8udDha bl0od – S0U<3n!R5 1.3: a feel-good bluesy tune


8udDha bl0od are back again with another surprisingly unexpected tune: S0U<3n!R5 1.3.

You can’t deny how remarkably (and easily) the band shifts from one style to another without exhibiting sound gaps or giving any indication that might suggest they’re emerging in the music scene. With that in mind, S0U<3n!R5 1.3 starts on a blues-y note that made me extensively think of Blur, and throws in some feel-good monotoned rap bars that Damon Albarn would surely craft at his best.

Supported by a gentle choir, the vocals lead in nicely and build a catchy melody in the choruses, while the harmony mostly relies on clean electric guitar chords. The blues solo at the end pulls the track towards a satisfying finale that slowly fades in a volume drop.

Head over Soundcloud and hit play on S0U<3n!R5 1.3.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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