8udDha bl0od shows us their tranquil side with ‘’0n .:. M!55i0n ChR!5 k.:.R.:.C37R.:.ck ii: Fin.:.l ph.:.7.:.57 X’’


With a soothing blend of piano to start the song, you feel at ease & and all your worries dissipate. One of the most fascinating bands of 2020, 8udDha bl0od are in a reflective mood with their latest single.

Looking for inspiration in a harsh world, the band are on a mission to break out and need the beautiful piano to take a step back and fully realize what they have before them. If the band can get their marketing game up to par with their music and direct more listens towards Spotify for example, they would surely have that breakout song. This is what they deserve, millions flocking and immersing themselves in masterpieces. 

‘’0n .:. M!55i0n ChR!5 k.:.R.:.C37R.:.ck ii: Fin.:.l ph.:.7.:.57 X’’ is a telling song and one that shows their softer side. Perhaps the boys needed this track to help them realize that it’s ok to show vulnerability- as the true fan will appreciate it & understand.

If you haven’t already, get to 8udDha bl0od’s SoundCloud channel and enjoy their variety of incredible music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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