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Willemsson – What If? : The Ultimate Feel Good Hit

You’d struggle to find a track more upbeat than What If? Every element that the Belgian music genius has thrown into the mix has a wonderfully playful charm about it. It’s a rare treat to find a musician that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I can only hope that some day Willemsson will take his music on a worldwide tour and I’ll be able to see the enigma perform in the flesh.

His latest Dance Pop track was written, composed and engineered by his own deft hands to create a hype that’s infectious. His ability to compose complex material is second to none after his decade long music career, What If? is a track that can boast endless structuring, and a striking emphasis on the bass and percussion with endless chord changes which keeps the track fresh and alive.

As I explored his prolific back catalogue it soon became apparent, that there’s no sound that Willemsson is unable to master, he bounces between pensive melodies to hard hitting trance hits, taking his inspiration from a myriad of international sounds from Pop, to Jazz, to Electric.

What If? Is the first track released off his new LP which will be released early 2018. I already can’t wait.

Check out his vibrant hit What If? on SoundCloud


Miriam Cooke – Freefalling: Timelessly Haunting Melodies

Miriam’s vocal style is swarming with ubiquitously traditional British styling. Her new track Freefalling is a captivating symphony which comprises of timeless, yet haunting melodies, that are so poignant they’re almost empyreal. But what really stands out about this track is the essence that its based upon. Her lyrics touch upon the travesty that the 21st century England has become to create a contemporary anthem that Billy Bragg would be proud of. You’d expect the lyrics “Foodbanks and bedroom tax, what century are we in?” to come from an angry anarchistic collective, however Miriam brings light to these painful topics in the most eloquent way I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing with her distinctly upper-class influence. I only hope more artists follow in her footsteps.

Within her sound she mixes a myriad of soulful instruments such as acoustic guitar, flute harps and the violin to provide a truly ambient and lucid sound. You can taste the influences to her music, which she’s gathered from her youth spent in Ireland and her penchant for 70’s prog rock.

The latest track from her album Freefalling which was released on the 1st of December is now available to listen to and download via Bandcamp. If you do one thing today, make sure it’s checking out this track and all the heavenly splendour which accompanies it.


Kareen Lomax Releases Polished Hit Song “Melatonin”

Kareen Lomax is a young upcoming talent who is ready for some great success in the music industry. His creativity and writing style are not the only things which make is sound so ear pleasing. In fact, his latest track “Melatonin,” sounds very polished, fine tuned to perfection and ready to be the next hit on the radio.

Apart from having a very fresh and modern dance and R&B sound, the music in “Melatonin” also features a gentle arrangement highlighted by smooth guitar chords which gradually develop and evolve into a groovy dance beat. The vocal tone quality is kept very natural and without any unnecessarily overdone digital tweaking, while the melodies are singable and cool sounding. What is most striking about this song, though, is the rhythmic variation used for the delivery of the lyrics, and the way this relates to the structure and message behind the song. The lyrics are definitely well thought out and feature an interesting word play too. Overall the song “Melatonin” contains the mix of all the right ingredients for a good hit. It is catchy, natural, cool and ear friendly. Check it out !

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Chris Wareham – Sting Me Down: Sound Stripped Bare

Chris Wareham has the ubiquitous sound of a bedroom artist. His latest track Sting Me Down illustrates the image of the pensive Acoustic Singer Song writer holed up in his North London residence.

The talented solo artist exposes his soul through his music, allowing his audience to hear him stripped naked by his lyrics that resonate through the soundwaves of his haunting voice, honest lyrics and deftly strummed guitar. It’s nice to hear an artist sticking to his humble acoustic roots and not striving to be yet another Ed Sheeran wannabe. He sings with playful humility that makes the minimalistic sound truly a pleasure to listen to. He lets his voice dominate the tracks, not hiding behind instrumentals or crass reverberation to bring his music to life. You can hear each and every lick of the string throughout the progression of the track.

Fans are already begging for an album from the talented musician, and I’ve joined the que behind his loyal following. He’s created waves in the underground musical Mecca for acoustic artists in London.

To hear more about his latest touring ventures make sure you follow him on Facebook:


Anonymous Conflict Breaks The Mold

Why merely be a singer-songwriter when you can be a sonic painter? Why be a guy with a guitar when you can be a conjuror of taste and texture? Why settle for playing songs when you can create worlds? Why be average when you can be Anonymous Conflict? This one man outfit may be new but by the time the soft ethereal harmonies and gently lilting guitar sounds are drifting out of your speakers you will almost definitely find that you are ready to fall in love with the music and will have already written the words Old Saigon, the latest album from which Part of The Mold is taken, on the back of your hand.

It isn’t so much of a “less is more” situation, more a case of some interesting sonic choices, ones that move the music out of the obvious and into the beguiling.This is the sound of modern indie-folk pushing into minimalist pop realms, commercial guitar playing reminding us that there are other, better, more articulate and more emotive ways of doing things.


JenJen Releases “Start Over” – A Fearless Blend Of Earthy Melodies And Broken Beats

JenJen is a singer, songwriter, producer and DJ with a truly unique sense of musical aesthetic. Fusing elements of world music with broken electronic beats, etherial mesmerising vocal melodies and haunting soundscapes, JenJen’s music is nothing like you’ve ever heard before. Her latest track “Start Over,” taken from her upcoming album Crystal Ocean is in fact a representation of all these elements and even more.

