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Second Guess Releases Dynamic Track ‘Second Guess’

Taking a thoughtful and reflective journey through loss and longing, Second Guess has created a down tempo yet dynamic R&B track. Sonically fitting more into the après-club, chill out vibe rather than the energetic dance floor groove, but lyrically it is addictive in its universal message of how hard it is to fill that ex-lover shaped hole in the heart.

Built of hypnotic beats and shimmering guitar chords it is the lyrical message and the rich vocal textures that define the song more than anything else. It shows that often all you need to do is to frame an idea with the bare minimum of musical trappings and understated instrumentation for it to fly most successfully. It also proves that often the most heartfelt and honest ideas deliver the most soulful and relatable results.


Beni Mizrahi Releases Wonderfully Sophisticated Track ‘Soulversation’

Self taught, multi-instrumentalist Mizrahi is nothing less than a sonic dream weaver. Quite a bold statement but spend any amount of time in songs such as Soulversation and you are quickly transported to a place were velvet neo-soul vibes, dreamy post-folk and meandering, hazy progressive rock coalesce into the perfect balance of drifting psychedelia laced soundscapes and thoughtful, philosophical lyricism.

Soulversation is at once loose and yet wonderfully sophisticated, a balance that works so well because of the tasteful musical choices that Mizrahi makes. Even though there is a lot happening musically throughout the track, it is the perfect layering of these myriad musical textures, the fact that everything has room to feature and blossom but never steps on the other instruments toes, shows that his musical instinct is second to none.


R&B and Soul Duo The PRVLG Announce Release of Debut Single ‘What You’re Missing’

The PRVLG, twin brothers Christian and Christopher Underwood, gloriously use synthesizers to produce retro soul music, putting the funk back into pop music. Musically accomplished, the dynamic duo creates a sound that is a blast from the past, producing tunes that you can easily groove to. Predominantly derived from soul, “What You’re Missing” bellows the sound of love, reminding us of the groovy 60’s in today’s modern 21st Century. The PRVLG takes inspiration from this era and transform modern day music whilst preserving the authenticity of love.

The whole of “What You’re Missing” feels like a seduction, where inviting guitar begins the melody with an appealing persona, followed by an alluring introduction from the synthesizer, and once the charming vocals commence, so does the fascination. There is a close connection between the Underwood brothers, which is demonstrated in their performance. The ability to convey an emotional attachment is established in “What You’re Missing” and is what is so promising about the track. There is no hesitation throughout the lyrics, and continuously The PRVLG carry across what they want their music to represent, and that is constant love, whether it be sexual, romantic or unconditional.

-Aly Mchugh

Kylerr Stands Out With Hip-Hop Track ‘Black Rose’

A lot of modern hip hop production is homogenous. Beats may vary but they remain at the same tempos, with the same swing and syncopations. Kylerr has just the track to shake things up with Black Rose. Produced by Lord Rico, this song provides an almost seasick amount of sway in a slow, soft track that will have you feeling all sorts of ways. First of all, it’s hard to imagine someone not moving to this. That isn’t to call it a dance track. Far from it, we’ve got a song with some dark themes surrounding the pains of love.

The drums still feel tight and just about ready for a trap set, but the bass boasts a vintage aesthetic in a mostly open feeling mix. The openness isn’t emptiness though, it’s breathing room. This is a song that ruminates in itself. It’s disheveled and it’s broken and it’s maybe had too much to drink. To describe a song like this as opposed to an artist is definitely a good thing. Kylerr is a versatile front man for presenting a mixture of moods and this song embraces a sort of isolated feeling that often gets lost in hip hop playlists. Black Rose stands out in the bouquet and that’s a very good quality.


Torenzo Delivers An Impact With ‘Gotta Stay Strong’

Music makes us feel things. It distills emotions in ways that we can’t always communicate. Combined with direct lyrics, it can hold layers of text and subtext that dance around each other in otherworldly ways. Torenzo is an artist familiar with the hustle of life and the determination that it requires to keep going. Gotta Stay Strong is more than a fairly straightforward set of lyrics. It’s a delivery with impact. It’s a beat that plays gently in your ear. It’s a song that understands and respects the listener for connecting through struggle.

Torenzo understands that a big part of being the voice of his music means vulnerability. He allows us to communicate as if he’s in the room with us, and this is a fantastic method of making a song special. This isn’t a song that you can be alone with. It’s a dialogue between what the artist and listener are feeling. This could inspire people, or at the very least let them know that they aren’t alone. Every now and then, this is the most important thing an artist can do with their music. Gotta Stay Strong is the reason we love music. We need to feel each other in dark times and this song reaches out to take the initiative for us and begin the conversation.


Arewa Releases Neo-Soul Track ‘Standards’

Take a large dose of soul, some wonderful pop infectiousness and a whole load of modern R&B grooves and you have the core of Arewa’s sound.  And if, on paper at least, that suggests little to make her stand out from the pack she has two secret weapons that really elevate her beyond most of her peers. The first is the slightly hypnotic, offbeat rhythms that she employs, which makes for a wonderful idiosyncratic bohemian neo-soul reinvention. The second is her voice.

