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Sky Kid Releases Brand New Track “Riddim”

Sky Kid is a young rapper with a big dream from Caribbean Saint John’s Antigua. His passion for music, shown at a very young age, has lead him to pursue his dreams and ambition through rap music. His latest song “Riddim,” in fact shows his true potential and natural inclination towards this sound, featuring a blend of rap, hip-hop and trap with a sweet underlying melody and luscious harmonies. This debut single also tackles the controversial love story between a single guy and a married woman.

From the start of the song, the cool harmonies and steady driving rhythms create a relaxed atmosphere which keeps providing a solid backdrop for the lyrics which are all about the guy’s perspective in this story. Contrasting and complementing the rap verses the song also features a more melodic chorus with phrases that are simplistic yet very to the point. The strong rap flow in the verses is highlighted with occasional background vocal and other digital effect punctuations which create further rhythmic interest throughout. Apart from this, the vocal tone quality in performance remains natural and expressive, allowing the music to never fall into monotony. At this point Sky Kid is definitely reaching for the top and his music clearly explains this better than words can.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


X Marks The Spot For Dstrxn

Stepping into the world of Dstrxn is like entering a world that you recognise but nothing seems to be in the same place that you left it, much is recognisable but then that familiarity is subsumed by a unique way of delivering his songs.  X is a track built on a lack of urgency and where many artists seem intent to fire off complicated rap salvos and create beat driven grooves, London rapper Dstrxn plays a slower game, one happy to meander rather than motor, one of dark undercurrents rather than bright lights, one which seems to reflect the edgy urban sprawl with spawned it.

In a way it sounds dystopian, not through the use of industrial sounds or sci-fi musical referencing but through the bleak mood that hangs over the music, the feeling that the music is stumbling along on its last legs, sapped of energy and devoid of cheer. But that is the beauty of the music, that it subverts expectations, is stoned on its own lazy vibes and moves at its own speed. Maybe this is the laying down of a new Dis-Dopean genre.


Who Is That? That’s Ozzy, That’s Who That Is!

Music normally evolves by artists bringing more to the table, adding extra layers to the existing sound or splicing and fusing that genre’s traditions with music normally found outside its boundaries. It usually makes things heavier, less wieldy and only occasionally leads to the music heading in new directions. That is why it is great to find artist such as Ozzy, ones who instead of looking outwards for inspiration understand that everything that they need is already right within their grasp.

Ozzy has a much more consistent approach than most. Who That Is is the sound of urban music being intensified, inwardly focused, distilled down to its essentials and then used to build a minimalist, hip-hop sound with a world-weary, ambient rap delivery…now there’s a new concept. The beat and constant groove of the music has enough substance to satisfy the mainstream but it is the musical back streets that he wanders, collecting unexpected sonic details and re-appropriating strange sounds that make him stand apart from his chart-focused competition. Sometimes it is nice to dress up, musically speaking, but there is nothing better than the freedom you feel when you shed those heavy layers and make music which feels unforced and unencumbered.

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Toxic – Pass Out: An Ode To Our Debauched Humanity

Paypa Tunes Presents ‘Pass Out’ produced by Tailormade and written & performed by the talented underground Hip Hop Rap enigma that is Toxic which was released on 02 November 2017 to treat Hip Hop & Rap fans to some fast, heavy, percussion soaked beats all packaged together in a timeless vintage styling. Pass Out could easily contend with some of the hardest rap beats of all time. Toxic’s variant is vocals keeps you on your toes throughout the track, and in parts terrified. The lyrics are a harmony of aggressive energy. One of the rappers sounds like he’s under the influence of a demon possession rapping about juice & gin, if you can get over the almost comedic effect start to finish it’s a great track to immerse yourself within. It’s a short piece of music to sink your teeth into!

The context behind the song won’t win toxic any Nobel Prizes for Philosophic wonder, it’s a playful track about his intoxicated ventures leading to the inevitability of him passing out on the couch after watching Oprah. The lyrics make the track incredible human, there’s no crass grandiose like there is in most Hip Hop & Rap tracks. There’s a soulful humility to it, a reminder of our own debauched humanity.

Check out Toxic’s latest track Pass Out on The SoundCloud link below!


Superlative Ice – Backdoor: Not for The Faint Hearted.

Superlative Ice or otherwise known as Cameron Mayne is an underground Hip Hop & Rap artist from Compton, United States. Being from Compton Cameron is in no short supply of competition in the rap scene. Yet with Backdoor he’s created a standout hit that from the rest. Once you start to listen to the lyrics, you’ll soon see why. As I naively hit play on the track tiled ‘Backdoor’ I enjoyed the rhythm, the flow, the celebration of melodic resonant sound and reached a state of ubiquitous zen.

Until it dawned on me, that this may have been the most crassly misogynistic tracks I’ve ever had the experience of listening to. Sure, chauvinism is common place in the Hip Hop Rap scene and guns, bitches and bling are part of the fundamental elements of most rap stylings but the lyrics to Backdoor take it just one step too far and are bordering on the grotesque and I can’t wholeheartedly condone the conscious condescension towards women in music in the 21st century.

Whilst Cameron’s sound may not be my cup of tea, for the less easily offended you can check out his hit (if you dare) on the SoundCloud link below:


Nuglife Productions™ – Walk It Off: 420 Fans This Is For You.

