70s Rock and 90s Grunge Combine in Dead Spirit Communion’s Debut Album


Dead Spirit Communion created a unique feat of Alt Rock with their single “White Rose (In the Palm of My Hand)” which features on their recently released self-titled debut album. 70s Hard Rock and 90s Grunge combine as if they’ve always fit hand in glove.

The profanity which poured out of my mouth while listening to White Rose for the first time is an exceptional indicator to the level of salacious genius which lingers in the sludgy tones of the single.

There’s no questioning the talent of the up and coming artist. But Dead Spirit Communion moved far beyond a demonstration of instrumental ability and served up an edge-of-your-seat mind-blowingly arrestive track.

White Rose kicks off with a teasingly extended, rhythmically filthy guitar prelude before introducing you to the meltingly magnetic vocals complemented by cavernous drum fills which feed into momentous instrumental synergy. Random thrashings of power metal riffs in between ensure that there’s plenty of diversity in the progressions. Hit play and you might find yourself with a new guitar hero.

You can check out White Rose along with the rest of the album via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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