Arewa has a voice that is confident in its delivery without losing its sultry, soulful qualities, which melds a modern pop accessibility to some old-school classicism and effortless charm and stands out proudly in the music without dominating and overpowering the trippy left-field grooves being laid down around her. If you are looking for the future of soulful, chart friendly R&B, then look no further than Arewa.


Urban RnB Artist John Casper Releases Debut EP Smoking Blues

John Casper is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his music. His songs are melodic and catchy, yet energetic and uplifting, echoing the work of artists such as Drake, The Weeknd or Frank Ocean, just to mention but a few.

On his recent release, “Smoking Blues”, John mastered the fine art of writing songs that are deeply personal, yet easy to relate to. Smoking Blues is a particularly interesting release for its unique sonic signature, which remind me of the old school glory days of this genre, while looking at it from a more modern perspective.

I really love it when artists are able to re-contextualize music, exploring new ideas and combining their creativity with timeless structure, paying homage to their influences, while creating something completely original. To me, John Casper sounds like an artist who truly know where he is going, but who never lost track of where he actually comes from, in terms of sound and influences.

The artist managed to wrap up 5 exciting tunes that showcase a very open mind and an eclectic attitude, embracing influences from different genres, including pop, trap, neo-soul and R&B.


J.J. Leone Releases R&B Track ‘Reload’

There was a time when R&B sat on one side of a certain musical divide and music deemed cooler or more cultish sat on the other. One for the masses the other for those deemed more discerning. One of the aspects of our non-tribal, post-genre musical world, is that as the various barriers have been kicked down, as rules and traditions have been abandoned, the more commercial has been allowed to merge with the underground, or more importantly a whole generation of musician has grown up not even knowing that those restrictions even existed.

J.J. Leone therefore, represents this perfectly as he merges skittering R&B beats with more cultish underground vibes, plus no small about of smooth soul guitar vibe, music that will both connect with the pop crowd but also has mass appeal to the more discerning markets, music which is at once inventive and clever but without being anything other than a cool, sensual and accessible pop record.

It is a track this is a track that neatly sums up why we need to throw away our old prejudiced and divided ways at looking at music genres and embrace a new and holistic musical age.


Soul/RnB Twins MMG Release New Single “Rockstars of the Roller Skate Rink” and Get Set to Tour Japan

Some bands refuse to get stuck into one specific category or niche. Their sound is diverse, airy and full of character, incorporating a wide variety of influences and approaches in a very organic and natural way.

This is certainly the case of MMG, a duo that seems to know no boundaries when it comes to experiment with sound and come up with cool new ideas.

The duo’s kaleidoscopic blend of R&B, jazz, funk, fusion, and soul could be traced back to a wide variety of influences, ranging from classic artists such as Otis Redding or Chit to modern-day icons such as D’Angelo or Thundercat. This eclectic musical act set out to embody the sound and vision of various ages and aesthetics, including 60s R&B and 70s Disco.

The beautiful thing is that all of these musical influences aren’t compartmentalized in the band’s music, but they coexist together, not colliding but seamlessly integrating into one another. It is not really easy to let so many ideas flow together into the mix, but half the job is done when you get to work with such talented and visionary musicians to bring the project to fruition.

“Rockstars of the Roller Skate Rink” is a refreshingly upbeat release that stands out as a vibrant party anthem, enticing listeners with infectious rhythms and memorable melodic hooks.

The duo is certainly showcasing their best shape yet on their latest single, which seems to be a bold statement and a sign that they are perfecting and consolidating their charming sonic aesthetics even further.

I love it when catchy songs also have brains and this is certainly the case with “Rockstars of the Roller Skate Rink”. This is the kind of track that you can instinctively connect with –  it has a primal groove, a catchy production, and some fun aesthetics. However, this is one of the songs that allow you to dig deeper if you really want to, discovering multiple layers of influences and ideas, coming together into one appealing package. In other words…who said that interesting music couldn’t also be “easy” and readily attractive to a mainstream audience? MMG is an intelligent pair of musicians who really succeeded in making a very unapologetically catchy song with a lot of heart and brains.

Find out more and listen to “Rockstars of the Roller Skate Rink” by MMG directly through Spotify and add it to your playlist now!.


Bryant Taylorr releases engaging single ‘Song to Song’

Bryant Taylorr managed to create a moody, yet catchy and engaging single with their recent studio release, “Song To Song” featuring Xanzanzan.

This song immediately opens up with a stunning atmosphere. The ambience is impeccable, and the atmospheres are wide and lush, making for a truly incredible production. The beats are dry and punchy, cutting through the ambience in a very beautiful way. One of the most striking things about this song is definitely the phenomenal chemistry existing between Bryant Taylorr and Xanzanzan. These voices fall in together in a perfect way, and whether they are harmonizing or going for solo breaks, it is absolutely outstanding. The song is also accompanied by a stunning music video that brings a lot of depth to the concept with some truly beautiful cinematography. The stunning visual aesthetics really match the experienced sound production, making for a unique multimedia experience for all senses.

Song to Song is a phenomenal single, where stunning grooves fall in seamlessly with memorable melodies and heartfelt lyrics with a unique touch.

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