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HIDDENHILLS Release Punchy Rap Track “Full Throttle”

HIDDENHILLS managed to create a stunning and lush tracks, with some beautiful layers of melodies converging together with a massive and explosive groove. The vocals create some stunning harmonic layers, while the punchy and modern electronic beat samples are packed with punch and edge.

What I really love about this tune is certainly the transcendental power of this track. It has elements of pop, trap and R&B, and it is a really well-constructed track that defies elements and songwriting ideas, in order to come up with something unique and innovative.

Produced by LarryBeats, the track feels modern and punchy, with a special tone that really highlights the arrangement’s crafty ideas and insane musicianship that went into the creation of this gem. The song begins with a softer intro that hints at the upcoming groove with a bit of a lo-fi feel. Later, the song opens up beautifully, with a crisp and melodic sound. The 808-style drums cut through the mix beautifully, just as much as the vocals, which bring melody and rhythm to the mix in equally balanced doses.


JustMac: When’s The Last Time Music Gave You Goosebumps?

JustMac is an underground Hip Hop rap artist based in London UK with a vast repertory of skill, talent and soul.

His debut track 3rd Strike feat Eyes and Pacc has just been released, I’m almost stumped for words on how to describe the pure transcendence that the talented artist, rapper and poet has created with his lyrics that capture his disdain, pain and passion so succinctly it’s impossible not to be moved with his sound that’s been placed so carefully over angelic chords and beats.

His poetry is just as uplifting as his lyrics which are planted between lucid beats that are sure to pull at the heart strings. The progression through the track is steady, fuelled with immersive breakdowns and layering of contrasting vocals thanks to the help of the contributing artists that make this track a masterpiece of rap, melody and melancholy with a hint of conflicting aggression that gives the track soul.

JustMac doesn’t play it safe with his music which gives his debut track an exuberant roller-coaster edge through his electronic trappings. With the avoidance of studio sheen from this track it’s organic perpetual flow gives a natural and organic feel through the andante five-minute track.


Elwood: A Journey Through the Mind of the Magnanimous

When you listen to lyrics, you want to be moved, for an artist to do that, they have to have true soul. Which is exactly what I found when I listened to Elwood’s latest hauntingly powerful track ‘Alive’ off his debut release Here for Later Pt 1.

Living in Long Island, New York Elwood is a dreamer, and a true visionary in the modern R&B Rap scene, a lot of young artists have a lot to learn from his music and musings. With lyrics void of aggression, fake mentality and media spin his words are a welcome to a scene that often perpetuates hatred, materialistic vanity and misogyny. With such a vision he isn’t going to wait around on the underground for long.

Here for Later which was brought out this October was created to tell Elwood’s story of his vision of peace, he makes apologies for the rawness of the material, is there anything that’s more beautiful than that? He’s a lyrical visionary that is truly a pleasure to listen to through its steady tempo, packed full of touching, tireless energy.

The harmonious track is thoroughly deserving of a 5 star review, and Elwood will undoubtedly receive the notoriety he deserves after the painstaking production of this carefully crafted EP.


Ace A Caped Crusader: The Superhero We Never Knew We Needed

Ace A Caped Crusader’s new release Triggers is a symphony of raw emotive beats that perfectly illustrates the plaintive 21st century American reality.

The New York based rapper’s lyrics combined with a lucid mix of rap and melodic ambience are remarkably resonant and a far cry from the typical aggression that fuels modern rap & Hip Hop genre’s, Ace A Caped Crusader’s music transcends genres with his transgressive music inspired by pain, loss, and hardships; his music is an open diary of self-reflection.

Trigger is a nod to the collective loss and sadness that the entire worlds is reeling in, in the wake of the American school shootings, it serves as a wakeup call for those who choose to remain ignorant to the horror that lingers behind the trigger .All of his music is written, edited and mixed by himself, which makes the music infinitely more humble, there’s a distinct lack of grandiose to the sound, there’s no ego for the sentimentality of the lyrics to hide behind, instead they flow with the rhythm in which they were intended. Whilst Ace may be on the underground for of NYC’s music scene for now, but with his undeniable talent, he’s sure to take the world by storm. His disdainful stance and passion for expression are a stark reminder of why true beauty lies within the underground. The relatable naked honesty and his ability to convey his emotions over simple yet cacophonous beats within his latest project is not something you want to miss.

Ace and his indie instrumental beats have the power to save us, one lost soul at a time.

To connect with Ace and hear more about his upcoming work check him out on the links below.


D’Vine Balance Releases “You Know Dat” (ft. Willie Wav)

Generally, this music is overly cool and low-toned throughout its entire play time of three minutes. While the intro doesn’t have that surreptitious atmospheric effect, it still has its selling point and standards all well checked and in balance. Nothing was really over-done. The intro of this song also was conjured from a reasonable harmonic low pitched beat. The intro naturally leads into the music fully but rather at a very slow and low range.

Although the song has its own level of vocal melody which is very tuneful, it is also that type of music that doesn’t really sink in at its first play. It might necessary require a lot of subsequent press-plays before you will be able to get into the vibe of the song. The instrumentation of this song is pretty decent and on point but it really doesn’t throw in any sort of contextual dynamic switch up in sounds and vocal delivery. It was just the same generic repeated pattern of flow till the end of the three minutes play time of the song.

