8udDha bl0od releases KE>1n RUnDgr3n: 7AM31mpAIA5 7rU3 m3l0dY

This guy keeps creating and nailing his dark, mysterious and compelling sound through his many releases that are all so unique in different ways. 8udDha bl0od has dropped single ‘KE>1n RUnDgr3n: 7AM31mpAIA5 7rU3 m3l0dY’.

A piece that takes you on a journey through the use of sound and the way each element can combine together to create a piece of art. Using a variety of instruments and sound effects to blend  into this eerie and intriguing track.

A light tap on the bass drum to begin with and then the clasp of the cymbal, adding in the pluck of the strings on the electric guitar, having that overall synthesized texture to it as the instrumentation begins to become drawn out and then the more distorted style comes through, as the volume lowers and just when you think that’s the end the powerful combination of sounds rises up and takes you by surprise.

Listen to 8udDha bl0od KE>1n RUnDgr3n: 7AM31mpAIA5 7rU3 m3l0dY by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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