8udDha bl0od return with mellow single ‘’C0m3 UP n0w: 81773R L3m0n5 l3M0n.:..:3’’


I need some space in time. A lot of bands try and change just to change. They feel like they must always be reinventing themselves. With ‘8udDha bl0od’, this comes naturally to them and it’s a treat for our ears.

’C0m3 UP n0w: 81773R L3m0n5 l3M0n.:..:3’’ is the latest track from a band that seems to have a whole collection of music that has been hidden away for years and is now just unleashing itself all over the world right now. This is a very chilled acoustic track, a bit trippy and with real soul. The band takes us to a different dimension, the bridge is soothing and I feel independent while listening to it.

The hard working ‘8udDha bl0od’ are in fine form for this one and it’s one of my favorite songs of theirs. The track lasts just over 2 minutes and would be a perfect intro to a series on Netflix I feel.

Hear more from Brighton’s ‘8udDha bl0od’ on their packed SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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