7 track ‘No Proper Domain’ EP from Hip Hop artist Burniscous brings us a fiery effort up there with the best

No Proper Domain‘ EP from Hip Hop artist Burniscous brings us a fiery effort up there with the best due to the skillful flow and raw energy. Burniscous is an artist that had fallen from grace. He now has fully embraced what he needs to do. He is back.

No Proper Domain‘ is an epic effort that is a hustlin’ journey that seems effortless, smooth and authentic. This is new school Hip Hop that has some elements of 2020 but this has an old school vibes. Starting with the self-tilted teaser two minute track that heats up all the way to the kitchen, things only get better.

With a skill set of a rugged flow and a nasty beat that is way impressive, this is one of the best alt-rap albums around this year. The best songs are all over the place and there is no real weakness anywhere in the Armour. ‘New Sermon on the Mount Flow‘ is probably the top track here and there are also acoustic efforts and singing here. This is a Hip Hop fuse and lots of different styles to enjoy with rap being the main one.

Burniscous is just getting started on ‘No Proper Domain‘. He is a fairly new talent is has so much to offer. That is the scary part. If you can make top music like this now, the future will be very bright indeed if you stay focused on the prize, not the ride. This is that proper raw Hip Hop, this emcee has the ability to lock you into the story real quick and you are hooked. The mysterious style helps a lot as this genre needs a new hero to support.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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