Nuglife Productions ™ new sound Walk It Off ft. Yung Faded Mane & Mike Pro is a sound that could match the fury of the fists of a thousand tempests. The Rap Hip Hop styling is contemporary as it comes. Riddled with hard hitting synth effects the track follows a vivacious styling that will almost certainly leave you revelling in pseudo-masculine energy with its clever use of varying expletives.

Nuglife Productions ™ was started by Steven ‘Nuglife’ Soils, a Hip Hop Rapper, producer and DJ based in Los Angeles, US who is setting the standard in the harsh Hip Hop spectrum of sound. His penchant for the 420 scene can’t be ignored through his proud to be a stoner branding, although his new track Walk It Off is probably not something you’d want to listen to during a session. His music is a mash up of sampled vinyl sound & instrumental originals used in Walk It Off which is just one of the new tracks on his upcoming EP.

Head on over to the official website for Events, Merch, Visuals & even more awesome beats


Drew Colors – Home: The Hip Hop Equivalent to a Lullaby

Drew Colors is an independent Trap Hip Hop sensation like no other. The composition behind his sound is teaming lucidly transcendent synth pop effects. His new track Home is wonderfully melodic, falling into the constraints of melodic Hop with a dabbling of slow rap instrumentals. It follows a staggeringly slow beat looped around with his pensive vocal ability. It’s more like a lullaby than a hip hop track with drawn out keyboard compositions to fill in the gaps and take this track to a brand new level.

Through his music Drew Colors proves that you don’t need to create a hard hitting beat to create an intense sound. He nails the Trap sound through nailing his melodies and chord progressions throughout his latest track Home which are full of character. If you’re a fan of Madvillain, PM Dawn, De La Soul and Asheru you’re going to love Drew Colors genre-twisting atmospheric sound. Drew’s music will touch your soul in ways you wouldn’t have imagined were possible.

If a chill rap beat is right up your street make sure you check out Drew Colors new track Home on the SoundCloud link below!


Belvy Jones – Major Way: This One’s For The Haters

Belvy Jones is a Hip Hop Rap artist from the West Coast of California, USA. His new hit Major Way is more than just the pseudo-macho ramblings of yet another Hip Hop Rap artist on the scene. His entire 14 track album ‘1988: The Diary’ which was released late October is a flux of organic sounds with dashing’s of New Wave and Trance weaved into the mix. He possessed all the funk of Busta Rhymes. The back beat to his new single Major Way is a chaotic ensemble that, you’d lose your mind before you deciphered it. What better reason to simply just get lost in the sound that has been so deftly produced?

He subdues the crass lyrics to Major Way which are undoubtedly fuelled by his haters’ contempt, the women that have dared to cross his path and complex relationship with the capitalist nature of Hip Hop with his adorably drawling voice.


Lucid A Releases Effortless Rap Track “Blessed”

But really does a rapper need to make a truly great album before he’s considered one of the best Emcees?

Well, without wrying, I’d like to make it known to all that Lucid-A brings forth a pack full of absolute technical brilliance to this song. While most rappers are good with the flows and punch lines, a few others like Lucid-A have a unique ability to recognise awesome beats and make very good use of it. The structure of this song is lit and crunchy.

Literally, just like Pharrell’s – ‘happy’ this piece can also be likened to an everyday people’s song. The flow of the lines and the way Lucid raps in this song comes off so naturally and effortless to a fault.

A sense of pure gratitude overwhelms “Blessed” this, in turn, made this beautiful work from this artiste come off as an appealing versatile song. It can be a personal motivational happy mood song or even a gospel in whatever way you’d like to look at it.

You will be thrilled when you get to listen to “Blessed” because it comes with a rather different vibe that’s rooted in the music genre of hip-hop rap music. This song also comes with no reference to the customary F*** and B*** phrases that are always littered in the lyrics of 99% of rap and hip-hop songs.

This is a very interesting and nice song which everyone can sing along to with much excitement. I would recommend this song to anyone any day because it’s that good.



Jahfeezus Releases Hip-Hop Track “Higher Learning”

There’s always this stone-cold trait and Mr. tough guy attitude that surrounds a lot of Hip-Hop / Rap music artiste generally, but when you look beyond what there is to be seen in situation such like this one, you’ll discover that the sight of what you will behold ain’t gonna live up to your expectation about most of these rap artiste.
Even till this day, many music fanatics will automatically perceive any raw rapper as the real deal, well; to me, the case is entirely different. Yeah, I know, it all boils down to preference and whatever rocks each individual’s boat.

Sometimes what is sauce for the goose ain’t always gotta be sauce for the gander; it might even be far worse for the gander. The recognition of this fact is what distinguishes the micro and macro in the music industry. Jahfeezus style of rap is quite different from the norm and that’s what uniqueness depicts.
Without massaging or bruising no man’s ego, Jahfeezus might as well be one of the next best lyrists just right after Kendrick and J.cole.

The flow of this song, the tone and the well-penned lyrics will make you to further wonder if Jahfeezus is Kendrick Lamar’s clone or rather his musical doppelganger.
For a feel of some cool rap music with an insightful message, be sure to go check out Jahfeezus’s “Higher Learning”.


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