For those type of hip-hop music lovers who enjoys not so loud and not too dense kind of rap music with little or no censored words, this might definitely tickle their fantasy. It’s also quite easy to sing along to this song. The vocal quality of the artist that took the chorus in this song so much reminds me of younger Jamie Foxx and I believe that’s every reason to hope for a better level of up-scaled growth in the artist’s next studio music single.



Apxllo Releases New Emotional Track “So Long”

Apxllo is a young upcoming hip-hop artist with an ability to portray strong emotions through his lyrics and “So Long,” is indeed a perfect example of this. Going through the grief experienced with the loss of a loved one, Apxllo turns to music and uses it as an expressive tool to deal with the emotions and make a song which also help others going through similar situations. Apart from the intense lyric the song also shows a creative aspect with the way the texture, instrumentation and vocals are used throughout.

With the second vocal as an emphasis on the lyrics in the chorus, the meaning of the lyrics really becomes increasingly impactful and although the subject matter is sad and melancholic, the music provides a cathartic experience. Apart from this, the instrumentation is also produced in such a way which enables the vocal expression to be in the limelight, providing just enough background and a functional basis for the song to flourish and remain impactful throughout, making it a track which finds just the right balance between expression, creativity and sensitivity.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Brendan Buckley Releases Hip Hop Track “Mistake Music”

Brendan Buckley is a young upcoming hip hop talent with a strong sensitivity to music itself, and in his brand new track “Mistake Music” he indeed portrays late night moments through a strong flow and a musical texture and structure which is in a constant state of change and development until the final chorus which ties everything together and creates some very singable phrases. Apart from this, “Mistake Music” also presents a well crafted catchy beat which also drives the instrumental texture forward. Another intriguing factor is the instrumental choice itself and the way this blends short pointillistic sounds which soft mellow harmonies which take the spotlight when the beat drops out.

In his song, Brendan Buckley does not only project a steady flow which is very rhythmically active but also features a good sense of melody which is aided by enough autotune to contour the melody without taking away expression from the vocal delivery. This upcoming talent definitely knows what he wants in his music and manages to deliver his vision through a track which is in constant development while also portraying a clear narrative and lyric.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Kita P Delivers A Strong Positive Message Of Awareness Through Her Soulful Song “History”

Kita P is a singer songwriter who is able to stand out from the rest with her strong soulful lyrics and melodies and a laid back r&b vibe which truly makes her music sound and feel good. With her song “History,” she not only showcases her soulful artistic qualities but also presents a very strong and positive message which is all about awareness about our history and heritage. She does not do this alone though, with iShmAel’s solid rap flow by her side the message is clear and awakening.

From the first few luscious chords on the Fender Rhodes and the laid back groove it is immediately noticeable that Kita P is influenced by the very best in soul music, and as the groove carries you along, the message behind the lyrics unfolds through melodies which explore an interesting range and shape. This song itself is not the only one with a message though. It is, in fact, part of a seven song project entitled “The Lessons” which, as the name implies, is all about experiences lived and learned, making Kita P’s music not only very enjoyable but also insightful and though provoking, truly using music as a language and way to communicate a soulful message.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


“The Blast From The Other Side” Vizilo – Evnt Horizon Music Review

Okay, so what we have here is a three-minute spooky flavoured music in obeisance to a well-structured rhythmic bravado. The intro of the music is exceptionally enthralling to have your undivided attention and subconscious engulfed in its harmonic resonance and drift even at your first listen.

This creative piece from Vizilo exudes so much richness and resonating soothing sound to the ear with the pinch of a perfect line that was subtly repeated at every bridge.

Aside from the good music writing skills the trio possess, there’s also this scintillating voice that further added a whip-cream to the song by professionally taking the chorus of the song with apt adroitness. This is really that perfect prototype of the song that will definitely get your hands stuck on the repeat button whilst on the move or when travelling.

The first impression, they say sticks the longest. This trio hip-hop group from NZ that goes with the stage name Vizilo can be likened as the music cousin of Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi but with more height (LOL). Go ahead and check out “EVNT HORIZON” by Vizilo and you’ll be sure glad to have had the opportunity to have discovered their unalloyed sound.

This song could really be used as a tour/ music concert opener because it has this great surge of vanilla-avalanche that can get you transfixed to an entirely different realm where you will be left with no option other than to mumble along and move with the flows of the song.



Swedish Rap Artist Kevin Jazz Releases Solid Track “The Case”

It’s nice when music can delve into high fantasy and create world to explore. But when we face difficulties in our lives, sometimes escapism isn’t the right way. Sometimes we need to relate to each other and find common ground that helps us deal with what we’re feeling so that we may confront our situations. Such is the Case with…the Case, by Kevin Jazz. From the title alone, this song is about confronting a reality. That may not be something we enjoy doing, but music helps everyone deal with their problems in some shape or form and this song takes the honest route with this.

Kevin Jazz has a strong presence and when it comes to layering over himself, producer CorMill and mixer Tyler Nicolo know just how and when to lay down several vocal recordings at once to emphasize points and create tonal shifts that never verge on overdramatic, but remain effective. The beats are squeaky clean and the bass is booming. Rhymes are thematic and self-referential. This is a solid rap track no matter what angle you look at it from. If you find yourself wanting to feel some truths, this is the song for you. That’s simply the Case.

-Paul Weyer

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