8udDha bl0od go old school 70’s with laid-back winner ‘’81llY 8lU3 800g13 0n D0wn 2 m3’’


I feel like I’m in a movie for this one. UK’s ‘8udDha bl0od’ create another masterpiece and are in inspired form with ‘’81llY 8lU3 800g13 0n D0wn 2 m3’’ aka Boogie On Down. 

With a tie-dye shirt on, red-shaded sunglasses stuck to my sunburnt face and a Bob Marley cigarette dangling between my chapped lips, this is the kind of eargasm-music that gets you in the mood for life. Forget all the nonsense illuminating from the TV new channels of 2020 and turn this song up loud.

This is real music, with a funky bass line for days and a kick-ass drumline. The vocals are spacey-fied, I feel like I’m in the music video with the band, dancing along with a goofy grin on my face. This is how good music should make you feel right? This could be ‘8udDha bl0od’s’ signature song that propels them into a world we can only imagine.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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