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Apollo Grey – Sex for Breakfast

Apollo Grey is a nostalgia tapping R&B artist ready to blow us away with his artful rendition of the modern love song.  He’s created a magnificent grinding anthem through Sex For Breakfast. I was dubious of the title when I hit play, expecting a myriad of crass perversion and contempt to flow through the sound. Yet rather than depreciating a woman’s worth, he offers a playful mind’s eye view into his pain loss and suffering which celebrates the tortuous nature of femininity, ending the track with a raw ending through his humble admission of loss.

When it comes to his sound, it’s undoubtedly influenced by his impeccable sense of aesthetic. He’s fused fashion and the most contemporary of millennial art into his stylings. There’s no grandiosity within his lyrical presence, you can tell that his entire sound stems from his sincerity and his passion for a melodic fusion of the iconic R&B sound. There’s no ‘Ghetto en Vogue’, just a wonderous dichotomy of sound mixed with innocent style. This is just the start of Apollo’s musical mastery.

Check out Apollo Greys poigniant new hit on the YouTube link below:

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Leo Pride – Hide: R&B Reincarnated

Soul R&B artist & music producer Leö Pride has just released his first ever track Hide, if you’re not offended by the use of autotune, it’s definitely worth checking out. Whether it be beginners luck or Pride’s inexplicable talent that made this track an utter delight to listen to, one things for sure, after the tracks initial release earlier this month it’s gone down as an international storm.

What I like about the hit, is that it’s contemporary it doesn’t bow to the tired old rules of Soul and R&B, artists such as Leö Pride have the talent to reinvent the genre and interest more fans within it’s melodic but hyped sound. The production over the vocals is a little excessive for my liking, however no one can deny that the production quality is flawless. It’s packed with breakbeats to mix up the almost melancholic lyrics that Leö Pride puts out. It’s easy to see the influence of his musical idols such as Chris Brown in the universal sound which he creates.

Catch Leö’s debut track on the SoundCloud link below available for FREE download. Who doesn’t love free music?

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Jasim Malik – Lullaby: The Riddle Trapped Inside The Enigma

The Canadian based singer songwriter Jasim Malik’s new single Lullaby dropped in September, blowing us away with its poignant mix of R&B and Soul fuelled sound combined with immersive transient, hard hitting bass lines and pacified by his dulcet sound.

What really stood out for me in his latest track Lullaby were his thunderous baritone vocals in parts are reduced to a sensual whisper that drags you all through the verse to the uproar of the chorus mixed with delectable breakdowns that have the ability to make you forget how to breathe.

Malik’s latest track in parts is just what it says on the tin, a melodic medley of soul infused sound with a twinge of raucous trap energy. He brings the rhythm to our blues, using his music to paint the colours in his spectacularly poetic mind. He approaches his sound with a delectably humble and playful manner, he is undoubtedly a pensive mind, his music serves as a window into his pain. The end product is a piercingly resonant sound.

Check out Malik’s latest track Lullaby on the SoundCloud or Apple Music link below:


Manswa – The Greatest Love I’ve Ever Knew

Manswa’s gift of gravelly vocals that hit you in the pit of the stomach accompanied with stark poetic lyrics that bring the soul of this track to life. It’s modern romantic vibes are everything that you’d expect from an indie singer song writer. There’s no ego behind the sound, just eloquent humbleness expressed through the deft creativity used to create these beautifully melodic indie electronic tracks. His music is pure synergy encapsulated, brought to life through his stunningly raw vocals and brought to life by the soft guitar riffs.

The beat follows a soft duration from start to finish with a seamless transition throughout the entire track, led by the harrowing tale that Manswa illustrates through his heart wrenchingly evocative lyrics that make it impossible not to fall in love with the Perth based singer song writer as well as his music.  Manswa created The Greatest Love I’ve Ever Known under the impression that no one would ever listen to it, is there anything more beautiful than that?

Check out Manswa’s debut track The Greatest Love I Ever Knew via SoundCloud for free using the link below:

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Edward Blake Happens To Be In The Neighbourhood

In The Neighbourhood comes on like a modern day version of a lost song from Marvin Gaye’s classic What’s Going On, the same subtle blend of smooth soul and restrained funk, confident vocals and percolating keyboard swirls. Whereas Gaye had a lot to get off his chest, Blake seems more content with his lot, but ultimately like Gaye’s writing at the time of that classic album, In The Neighbourhood is very much a love song, a song of solidarity, community and togetherness.

Blake is a master of threading smokey late night vibes through smooth musical landscapes, it is both effortlessly groovesome and wonderfully life affirming, it is heartfelt and reflective with just a hint of world weary resignation asking “when is it going to get easier?” As a single it is a fantastic calling card for Edward Blake and his ability to create sweet and soulful music, just imagine what a whole album might sound like? Luckily you don’t have to imagine just pick up a copy of Togetherness Triumphant for the answer.


