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SB Quan – No More L’s: Lyrical Encores of Apathy

Whilst there is undeniable talent on display by SB Quan in his debut track, it’s painfully evident, that he’s just assimilated the generic styling of Rap & Hip Hop. There’s a dramatic lack in personality, the lyrics skip from abject angst to blazing hate. Which is always a sound that’s in demand, but when do Hip Hop fans get to demand more of their artists.

The repetitive elements in the track make it clear that the vocals are just filling the sound without really contributing to anything. Music should always be plagued by it’s essence, and not just the use of regurgitated lines because they wrap rhythmically around the back beat.

It’s not that this track is without it’s merit. The beat is steady enough to support the flow of nonlinear lyrics providing some intriguing elements in dynamic complexity throughout the duration of this mid-tempo track, that’s hyped up just enough to hit the psyche.

I look forward to hearing new releases from SB Quan, once he’s found his own voice, he’ll be unstoppable.

Check out the debut hit No More L’s on the Spotify link Below:


Jo Nava Presents Her Debut EP Mind F**k

Jo Nava is a charismatic female rapper who has been passionate about music ever since she was only 6 years old. At the tender age of 12, she started rapping, and never stop growing her talent and expending her skills.

Today, Jo Nava set out to create a unique, personable blend o sound that feels contemporary and direct, yet timeless and organic. As opposed to using ready-made beats and pre-packaged background tracks, she actually creates beats and melodies with real instruments, adding more character to her songs.

Recently, Jo Nava released an exciting brand new release titled “Mind F**k”, which is a conceptual E.P that will take listeners hand in hand towards a fascinating journey through the depths of the human mind, where every track is related to a different emotion.

This EP features 4 songs, with inspirational lyrics and an organic production that highlights Jo’s natural skills and character.

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Leo Jr Forges New Rap Paths

I guess the question that this short collection of music asks us is this….where next for the seemingly tried and tested format of contemporary rap? And without deviating too far from the recognisable traits of the genres contemporary and commercial pastures…smooth, beat driven soulful melodies…Leo Jr. still manages to find some interesting new places to explore.

And whilst Down Under clearly has one foot planted in the traditions of rap music, right down to the defensive lyrical stance and the confident, scatter gun vocal deliveries, it is where he places his other foot that moves the genre forward. R&B grooves are also prevalent and there is enough pop sensibility that the song walks a fine line between edginess and mass appeal.

One of the aspects of our non-tribal, post-genre musical world, is that as the various barriers have been kicked down, as rules and traditions have been abandoned, the more commercial has been allowed to merge with the underground, or more importantly a whole generation of musician has grown up not even knowing that those restrictions even existed. This is their time, this is their music.


B7ayre Tells The Truth

The term urban music is, like pretty much every journalistic label, too general, too vague, too broad to be of any real use when it comes to discussing music and Bahamian artist B7ayre is the perfect example of why. Yes, most of his references come from music that can be described as contemporary and urban but, as always it is the way that you put those building blocks together, what you can fashion from the raw materials, that makes all the difference. And unlike many artists following the paths beaten by others through familiar territory, he takes his own direction.

Cannot Lie mixes cool and slow burning hip-hop beats with sassy R&B grooves and a confident rapped vocal delivery and whilst the ingredients are easy to see the flavour that results from the mix is totally unique. It somehow matches uptown clubland chill out sophistication with sun drenched beach vibes, the cool of the late night after party with the warmth of the day time party tune. Not only the best of both worlds but music for all seasons.


Connet – Sundays: Indie Hip Hop Instrumentals

Connet has the ability to reimagine Hip Hop Rap beats from the 90’s to create a truly contemporary sound that Hip Hop fans won’t think twice about lapping up. The instrumentals to his track are as nostalgic as they come, minimalist and immersive creating a universally loveable sound.

His vocals are relatively muted throughout the track, handing over all the power to the instrumentals throughout the duration of the track. Overall, the track is as minimalistic as it comes, it demands no grandiosity, instead if flows as a simple admission of truth over an R&B backing track.

Sundays has an undeniably Trap sound. I just hope the modest melodies don’t end up swallowed up by the scene as the indie artist appears to have a refreshingly playful take on the genre which is a breath of fresh air compared to the pseudo masculine angst that clogs up the Hip Hop soundwaves. Its criminal that Connet remains on the underground with such an eclectic mix of sounds which he has curated over the yeats.

If you’re looking for some minimalist Indie Trap sounds be sure to check out Connet’s new track Sundays on the SoundCloud link below:

Head on over to his Facebook page to show your support:



Numbsoul Releases New Hip-Hop Beat “Spring ’17″

Numbsoul is a beat-maker with a great sense of melody, rhythm and flow in the music, blending just the right elements to make hip-hop beats with character and dimension that can serve a variety of purposes. His track “Spring ’17” proves exactly this through a relaxed and mellow steady beat that features also suitable changes in texture to distinguish sections and provide a coherent sense of development.

