‘Whoa!’ – Genesys

Genesys describes himself as a “unique artist changing the game one step at a time”. This track, with its unapologetic confidence and verve, cements him as a rapper fully ahead of the very game he wants to change.

The striking thing about ‘Whoa!’ is how clear and concise it is. Genesys’ lyrics do not possess a haphazard sense of fragmentation; he knows exactly what he wants to say and how precisely to say it. His short, pithy lines hold an intricate complexity. Let me break it down for you.

‘Whoa!’ begins with a riff that is just as unassuming in its coolness as Genesys is in his rapping. Over the guitar, the rapper asserts himself all over the track, mixing polysyllabic rhymes with brazen assurances that make your ears prick up as you resolve to listen and genuinely hear what he has to say.

Lines like “You can keep the thousands, I’m just heading for the millions” are prophetic assertions that this young, inspired and exciting rapper has a long road ahead of him.

The steady, relentless beat goes on as Genesys builds momentum with every bar and witticism. He mixes metaphors and puns together like a seasoned wordsmith, but this fledgling’s story has only just begun.

‘Whoa!’ is another promising example of how Genesys is developing into an individual entity in the rap world. Watch this space, it’s only going to get bigger.

Listen to ‘Whoa!’ Here

Review by Alicia Carpenter

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