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B. Andre Interview: Keeping it real and never giving into the trends

Taking us through the real life journey and never backing down, B. Andre shows us into his new release EGO and reveals more about never giving up on love and what it takes to be a successful musician.

We appreciate your time today, B. Andre. Where in the world do we find you and what is your favourite kinda meal to keep your systems firing all day?

B. Andre: My favorite meal has to be anything seafood lol. I can be found on all social media sites @b_andremusic but this link will take you to all my music

When you are in that booth recording music, what does it feel like when you close your eyes?

B. Andre: I’m promoting more now so I haven’t been in the booth for a month or so, but closing my eyes while in there lets me envision my music and not just hear it.

Your new 11-track release called EGO has just dropped. What are your favourite songs from the project and what should new fans expect?

B. Andre: My favorite song is Broken Dreams, not to be mistaken with my lead single Broken Record, Broken Dreams speaks on my real life heartbreak. Fans should expect plenty of content to get you in the vibe of the album.

Broken Record is the lead track. What is the vision behind this smooth song?

B. Andre: Broken Record is a track that should teach you to keep fighting for love and not give up on it like this generation seems to do so frequently.

Do you have any live performance events to tell us about or any tours looming in 2023?

B. Andre: I have a music festival I am doing in February in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio and another music festival set for June 2023 in Kentucky.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

B. Andre: I was told to always do what I feel is best in my artistry and never give into the trends.

Last, what advice would you give to a new musician starting out in this wild game?

B. Andre: I would say, always bring your hard drive to the studio with you and take your sessions because you have to truly treat your music as your baby and your hard drive you keep it on is your car seat lol.

Hear this fine single on Spotify. See more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

ISSAMWERA show us what real rhythm sounds like with ‘Issamwera’ (feat. Adrianna Ferro and Sunna Fridjons)

Bringing our healing planet a warm welcome as they look to reboot their travels after this horrific pandemic wreaked their tour plans, ISSAMWERA soothes our souls with something rather spellbindingly incredible on ‘Issamwera(feat. Adrianna Ferro and Sunna Fridjons).

ISSAMWERA is an indie Iceland-based 6-piece band that performs African, Latin and Jazz rhythms to captivate audiences wherever they play live.

Formed by Yara aka monace, the inspiring Mozambican-born Icelandic multi-instrumentalist, when she started missing the vibe of her beautiful home country. She then brought in bassist Andres, the Argentinian-Icelander, Cheik, the Guinean-Icelander and Kwami, the Brazilian-Icelander on percussion, with Ellert on keys and Ingo on guitar, as the band was now complete with the two locals making this a truly international outfit.

The band’s name comes from blending the meaning of two words: “Issam-wera”, which is a word from Sena a language from Beira, Mozambique, that means “to come”, Mwera referencing the Mwera tribe in North Mozambique, and”Samvera” from the Icelandic language, meaning “togetherness.” Uniting all these meanings to place Issamwera as being “welcomed.” ~ ISSAMWERA

Shaking our earlobes alive with a magnificently unique energy that is perfect for music festivals, ISSAMWERA displays a tight performance that is absolutely magnetic and might take your breath away. This is a cinematic single that shall get you in the mood to groove and dance all your worries away.

Issamwera(feat. Adrianna Ferro and Sunna Fridjons) from Iceland-based 6-piece Afro-Fusion band ISSAMWERA, is a superbly authentic single that takes you into a world that is packed with a genuine vibe that grabs your attention with wonderful aplomb. They connect so naturally and this is something rather special, that needs to be heard all over the world. It’s that good.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and check out their IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Facebook’s New Independent Artist Program Harnesses The Power Of Social Media To Get Independent Creators Discovered.

Facebook Independent Artist Program

Thanks to Facebook’s Independent Artist Program, the days of artists lusting after the Myspace era of social media are over.

By partnering with third-party distributors, including DistroKid and Tunecore, Facebook has made it easier than ever for artists to distribute their music on Facebook and Instagram through Stories, Reels, and everywhere Facebook offers a music library. The best part? The quick and seamless service is available at absolutely no cost to the artist.

Through the Independent Artist Program, your music can be available to millions of people across Facebook, so you don’t have to wait for your future fans to find you. The program that puts independent artists and creators content at the forefront launches today, June 16th, 2021.