“Spring ’17” does not only showcase Numbsoul’s ability to create structure through texture but also showcases his ability to integrate melody and harmony within the beat. With delicate and soft melodic phrases shining within the texture throughout the beat also carries a sensitive character to it and it is also interesting to note how these melodies evolve and change within the diffferent sections. Having said all this, the most important part of any beat is the rhythm itself and in this case “Spring ’17” does not disappoint. With a cool, laid back and relaxed vibe the rhythm is not too fast and provides a solid foundation with hints of trap and also further changes between sections that add to the overall dynamic and character of the beat. Check it out and you’ll definitely feel the groove!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


KxngQuizzle Releases Hip Hop Track “Kxngs Speech 05”

KxngQuizzle is a hip hop artist and producer with a clear vision and a groovy sound that will have you bopping your head along with the music. Apart from this though, his approach to music also features a blend of old school influences mixed with a modern touch. This can evidently be observed in his latest track “Kxngs Speech 05” which not only delivers a very rhythmically active rap flow with suitable changes in vocal tone but also incorporates the modern use of auto-tune throughout the ending section. This not only tells us more about KxngQuizzle’s influences but also presents new ideas from the beginning of the song, through to the end. The music video also adds to the character of the music and features KxngQuizzle’s having a good time with his friends.

“Kxngs Speaech 05” starts off with a mellow melodic intro which allows the vocal rhythmic play to stand out before establishing the groovy beat that provides that old school vibe. Throughout the whole song the vocal performance and delivery remain convincing with a strong  bold character that proves the messages behind the lyrics. Clearly life struggles do bring out the best in KxngQuizzle and his music shows this is true!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Live Wright Releases Punchy Rap Track “Give It All”

Live Wright is a young rapper from Philadelphia with a strong passion for good music, expressed through a tight and punchy rap flow that is full of determination and a strong attitude. With a passion for heartfelt lyrics concerning the struggles and ups and downs of life, Live Wright focuses on creating music that is relatable and powerful. In his latest release “Give It All” he in fact directs all his energy in delivering a message of strength and determination through a flow that is somewhat aggressive with energy and a beat that gives the song a distinguishable powerful character.

“Give It All,” as the name implies, is all about reaching to the top and making a difference by striving and literally giving it all. The track initially starts off with the introduction of the solid backdrop and beat which features quite a dark and heavy tone and groove. This gives the song a tough character which really goes well with the message while it also sets up the atmosphere for an even more intriguing lyric. Throughout the song Live Wright’s flow can be called slightly aggressive with a strong rhythmic drive which brings out the message even more. “Give It All” is indeed a true testament that proves Live Wright is ready and determined to make a difference through his music.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


2U4U Release New Single ‘HOME’

2U4U is a rap collective with a particularly unique approach. Their sound is remarkably edgy and direct, going for a very organic vibe that has strong ties with the power of old school hip-hop.

The project’s recent single is a track titled “Home”. The song immediately stands out for its uncommonly upbeat rhythm, often not found on modern-day hip-hop. The lyrical flow is absolutely on the spot, with witty words seamlessly making their way through a dense, texture-rich mix. This production makes me think of quality artists such as J Dilla or Jay Z, but there is also a touch of neo-soul and R&B, which makes me think of acclaimed performers such as D’Angelo or The Roots, only to mention but a few.

2U4U consists of ATMA and My Rugema, who met at school and bonded through their love for awesome neo-soul productions. ATMA’s brother subsequently joined in and the group managed to grow further by including another talented performer and lyricist, Badcal. “Home” follows in the vein of the group’s creative hive-mind, highly focused on creating forward-thinking thematic concepts that really serve as wonderful ideas for their tracks.


Core REX – Lucid: Amateur Dramatics

Yep, you guessed it, it’s a song about lucidity. Yet, when it comes to music I’ve always been a big believer in show and not tell…That being said the Electronic Hip Hop mix, isn’t all too bad.

The symphonic soundwaves have been produced, mastered and mixed by Core REX a Hip Hop Rapper with a penchant for Electronica from Chicago, US. I couldn’t help but think of Scroobius Pip’s advice when he advised “thou shall not listen to repetitive music” in Thou Shall Not Kill. By the time you get to the chorus, the track seems to get a little predictable, and it’s almost grating listening to the same old vocal being churned out over and over again.

There’s a part of the track where it’s slowed down to a painful rate, which, is more annoying than anything, yet, Core Rex shows a playful attitude to his music that makes it evident that he’s more than willing to have a little fun. Lucid is just one of the singles off his debut album Gloey Huew. I just hope in the future Core REX learns to lay off the harsh effects that retract away from the sound and let it flow with natural progression.

Check out Lucid & the rest of the album via SoundCloud using the link below:

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