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Echo Wants Her Voice Back explores the complexities of grief with her sermonic folk noir single ‘Blue Lament’

Echo Wants Her Voice Back

Even with a moniker which sounds like it seeped out of David Lynch’s imagination, singer-songwriter, Echo Wants Her Voice Back’s artful folk noir sound subversively surpasses all expectation.

Any artist who can leave you arrested with acapella vocals is definitely worth getting acquainted with. The perfect introduction is her latest single, Blue Lament, which was released on February 12th. The sombre blues-inspired single explores the complexities of grief in a powerfully sermonic style and celebrates that sweet moment when grief and loss finally relinquish their grip.

Check out Echo Wants Her Voice Back via Bandcamp and Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

This Is Your Home: Zachary James takes a chance to ‘Seize The Day’ on another planet

With his voice picture perfect as he lights up the sky above with his new home, Zachary James is in the mood to ‘Seize The Day‘ as he wants to make sure that none of his superior talent is ever wasted in slumber.

Providence, Rhode Island-born, Spring Hill, Florida-raised, New York City-based acclaimed Broadway/TV actor, show host, drummer/percussionist and opera singer Zachary James, makes those wildly entertaining creations, that has you in utter disbelief as this incredible talent only seems to get better through time.

Taken off his latest seven-track album called ‘Exordium‘, this is a sweetly performed song which defies all expectations as he swirls in with calming vocals, in a UFO-inspired song that calls him out to go with them. He sings with such grace and mystique on a track that hears his glorious echos throughout this intriguing experience.

Seize The Day‘ from the multi-talented Zachary James, is that exciting single you have been waiting for as the current world is so strange and only starting to heal now. He performs with such confidence and you can see why he is held in such high esteem. Always press 7 and take your moment when given the opportunity.

Hear this striking song on Spotify and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Speak The Truth: HaloMino impress mightily with debut single ‘Blacklight’ (feat. Ezra Skys)

With soothingly crisp vocals and refreshingly mellow beats that gets the temperature setting just right, HaloMino sends us a groovy debut to take carefully penned note of with ‘Blacklight(feat. Ezra Skys).

HaloMino is a poetic bedroom-based Neo-soul, jazz fusion and hip-hop morphing two-piece act formed by good mates Ben Cipolla and Oli Jones.

They creatively blend creative piano soundscapes, smooth saxophone brilliance and ice-cool hush beats that has you feeling so flush, as they are a new school feel that are the real deal.

You feel the marvelous beat that echos into your happy speakers, the pure love is there and you just know that he wants it to be fun like it used to be, when they had just met. With a chilled out style which has your head in the clouds and your mind alive with those reflective possibilities — you close your eyes and wonder when you will find that soul — who makes you elusively happy forever.

Blacklight(feat. Ezra Skys) from HaloMino, is a quality new track that tries to compromise into finding the heart-stopping love again, despite the sadness that comes with somehow trying to sort things out, that could be turning for the worse.

The darkness is getting you down but the sunny light is on the way — you just need time to get through this winding road that is making things rather bumpy — when it should be much simpler to be together.

Stream this debut song on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stu Mcloughlin – Drink To Me Only With Your Eyes

The subject matter for songs is as varied and diverse as the people who write them. They allow us to express emotions, make important points, talk about the world around us or the world that we would like to see. One subject matter that has always been on the table is that of love, longing and unrequited love and Stu McLoughlin makes this abundantly clear with his re-imagining of Ben Jonson’s famous poem Song: For Celia into a wonderful modern acoustic solo piece. 400 years may have passed between that poem and this song, but it shows that as people the same things are largely at the centre of our lives. The heart has always wanted what the heart wants.

This dexterous acoustic song captures the echo of ancient music and 60’s folk revivalism but its real charm lies in the lyrics, the first half a modernisation of the original poem, the second an update of the same sentiment expressed through the trappings of a more modern experience. It’s great, unexpectedly accessible considering the material he has chosen to work with, wonderfully emotive, musically elegant and lyrically eloquent.