open the damaged door to what they see and hear around them, on a track that only those with a strong stomach should see called ‘All The Children Are Dying’.

Oceans of Tears is a music collective and the creation of Toronto, Canada-based Steve W. Boily from Les productions Alaska Productions, who loves to make rock and children’s musicals, songs and also videos.

He formulates that real type of music which has your heart beating extra fast and hoping that the world may find peace rather than carry on with these senseless actions.

”This track, performed by SHAWN, has three important themes and scenes. In scene one, the song tells the story of “Snowbabies”, children who are born already hooked on crack/cocaine because of their addicted and pregnant mothers. During the next scene, the song speaks about children & youth who are used as drug-runners in street gangs of U.S. cities. Finally, scene three shows children in third world, war torn countries, forced to take arms, to kill and maim other kids, women, and men, who oppose this tyrants’ rule.” – Oceans of Tears

This is the story about saving the children from this terrible pandemic of life being lost for no reason, as they follow fake leaders blindly and lose their lives for no reason at all. The rock influence shakes through the roof, as they let remind us what is going on all over the world right now.

All The Children Are Dying‘ from Oceans Of Tears, delves right in where others walk around. The streets are littered with these sad and inexcusable moments, which needs to be fixed so that the innocent children may live a life that is fruitful, full of wonder, peace and love. Just the way it should be.

Stream this striking video on YouTube and see more release news on IG.

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Tranquil Peace: King Zausage is effortlessly excellent on ‘Near Bonix’

As the peaceful soundscape unravels before your willing earlobes to send a sensation that is supremely exciting, King Zausage kindly filters out all of the noise for us, with the exhilarating new single that will have you in a cat-nap type of mood with ‘Near Bonix‘.

King Zausage is a multi-talented and deep-thinking Hong Kong experimental electronica producer, music journalist, composer, guitarist, tour manager, PhD researcher in theology, rock music and spirituality, at the University of Birmingham.

He makes that deep type of soundscape that is rather rare as it has so much pure soul, as he started his career in this world of entertainment as the music show curator in a mountain of the 2012 Shan Zhai Music Festival. The bug soon bit and hasn’t left him since — instead of taking the bite out of his veins — he has instead only forged onto greater heights and might be one of the most intriguing humans around.

You feel like you are in another planet here, each second feels like it has been carefully meshed into a story for us to hold onto, for our hearts to heal with.

Near Bonix’ from the fascinating and uniquely focused Birmingham-based, Hong Kong-born electronic producer King Zausage, is that peaceful trance that you needed after all the madness around. This is a world class artist who is so in tune with the needs of the world and brings us an ambient masterpiece, to treasure wisely here.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

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Queen Of Darkness: Moran DiX is spellbinding on shivering new single ‘Immortal Beauty’

As she brings us another wonderful single that is from a personal experience from her life, Moran DiX stuns yet again with her latest song all about that ‘Immortal Beauty’.

Moran DiX is a totally unique Venice, Italy-born indie singer-songwriter, who morphs dark goth and cyber soundscapes that completely mesmerize, as her journey to find acceptance for her dark side has you in awe of her immense talents.

This is the story about being under a spell, as you feel like you are under another power — you look for the welcoming light but only see the stars way above you — as you need to be patient as there is nothing you can do when you are around this strong person.

She sings with such belief, each word is said with meaning, as the mystery intertwines your mind and takes you to a place that you didn’t know was possible before.

Immortal Beauty‘ from the mystical Moran DiX, is a gripping song that is full of dark electro beats that has the hairs on the back on your neck standing up to attention — as you sink deeply into her voice and anxiously lather yourself — in her haunting lyrics that has you listening so closely.

The journey from heaven to hell is a close one, as you try and figure about which road you will end up taking in the end.

Hear this electrically charged new single on Spotify and see more of her journey on IG.

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Get Up Now: Toronto’s Siggimusic wants to know all about the ‘Truth’

Turning our heads around with a groovy rhythm to get us into the right mood to be inspired, Siggimusic turns on the light and invites us to learn the ‘Truth‘, on this catchy single that will have your whole body moving.

Siggimusic (formally Siggi) is a skilled Italian-born, Toronto, Canada-based indie singer-songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He makes that genuine sound that is born from his love for music, when he made his first song at just twelve years old.

Over moving from his home town where he was highly influenced by that rebel punk music scene, his taste soon changed and he started to fall in love with the beautiful sounds of jazz, blues and soul. From there it all changed and you can feel the fusion of different intricacies that have been built from his new professional recording studio, which was all brought together during this horrific pandemic.

Truth‘ from the creative San Benedetto, Italy-born indie multi-instrumentalist Siggimusic who now calls Toronto his home, leads us into the real world as he wants to be with her but needs to know the truth. This is a song sung with so much desire, as he shows us his incredible vocals, that are paired in-sync with tremendous guitar ability.

This will remind you of a 70’s soul track — with added extras intertwined — that feels so sweet in your willing ears.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

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I Don’t Play Ball: Soft Tommy solves the world’s equations on ‘Nerd Party’

With a confident attitude to be who he really is, Soft Tommy puts on his suspenders, drops a savage spelling bee battle, and laces us his dance shoes, to show us what we are missing out on with ‘Nerd Party‘.

Soft Tommy is a comedic dance rapper and singer-songwriter from the USA who makes music to lift the mood, away from the doom and gloom of life in this rather strange world.

He flows with his glasses on proudly, as he takes us for a journey to a world that is far from reality, transported through time so that we can have a rest from the dull reality for a while.

