5 New Hot Hip Hop Music Submissions

Plenty of hip hop icons are holding their ground when it comes to ranking the hottest rappers in 2021. Alongside Drake, Dax, Cardi B, Eminem, Lil Baby and KSI, there are plenty more urban artists flying under the mainstream radar.

We have had no shortage of hot new hip hop music submission entries; here are our top five.

1. CPTime – Let Us Out

As Halloween approaches, there’s never been a better time to put Pennsylvania-based hip hop artist CPTime’s Halloween single, Let Us Out, on blast. High vibes and horror themes flow through the bass-riding track that sees the rap trailblazer fully in nefarious character. With over 50 tracks under his heavyweight hip hop belt and a loyal fan following, his career has seen plenty of traction in 2021 – get him on your radar for his inevitable rise from the underground.

2. John Anthony – Sincerely Yours (Freestyle)

Even with the rise of socially conscious hip hop, John Anthony rose as the cream of the crop with his massive 7-minute freestyle track, Sincerely Yours, which runs through the varying aggravators in our society that allows frustration to thrive. Against the smooth jazzy beats, he attacks warped abortion agendas, social media addiction, anti-maskers and the people making a corrupt environment out of the music scene.


3. LaurenAsh – Where is the Love

New York RnB & Hip Hop fusionist and formative writer, LaurenAsh, delivered the soul that this polarized world sorely needed with her latest single, Where is the Love, which keeps the tempo mellow, the grooves easy and the lyricism cutting. The ambient single hit the airwaves in October 2021, acting as a nostalgia trip back to the golden age of jazz hip hop. It is an essential means of escapist catharsis for listeners looking to lose themselves within sincere sentiments and a reminder that not all hope is lost – regardless of what your social media stream says.

4. Chiron Loxton – Out in the Trees

Many hip hop artists are quick to brand themselves as pioneers, but Chiron Loxton is one of the very few artists that can lay a stake in that claim based on his latest single, Out in the Trees. His 2021 single takes hip hop out of the urban realm and transplants it in nature; with his advocation for mindfulness paired with his ambient and meditative beats, hitting play on his tracks is basically self-care.


5. Spitta Zay – TRST

In his standout hard-hitting single, TRST, the US urban alchemist Spitta Zay combined the intimacy of indie with his raw rap style and unapologetically honest lyrics. With the same determination as Saul Williams to stamp down his own sonic style on the airwaves and tendency to write straight from the soul instead of from behind a façade, anyone who appreciates rap artists committed to creating true connections with their fans won’t want to sleep on Spitta Zay.


If you are looking to be our next hot new hip hop music submission, keep us in mind for your next release and use our submit music to hip hop blog form.

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