8udDha bl0od – 21Rc0ni1: Archetype-Smashing Alt Rock


Fans of Radiohead, The Beatles, and Nirvana are likely to categorically agree that up and coming Alt Rock artist 8udDha bl0od’s upcoming single 21Rc0ni1 is a stunningly enrapturing soundscape.

With elements of Art Rock and Psych Pop with nuances of the Seattle Sound lingering in the accordant tones, 8udDha bl0od’s latest single offers the archetype smashing genre-transcendence we’ve come to expect from them. But what we definitely didn’t expect was the quantity of candid emotion which poured in through the lyrics and vocals in equal amounts.

The quiescent vocals pull you in deeper to the point you’d be able to hear a pin drop in the production while the melodies soothe you with their organic catharsis.

You’ll need to wait a little longer to check out 21Rc0ni1 for yourselves. In the meantime, head on over to SoundCloud and delve into 8udDha bl0od’s eclectically diverse back catalogue.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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