8udDha bl0od from Brighton implore us to ‘’Listen To The Music’’


You gotta save the olive. You gotta listen to the music. This is the message from the boys who reside in one of the UK’s most interesting places- Brighton- so we should listen. 

Melodic riffs and spacey vocals is what the guys are known for and they certainly have a good vibe going for this one. The message is simple, listen to the music and don’t get caught up in the other stuff that can hold you back. Hide your love until you meet the right person too. I love the way this song starts and the rhythm is constant throughout- super mellow and bass-filled. 

‘’Listen To The Music’’ is the new release from Brighton boys ‘8udDha bl0od’ who riff it up on this cool track. A good song with a real message, this one will be played loud all over the UK and the world hopefully. I’d say that this kind of music is enjoyed most at full voltage with an ice cold beverage of your choice. 

This is a funky band who put their heart and soul into everything they do. Lay back and enjoy. 

Get more of the Brighton band through SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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