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Zurich-based post-punk act 4 Beat Grace travel through space and time to find that peaceful place on ‘Voyage’

After accumulating much love from their debut “Violence Dance” from earlier on in 2022, 4 Beat Grace strap on those seatbelts and get us thinking about a new discovery with their new single ‘Voyage‘.

4 Beat Grace is a mysteriously captivating Zurich, Switzerland-based post-punk/alt-rock band who are still new on the scene but have made a huge impact already.

A detour to dreamland, where there are no obstacles, where everything is possible and happens. It is not for nothing that the voice asks: “Am I flying? Am I on a spaceship?”. ~ 4 Beat Grace

Turning heads with a performance so striking that you might need to take a sip of cold water to cool down, 4 Beat Grace raise our consciousness from the gutter and urge us to look above to see how much potential there is out there. This is a band who have made their mark recently and have set out to keep that momentum supercharged all the way to the top, with astonishing vocals and a style that has you shaking in anticipation.

Voyage‘ from Zurich, Switzerland-based post-punk/alt-rock band 4 Beat Grace, is a shift-shaping experience that will take you into a whole new world about opening your eyes no matter where you are. With loud and proud vocals, a toe-tapping soundtrack to awaken your soul and smartly-penned lyrics that capture your imagination, this is a magnificent single that will get your heart flooding with blood again. It feels like this is a track perfect for a movie intro, as its class is so transcendent and will get you to turn up the volume rather quickly, as you figure out your next destination.

Listen in to this meaningful single on Spotify and see more of their story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rachel Burns beat the odds in her theatrical retro-soul track, I Did It

Slip into the retro soul of Rachel Burns’ latest pop single, I Did It, which spins a tale of triumph over trauma and adversity. The journey from surviving to overcoming to thriving is scarcely pretty; the Washington, DC-based singer-songwriter brought a profound amount of grace to the subject matter regardless.

The Gospel-Esque backing vocals take Burns’ soul-awakening vocal timbre to mind-blowingly celestial heights. When she stretches for those stridently high vocal notes, you’ll get a first-hand account of her resilience and the resilience that most of us have to muster to piece ourselves back together.

Inspired by Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner, Rachel Burns has exactly what it takes to become a legend in her own right with the theatrical twists to her signature sound, which plays with nuances of blues, country and jazz.

I Did It will officially release on September 30th. Check it out on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

P.B.4.L (Pack Boyz 4 Life) know they gotta watch that back on ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

Taken off their well-received 6-track full feature film soundtrack and EP, P.B.4.L (Pack Boyz 4 Life) brings us an important new single that shows you that it’s vitally crucial to keep a close eye on those who you care about on ‘My Brother’s Keeper‘.

P.B.4.L (Pack Boyz 4 Life) is a dynamic four-piece hip-hop group that was formed by Zachary Paige-Westbrook aka Enter The Draco and features Dyshuan Don, Yung Elvo and Treble Clef Dreams.

After a rough start to his life where he tragically lost both of his parents and life seemed bleak for a while, Enter The Draco (DracoTM Productions LLC) turned his life around and is now a respected musician, champion martial artist, writer, director, and film producer, who is making waves across the USA and the world with his excellent work.

Through the Grace of God, Zachary was delivered from his distress and adopted by the best friend and student of Mary Jefferson, the renowned black Emmy-winning journalist, Ann Sawyer (aka Jolene Westbrook). From then on, Zachary was enrolled into theatre, film, and the world of martial arts.” ~ Zachary Paige-Westbrook aka Enter The Draco

My Brother’s Keeper‘ from P.B.4.L (Pack Boyz 4 Life) illuminates a vivid picture that shows you that we all need to keep a consolidated watch on those who we truly sense are our family. In a selfish world that can mistreat you or bring you down when you least deserve it, this is a heartfelt reminder of what is important in life. Rapped with enthusiastic vigour and filled expertly with an old school beat that has you recalling those classic 90s days, this is a track to play when you need a reminder about that close bond that should last forever.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Zara Shahzad takes us through a dream-pop descent with her latest single, Fall from Grace

London-based singer-songwriter, Zara Shahzad, has released her eagerly-anticipated ethereally sweet indie dream-pop single, Fall from Grace. With nuances of shoegaze and trip-hop combined, the 21-year-old artist broke new aural ground with the deeply visceral single that unfolds around entrancing beats and reverb-laden angular guitars. Light and dark textures weave inexplicably together, never letting the melancholy overpower the sense of strength that Zara exhibits in the vulnerable release.

Any fans of Desperate Journalist and Cultdreams will undoubtedly want to add Fall from Grace to their new wave shoegaze and dream-pop playlists.

Fall from Grace is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Min The Universe and Mina Grace want to show us ‘A Million Fireflies’

Thrumming, pulsing, rising and rolling electronic bass over electronic beats and rushing chords, all topped off with Nina Grace’s powerful vocal – that’s ‘A Million Fireflies’ by New York’s Min The Universe.

A true ‘citizen of the world’ Min (or should that be Mr. Universe?) has travelled from Shanghai to Liverpool to Boston to Atlanta, spending his formative years as a lead guitarist and keyboardist, rocking out in progressive metal bands before finding his love of electronic dance music in his early 20’s. There’s a mix of Calvin Harris and Deadmau5, Avicii and Eric Prydz, a trancy, progressive house style backbeat and swelling keyboard parts, Grace’s vocal carrying the track in between the ebb and flow of electronic verse and chorus.

It’s a top dance track, clubby and uptempo with some quality guest vocal work from Nina Grace.