Starting off with low tones that gradually evolved into warped sounds, fragments of beats and spoken phrases, “Start Over” immediately has the ability to transport the listener on a journey. The entry of the middle eastern inspired vocal melody is perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of this song. Sliding between microtones and creating a luscious ambient soundscape together with the other elements of world music this song establishes a raw and natural earthy sound. With an underlying sense of abstract expression the sound remains mysterious and intriguing throughout. “Start Over” is truly a song that is one of a kind and only an exciting hint of what’s in the album which will be released on December 21st. This is definitely something to look forward to!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Gerry Liberty Releases New Single Boom Boom

Gerry Liberty is a new music artiste that hails from Bellville, South Africa, a music artist who really made sure that we all feel his presence in the industry by announcing his entrance with a reverberating boom shake sound.

We can finally say that the long wait is over for Gerry, after dropping out of school, staying employed today just to remain unemployed the next day, and making the decision to focus more on his music career for a long time. Finally, Gerry seems to have found the music breakthrough he’s been earnestly hoping to witness over a long period of time.

This can be vividly seen from the quality of work he’s put into his epic debut song “BOOM BOOM”. I can’t help but appreciate him for putting much work in this his new song.

Being the first debut single from his new album that he’s still yet to release around February 2018, I can honestly affirm to the fact that “Boom Boom” is an awesome song that’s well-structured with every level of professionalism.

Gerry Liberty is a pop singer and a songwriter who’s really committed to bringing back that eccentric ambience that comes along with a jolly good melody of an old school song. This artist may look like a beach-bum, but he sure sounds like the offspring of Leadbelly.

‘Boom Boom’ is a certified party starter, It’s also a song that’s got a strong influence from the 80’s. This alone helped to shape the feel of a good hit you’ll experience when you listen to the song.

The pitch and the tempo of the song is appealing. The lyrics of this song are quite simple and well placed. I also love the fact that the song is very easy to sing along to.

Overall, this is an amazing cool song that comes with the sound of those old school songs from the 80’s.

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T.C. Young – Gravity: Discord for The Soul

Indie Singer Song Writer T.C. Young has just released his latest album ‘Rebels.’ This 7 track album is a conglobulation of poignantly fierce yet beautiful sounds from the instrumental cacophonies he creates through his sound. Each song is packed with its own brand of discord.

This Acoustic Indie Rap singer song writer has got his music production down to a fine art. He’s using his privilege to good use as the son of a diplomat based in Washington DC. Through his cultural enrichment he’s metamorphized his experience to create transient sound through the exploitation of chaos and crisp, clear veracious guitar riffs combined with truly unique vocal styling. There aren’t many in the business that would be able to hit the highs that T.C Young does.

The lyrics to Gravity, the stand out track on his new album allude to his meditations on love, loss and apathy. There’s a beautiful humility and humbleness to his raw indie-rock sound that’s simply a pleasure to behold. His charisma is infectious he combines his twee energy and enviable excitability to create his musical roots to create a truly intimate sound.

Check out his full album for free using the Spotify link below:


Kate Russell Releases Awesome Dance-floor Tune “DYNAMITE”

Hey hold up, where are y’all dancing shoes at? Do I just hear someone say nay? Go get it and grab you a partner now and make your way to the dancing floor. Yeah, it’s just about the time you’re told to brace up for one hell of a downtown country spooky rocket ride with Kate Russell on this awesome track DYNAMITE.

Wow, I’m thrilled to even say the least. This song is just an embodiment of hope and groove. Who wouldn’t wanna shake off some work stress and those intricate depressing thoughts on a mid-day like?

This song is well mixed and laid out so well that it throws open that party and happy mood in the atmosphere without any hassle.
Come yeh all you country music lovers, it is time to celebrate and shake move your body but be warned; just like a dynamite, this song will definitely blow you off your feet the moment it hits your lobes of your ear.

A very well composed and electrifying song from Kate, she obviously doesn’t wanna waste no time to put us in that “save me this one last dance” moment. When I say dance I don’t mean waltz or ballad but rather an ultraviolent eccentric dance where all hands and feet are left suspended in the air for a long while.

The percussion and the strings of the electric guitar that steady reverberated further coated the crescent smoothness and gives more flavour to the song.

If you’re not cut out for all those radical and spontaneous dance moves then this song will probably wrench all those rules away and get you intoxicated with its vibe.



You Don’t Have To Be Beautifully Mad To Work Here, But It Helps

The best music connects with you at a subconscious level. You can analyses, deconstruct and debate the merits of it till the cows come home but real genius is already talking to you on an altogether more subtle level. In fact not just talking, the best music will have knocked on the door of your subconscious holding a bunch of flowers, wined and dined it and will be curled up on the sofa with it before your conscious half has even managed to get out of bed.

And so it is with Silhouette, the titular offering from Beautifully Mad’s latest album and the real genius is that you have been listening to this band all of your life, you just may not have realised it. You have heard them in the lyricism of Leonard Cohen, the drunken grooves of Tom Waits, the sass of a whole range of blues divas and the virtuosity of blues informed rock guitarists. It is timeless and inevitable but still brilliantly original and totally necessary.

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