Whether you are looking to drive fan engagement, become the soundtrack to social experiences or boost your signal after a new release, the innovative service that harnesses the power of social media makes free promotion more accessible than ever before.

A&R Factory’s Take on the Independent Artist Program

A&R Factory has been helping to get artists discovered since 2012, and we are delighted to see Facebook joining the cause in getting talented independent artists discovered.

During the pandemic, we have heard more debut releases and discovered more outstanding talent than ever before. This timely innovation on Facebook’s behalf can be the break that many artists have been waiting for.

Without a major budget, many artists, despite their talent, enter the industry as underdogs; the program is an all too welcome leveling of the playing field that every artist should take advantage of. The viral potential of music stickers, short-form media clips, Reels and shareable lyrics is exponential.

To sign up for the Independent Artist Program, head to the landing page of your chosen distributor.

  • “Music discovery and sharing is happening in very powerful ways on Facebook and Instagram, so we’re thrilled to be able to support independent artists by ensuring that their music can be distributed through these important channels at no cost. This initiative is a huge benefit to indie artists everywhere and we’re excited to be partnering with Facebook on this program.” – Philip Kaplan, Founder and CEO, DistroKid.
  • “These days we are seeing a leveling of the playing field as discovery is happening via social media and no longer solely dependent on industry executives and DJs handpicking hits. With the popularity of short form videos, Facebook Stories and Instagram Reels are two important platforms on which fans are finding songs and artists, with careers being made when songs go viral. The Facebook Independent Artist Program provides an even greater gateway for indie artists from around the world to be heard.” – Andreea Gleeson, Co-head and Chief Revenue Officer, TuneCore

A&R Factory Present: North Elements x Wayfarer ft Denitia

Australian producers Wayfarer and North Elements team up  with Denitia on single “Break” which has had over 40k plays on Spotify already!

A piece of wonderfully warm electronica that started as a casual collaboration between the emerging producers, the pair enlist the vocal and lyrical talents of NYC musician Denitia, whose soulful strains soar over textured beats, spacious production, and pulsating synths.

‘Break’ brings together three artists of varied creative backgrounds, and effortlessly blends together a trifecta of styles into a vibrant, slightly dreamlike offering which is equal parts soothing and intriguing. The track was mastered by  Australian engineer Andre Eremin (Chet Faker, Lanks, Kllo, Grammy-nominated Hiatus Kaiyote).

“I’ve always been fascinated by the Japanese art form, Kintsugi, the art of embracing damage.  This song is a romanticism of this same concept. Your imperfections and impermanence make you a work of art, aptly reflected through the artwork created by Berlin based Tala Who.” – North Elements

“I’ve been feeling extra intense lately, and these days, the world feels like it’s constantly caving in… when I find something I really want, it feels fragile and urgent. The pressure and the need to live truly in the moment when nothing else is ever promised.. it’s beautiful and scary all at once.. To find someone to fall apart with, it’s good company.” – Denitia

Stream “Break”:
Spotify URL:

DENITIA is a singer, songwriter, producer, and musician based in New York City. She has gained critical acclaim as a solo artist (Denitia,ADESUWA) as well as for her work with her indie R&B duo, denitia and sene. Rolling Stone has described her as having ‘ice-cutting vocal skills…an evocative range of emotion’, while The Fader has insisted “her music is something everyone needs right now.”


Drawing inspiration from the vast array of beauty found within his Australian landscape, NORTH ELEMENTS creates the perfect aural compliment for those embracing their own awe of their surroundings. Only just recently venturing into music production, this promising young artist is set to make waves. With a recent string of live shows, an accumulation of over 1.5 million streams and new material inbound, 2017 looks to be the year North Elements establishes himself in the Australian music scene.
Wayfarer// is a product of the burgeoning production and beats scene from Melbourne, Australia. Finding inspiration in everything from dusty samples to rattling 808 hi-hats, soaring synths and live instrumentation, Wayfarer//’s progressive sound is equal parts unique and familiar. Wayfarer// has enjoyed support from Australian national broadcaster Triple J, as well as features on KCRW, high-profile blogs Pigeons and Planes, Complex, Hilly Dilly, Indie Shuffle and EARMILK.

North Elements