You can listen to ‘A Million Fireflies’ on Spotify; Follow Min The Universe on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

What a day: Beatrice Betley goes with the ‘Flow’ on wondrous new single

Bringing her incredible grace and dynamic vocal ability to the willing airwaves, Beatrice Betley is on her best form via her latest single called ‘Flow‘.

Beatrice Betley is a multi-linguist crossover-jazz singer-songwriter, composer, global traveler and fashion designer from Hamburg in Germany, who resides in beautiful The Hague in The Netherlands. She stunningly portrays that deep soundscape, that lifts you up from your slumber, as her voice gives your body pleasurable shivers.

This the story of a world with someone new that excites and scares you a bit too. the feeling magnifies are your stomach knots up as you realize that things are real now.

Her voice is so dashing, you can feel the sparkle from her eye through the speakers and your heart beats faster, her sumptuous tone delights all facets of your soul and you feel alive again.

Flow‘ from the magnificent German jazz vocalist Beatrice Betley, is a journey into the earths atmosphere from a self-aware musician who’s soulful energies combine to bring us a funky soulfully sweet single, that is sure to brighten up your day.

Hear this soothing single on Spotify and see more on her travels via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

See it through her eyes: Long Island producer FlyKai swoops in with grace and love on ‘Mutt’

With a supremely catchy beat and breathless vibrations for the soul to feast on, FlyKai dazzles our minds with his epic new single with lots of fascination attached called ‘Mutt‘.

FlyKai is a multi-skilled creative Long Island, New York-based singer, producer, engineer and music video director. He fantastically blends hip-hop, reggae, dance, and rock, all into one tasty treat for us to devour gloriously.

This is the story of looking into her eyes and seeing the whole universe so brightly within. The love is there and you just want to spend as much time as possible with this princess sent through time to make you happy, and to teach you new things about life and love.

The beat is wonderfully orchestrated and bends your earlobes to send us a signal of thoughtfulness and appreciation. There are so many genres in one here and the skill level is so captivating, as you nod your head in approval and turn it on again just to make sure.

Mutt‘ from the illuminatingly talented Long Island, New York artist FlyKai, is that special sauce you have been missing in you soul food, as he has the rare ability to catch your breath and attention at the same time.

Hear this top track from a skilled cat on Spotify and see his IG for more content.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding that special love: Erire wakes us up from our slumber with the lovers anthem ‘Destination’ (ft. Axel 84)

The old school bass bump and clicking of the fingers lets you know that this is going to be an old school feel of a song with lots of dancing involved. Vivacious UK singer-songwriter Erire sings with such pureness on her new single ‘Destination’ (ft. Axel 84).

This is about asking for that special person in your life to wait for you and not to disappear without you. They have let you down before but all has been forgiven and you believe in them. You feel that they are the air that you breathe and you want to be with them closely, feeling their heartbeat and dancing together all night. This is the desire you have deep inside and you were there when they were down and out. Loyalty isn’t an issue for you and your souls have meshed into one as this is the only person in the world that you want to be with.

Her voice is so soulful and beautiful, the tone is calm and passionate the whole way through, and this will lift you off your seat. The beat contains a wide range of genres as the disco house and vocals mesh so well like a fine wine and great company.

With Axel 84 on the mix here, the soulfully elegant Erire sings so stunningly on ‘Destination’. Her voice is spectacular and graceful, full of love and desire. When you want something, you have to try and go get it, otherwise you will always live with that regretful feeling. No one wants that on their conscious.

Stream this new track here on Soundcloud and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love that slides in to make it right: Jop & Grace Walker soulfully lift the gloom on ‘Thief in the Night’

The beat captures your imagination like staring at Table Mountain for the first time, your heart beats a bit faster and you meet that person that was a stranger a few hours ago. Your eyes lock in and you know this is going to be a fun night. London based trumpeter, keyboardist & writer Jop joins forces the gorgeous vocals of Grace Walker, and they burst into our lives with the soulfully sweet sounds of ‘Thief in the Night‘.

The beat is quickly in sync to what we need as there is so much soul here. Her voice is so magnificent and graceful, just like her name. The two are so connected to making an absolute classic here. This is about meeting a person that you want to connect with and your heart has been taken already. You know you need to be careful but the lust is so quick to draw you in.

There are so many influences here that make this such a great listen from Jop & Grace Walker, as you close your eyes and just smile in that goofy grin that makes you feel good. The rhythm is galvanizing and everything is alright again with the world. They don’t make music like ‘Thief in the Night‘ anymore, and a throwback to those good old days is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Find that love again with the single on Spotify and see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Songwriter Evih releases latest single ‘Love Stream’ with producer Gracefingers

With the quarantine transforming our lives into a coerced 24/7 indoor lifestyle, keeping us isolated and apart from family, friends and lovers, it often feels as if this Corona Virus pandemic is turning into a pointless battle.  However, according to Nigerian artist Evih, hope must not be lost and love can still be held tight.

To contrast this worldwide suffering, Evih released his new project ‘Love Stream’ on April 10th 2020.

‘Love Stream’ is a chill blend of afrobeats and pop, characterised by soft percussion and a melancholic sax melody that permeates the background, lending a characteristically smooth sound to his vocals and beats and making this song a must-have track in your chillout playlist.

”I’ve been waiting for you a long time”, “I can’t live without you”, are amongst the lines Evih sings to express the strains of the separation from loved ones, an almost eternal wait for this quarantine to end. You can tell that Evih believes in how love can heal, even  in the most daunting circumstances.

Maybe, we all should keep believing.

You can listen to Love Stream for yourself on SoundCloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.