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Francesca Mondi Releases her Latest Artfully Jazz-Infused Single “In a Man’s Arms”

“In a Man’s Arms” is the latest archaically inclined arrestive single from up and coming Jazz Fusion Pop artist Francesca Mondi. Of course, there was no forgetting her ethereally enamouring voice after we checked out her 2017 Jazz Fusion hit “Devil’s Door”.

But in the time between the releases, the London-based songstress has found even more alchemic ways to infuse nostalgic sounds into contemporary soundscapes which can be defined by their mellifluous harmonies and cathartic rhythms.

Put it this way, if the new Bond film is looking for a sensual jazzy track for the soundtrack, they wouldn’t go far wrong with Francesca Mondi’s stunning contribution to the airwaves.

You can check out the official video to Francesca Mondi’s latest single In a Man’s Arms for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Francesca Mondi releases jazz-fusion ‘Devil’s Door’

If the term jazz-fusion is one which conjures thoughts of avant-gardist musical mayhem or worse, genres being forced against their will to break new ground, then you definitely need Francesca Mondi in your life. Yes, it is jazz being given a pop make over, but rather than a conflict of genres and the toning down of the key elements which define each of them, Francesca manages to bring out the best of both.

Devil’s Door has a meandering jazz groove and a soulful heart and the pop approach brings an accessible, not to mention commercial, vibe to the proceedings. Throw in some classic 60’s girl group harmonies and Francesca’s own sensuous tones and you have the perfect meeting of musical minds.