8udDha bl0od make everything better with soul-happy ‘’Say Do, She Don’t’’


She don’t like my leather shoes yeah, she don’t like my fur coat, she don’t like everything I own, she likes my soul. Ah yes, this is what love should be about. It’s all about the soul, not what you wear or drive. 

‘8udDha bl0od’ are the architects behind some terrifically catchy songs, with amazing guitar solos that are super funky and you feel like you are in a different world when their music is in your ears. Their music can be moody, almost distant. This time however, they are in happy form with the summer-friendly 2020 single-‘’Say Do, She Don’t’’. 

It feels like 8udDha bl0od has been sent back in time to save the earth from bad tunes. The Brighton, England Psych Pop/Soul band are here and aren’t going anywhere. They are that next ‘big thing’ and only a few people know that yet. What a time to be alive.

With so much music to enjoy, stream them here on SoundCloud

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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