8udDha bl0od go deep with new single ‘’dR!nKing’’


Drinking is a part of most cultures, especially in the UK and in the music business especially. At times it goes hand in hand and is easy to get caught up in. Drinking can be lots of fun but also leads to long and lost-lasting effects, if not handled correctly. 

The way this new song is mixed is quite brilliant, the producer gets the tone of the track all right. I feel in a trance, like I’ve had a bottle of wine but am completely sober. This gritty road-tripping ball of reflection hits deep as I daydream about previous parties, good and bad. Mostly good, which is a relief.

‘8udDha bl0od’ from lively Brighton in England hit all the right vibes with this new single. I feel quite relieved at the end but don’t want it to end. Perhaps that is the point of this song after all. 

The productive band have been constant with their music outputs recently and this track adds to their ever-impressive catalog. A USA tour in 2021 must be on the cards and music promoters must be itching to book this uniquely brilliant band to add to festivals. Opening for a band like MGMT is something I can see for the future. 

Catch more quality music on the band’s SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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