3XIT – Switch: A Progression to Pure Melodic Ascension

Finding the words to do 3XIT’s new hyped ambient mix of euphoria is an almost impossible task. His latest track which was released in March 2018; Switch is more of a sensation than a sound.  The pulsing vibrancy of the rhythm feeds its way through your being until you’re completely immersed within the EDM Dance beat, it’s hookish drops, build up’s and experimental breakdowns are the perfect combination of sounds if you’re looking for a minimalist track with plenty of bounce. I can pretty much guarantee you won’t hear a more melodic yet veracious beat this year, so head on over to Soundcloud where you can check out 3XIT’s fresh new drop that’s already well on it’s way to becoming a viral hit.

I’m no stranger to 3XIT’s experimental take to sound, he’s already blown me away once this year with his anthemic hit Diablo, yet, with Switch, he creates an ocean of ethereal sound for you to swim in and soak up the sentiment behind the track. Switch was inspired by 3XIT’s passion to see a more sustainable future inspired by Tesla Motors. Once you incorporate that into the sound, you’re taken to a utopian soundscape that you’re only too happy to get lost in.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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