HOURIGAN – Love In The Middle – A Direct Rap Sound With A Chill R&B / Neo-Soul Vibe

HOURIGAN is a versatile musician whose work stands out for its inner variety, as well as for the performer’s sheer talent and attitude. His recent studio release is a brand new single titled “Love In The Middle”. The track is a tasteful blend of R&B, soul and rap. The song truly manages to maintain a wide emotional spectrum and keep the audience’s engagement high at all times, conquering their attention with appealing hooks a la Pharrell and with many outstanding lyrical hooks that are really reminiscent of artists such as The Weeknd or Frank Ocean, just to mention but a few.

Hourigan is all about showcasing his great vocal range and mad rapping skills. With “Love In The Middle”, HOURIGAN truly set out to build a very detailed track with lots of great atmospheres. The song feels energetic, yet even and smooth, with a nice chilled out vibe to counteract the energy of these performances. The production of the song is very interesting, because it is not just about upfront beats: HOURIGAN carefully managed to provide an amazing melodic backbone, which really adds something special to the track.


Hi Love – Perfect – A Stunning Ballad With Lots Of Mellow Melodies And A Nice Theatrical Twist.

Some songs are a little more than just musical expressions: they stand out as true outputs of emotional energy, that really connect with the audience. Such is the case of ‘Perfect”, the recent single by Hi Love. This track is a new, exciting example from this talented singer, highlighting her wide dynamic range and sultry vocal style. The song has a really theatrical vibe, as this particular artists seems to be keen on using her music on order to share stories with the audience…after all, great songwriting is all about storytelling!

The song will soon be released as a track on Hi Love’s upcoming studio release, a new EP by the name of “After All”. The music has been produced by David Ferretti, who really helped the artist bring her core sound and vision together! The backdrop music is indeed really stunning, with lush, deep and melodic ambiance sounds that almost feel like an orchestra score, accompanied by synth melodies and other tasteful additions.


D’Vine Balance Doesn’t Want To Lose Your Love!

D’Vine Balance’s track “Lose Your Love,” is not exactly hip hop; not exactly R&B, not exactly trance but it is actually a conglomerate of the three and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The track enters with a mellow but smooth instrumentation followed by the infectiously repetitive lyrics, “I don’t want to lose your love.” The lyrics are albeit facile are harmonious, dulcet, and euphonious are relatable.

The song is one of heartbreak, longing, and the need to make a relationship work that may be a bit unorthodox in the eyes of others. We have all been in those shoes at one point in our lives.  After a couple of listens this song definitely grew on me, I would like to hear more vocal presence from D’Vine Balance on a more complex instrumental as this group definitely has the potential to excel. Overall not a bad track, but I am definitely looking forward to the next release.


River Lynch and The Spiritmakers: Resonant Reverb For The Revivalists.

River Lynch and The Spiritmakers have dropped their brand-new track ‘Straight Through’ complete with a stunningly visual video that’s a serendipitous dream for all of my fellow rock revivalists. Their combination of Rock n’ roll, blues, and folk rock is insatiably delectable combined with the charisma of one of the most charming front men that’s graced the rock genre.

Originating from Rochester, New York; Lynch has his work cut out for himself contending with a drift of musicians that are all as heavy as the snow fall. Fans all across NY who have had the pleasure to witness this enigmatic foursome live, all know that they transcend the typical Rochester noise.

The band exude the same style of The Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcyle Club & The Jim Jones Review, but with so much soul and modern energy behind their music the comparison hardly seems fair. Their debut track is packed full of resonant reverb from the effortless talent of lyricist, vocalist and guitarist River Lynch. There’s not many guitarists that are blessed with the ability to create the jingle of Johnny Marr, the guitar solo is everything you’d expect from a band that exudes vibrantly vintage nostalgic sound.

From start to finish the track is a true audiophiles delight. Undoubtedly by far my favourite element of this track was the lyrical diversity from Lynch as he transgressed from graunching gravelly vocals to hitting the resonant highs, whilst drenching you in gloriously riff heavy ensembles combined with piercing drum rolls and a uniquely delectable organ infused sound.


Unwind with Vautier’s latest track ‘Maybe Tomorrow’

Every once in a while, a visionary appears amongst us, despite the decades of music production, it’s refreshing to know that not quite everything has been done before. Vautier has appeared to us as the saviour from the monotony of tired old beats.

New Zealand based artist Vautier orchestrates an interesting mix of R&B, Electronica and Soul that is immersive, hypnotic, lucidly tranquil. The arrangement of the song is riddled with complexities that are an absolute pleasure to get lost in. Ambience flows through the soft arrangements that follow a crawlingly melodic pace. The guitar solos that seem to stretch endlessly are so poignantly raw they almost feel out of place within the entire production. There’s no amplification, just a nostalgic Shoegaze sound.

The production on the vocals was unique over the lounge music infused electronica, they appear over the music as whispers that don’t demand to be heard, which gives it a certain quintessence that most electronica acts could only dream of.

There is so much potential for this track, despite all of its influences you can’t really pin it under any traditional genre. Vautier is a truly conceptual artist who is constantly gracing us with his sound due to the success of his earlier glitchy, yet lucid music.

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