”Spanning genres from classical ballads to rapping, electronic dance & pop music, Soft Tommy has learned to use music as his primary language for communicating with the human race & helping spread his message of love, humor & self acceptance.” – Soft Tommy

Nerd Party’ from the Midwest, USA comedy dancing rapper and singer Soft Tommy, is that tribute to all the folks out there that are supremely underrated and also deserve their time to shine. He brings us a music video that will shock some, and please others. Just the way Soft Tommy would want it.

See this colorful video on YouTube and find out more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Need To Rest: Boston’s Hmmf battles to cope with the sad memories on ‘I Can’t Sleep’

Taken off his incredibly real new album that includes some eye-opening knowledge about PTSD called ‘Tears‘, Hmmf impresses highly with his latest single that needs a night light to calm his mind called ‘I Can’t Sleep’.

Dominic Pappas aka Hmmf, is a Quincy, Massachusetts-born, Boston, Massachusetts-based hip-hop artist who flows with so much meaning attached to each line that he drops.

Hmmf feels like the ultimate underdog warrior, a man who raps with a raw tone that falls into your lap and swerves viciously, to leave you impressed with his skills but concerned with his current mindset.

He raps with such a haunting sadness and anxiety, the street stories of losing so many of his friends growing up have caught up to him. His mind so locked up at the moment, as he searches for the key that will unlock all of his sorrows away into the sky, so he can breathe properly again.

This is the message of trying to sleep so bad but you just can’t — with too many worries and flashbacks that are keeping the mind wide awake — the brain needs healing and a rest so bad, so it can shut off and reboot.

I Can’t Sleep’ from top notch Boston emcee Hmmf, rustles the duvet of your mind, as you over-think and your eyes feel so heavy, as the dreaded demons follow your each thought. This is the paranoid warning to get your head right, before you are disturbed into tossing and turning — when you need to be resting and replenishing your armor — so you can achieve those dreams that are waiting for you under your awaiting pillow.

Stream this top track on Spotify and check out his Twitter for more updates.

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You Fooled Yourself: Dallas Pyron closes the door on heartbreak and opens the window to ‘Shine’ again

As she glitters so bright to get over the bad light that had her down for a bit, Dallas Pyron has found her true King now and is all about that ‘Shine‘, to glow so right away from the undesirable darkness.

Dallas Symone’ Pyron aka Dallas Pyron, is a quickly-emerging Christian singer-songwriter, who blends in dancehall, pop, RnB and hip-hop into her music. She sings with a pure love for her chosen craft and is highly motivated to go as far as her dreams take her.

This is the message of getting up after falling down, you were hurt and the scars remain but you have covered them up and will never let anyone take you for granted again. They lied and didn’t remain true to their word, so they have since left and you have started over again.

You feel this catchy beat so much in your beating heart as the production captures the mood like a quality Polaroid, her stunning voice is on top form here as he sings from the bottom of her heart. Each note is passionate and you feel like she is only headed for the top — the desire is flowing from her soul — as she wants it more than most.

Shine‘ from the pure-voiced Dallas Pyron, shows you into the world of feeling hurt and disappointed with their actions. The trust was there but now its folded like a pack of cards, as you dust off the rubble and vow to shine again with someone who truly believes in you. You will love again and be wiser from this experience.

Hear this real new single on her Soundcloud and check out the IG for more.

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Time To Unwind: Lin Littleton swaps the bad with the good on refreshing ‘New Vibes’

Washing away the past stress with only genuine energy, Lin Littleton says goodbye to the fake former friends forever and flies so high to follow her dreams on ‘New Vibes‘.

Lin Littleton is a classy Harare, Zimbabwe-born, Kent and London-raised indie singer-songwriter and Music Technology graduate. She skillfully bends RnB, pop, soul and hip-hop together as one team — through her message of keeping things real and genuine each day .

She sings with such freedom and maturity, her mind is mind up as she has been let down before and refuses to let it distract her again. She is okay with being alone for a while short-term, if it means that she will grow strong and be less susceptible to future bad vibes down the road.

With a smoothly tipped voice that feels like delicious honey in your willing ears, we are put into a peaceful trance from a very talented woman, who is ready to be who she really wants to be in life.

New Vibes’ from Zimbabwe/UK indie singer-songwriter Lin Littleton, is that fresh track that you put on when you have realized that you don’t have to impress anyone, but the person that you see in the mirror. The drama is gone and you just want to smile, just the way life should be forever.

Stream this vibrant new track on YouTube and follow the story on IG.

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Bad News Comes In Showers: Katelyn Benton flourishes brightly again on the superb ‘Crave’

As she sings tenderly with such a heartfelt tone that has your whole body relaxed in soothing raptures, Katelyn Benton gives us one of the most beautiful songs of the year to inspire us to confidently walk outside again on ‘Crave‘.

Katelyn Benton is a terrific Los Angeles-based pianist, singer-songwriter, composer and owner of a PR and marketing company.

She has a background in classical piano but has smartly diversified herself into performing in various genres, as this is a highly motivated artist back in the music scene.

Ravishing our delighted senses with a sterling comeback after a much-needed hiatus to reconnect her sweet soul to where she wants it to be, we witness her on top form with massively achievable dreams ready to be conquered stylishly. Her stunning voice is crystal clear and you feel like you are in a romantic movie, with each note played with such grace as her vocal ability makes your back shake in pure excitement.

Crave‘ from Katelyn Benton, leads us into her picture with such determination and desire, as she opens up the curtains and finds the courage to believe in herself again, the doubts have passed and she is now ready for it all. She now knows that she has everything needed to make it happen — now its about putting it all into action — so she can go get that Disney contract.

We all lose the magic sometimes but if we love it enough, it will come back with even more hugs than before. This is a multi-talented woman who is on that comeback trail and it feels like she will win, at whatever she sets her mind to.

Stream this new world class single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen