Hip Hop Artist Ronny Fluckers Delivers With ‘Whitespace Conflict’ EP

Ronny Fluckers is an intriguing Hip Hop artist who draws major influences from the likes of Jamie Foxx, Childish Gambino and Anderson Paak and these influences are clear to hear through his latest five-track EP ‘Whitespace Conflict’.
Sonically this is a record than never stands still and each and every song on the CD offers listeners a clear message. After struggling with writers block, Ronny decided to complete the writing process of this EP in one sitting. This feat has mean the record delivers a serious kick and is offering fans a wonderful crossover mix of genre styles as he effortlessly flows together the sounds of Hip Hop and RnB from across the globe
‘Daylight’ is a track that starts off with a mellow RnB beat that softly builds with the calming vocal tone of Fluckers coming in to drive the track into new avenues and it’s a song that gives listeners a real insight into an artist who is very much on the cusp of taking the scene by storm this year.
‘Gambridge Dr’ is another mid-tempo track that has melancholy beginning before building to a strong, punchy chorus that has a very evident Hip-Hop vibe. This shows another side to Ronny and he once again showcases he is an artist who can combine strong lyrics with a laid back sonic sound.
‘Fight It’ drives the EP into new roads thanks to it’s wonderful laid back acoustic guitar opening that allows the vocals of Ronny to shine. Sonically and lyrically this is the overall best song featured on the record and it delivers with lyrical undertones and a soft RnB beat.
‘Suppressed’ starts off faster and takes the ‘Whitespace Conflict’ EP into exciting new territory with its Hip Hop/RnB crossover styles. Lyrically it shines a light it shines a light on Flucker’s standout talents. Sonically it’s a major standout on a record that is putting Ronny Flucker on the map.
‘Better You- Interlude’ closes out the EP and it’s a wonderfully exciting piece of piano driven music that shines a light on the softer side of Ronny Flucker.

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