12 minutes of brilliantly composed trippy guitar heaven with 8udDha bl0od’s ‘’M.:.Y D.:.Y W.:.Y; 17: M.:.D 2 83 N0Rm.:.l’’


You can blow my mind. This song might have actually done that. I feel like I am above the clouds right now after listening to this groovy track and I’ve been drinking water and orange juice all day. This is the latest release from the hand-working English band and they are on their best form here.

‘’M.:.Y D.:.Y W.:.Y; 17: M.:.D 2 83 N0Rm.:.l’’ is 12 minutes long and it’s a journey you will want to go on. The funky vibe going on is so good, the vocals are raw, in your face and you want to bob the head for this one. I feel more confident after this song, the beat just makes me happy.

I would love to listen to this epic track in a band room with a whole bunch of good friends or new mates, volume up high, just all sweaty and dancing our legs off. This is quality music right here. The Brighton boys deliver on ‘’M.:.Y D.:.Y W.:.Y; 17: M.:.D 2 83 N0Rm.:.l’’.

Get the funky beats inside you now with 8udDha bl0od on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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