Chris Holly addresses the ghosting phenomenon on his new release, ‘LOST$FOUND’

Slashing a tire loudly to get our attention once and for all, Chris Holly makes an impressive return with his new single that so many will find strangely familiar on, ‘LOST$FOUND‘.

Chris Holly is a Charleston, South Carolina-based indie-rock artist, music producer, artist manager, and activist who is loving the solo musician life after many years in various bands.

After starting his career on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, involving himself with Hair bands and the Thrash Metal scene, Chris Holly has garnered years of experience in the industry.” ~ Chris Holly

Breaking a branch to vent out some frustration and turning up the volume to make sure that we are wide awake, Chris Holly shows us that underground rock music is brewing rather intriguingly with another true-life story that will shake up your mood with his special blend of gritty music to learn from.

LOST$FOUND‘ from Charleston, South Carolina-based indie-rock artist Chris Holly, is a terrific new single that features his signature raw vocals that slam directly into the deepest part of your soul. This is a track that brings some important topics that have somehow seeped into our consciousness when they shouldn’t even exist. Life is surely about clear communication and making that natural connection, not being stuck behind a screen like you aren’t important at all.

Hear his new track on Spotify and see more of his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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