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Kylerr Stands Out With Hip-Hop Track ‘Black Rose’

A lot of modern hip hop production is homogenous. Beats may vary but they remain at the same tempos, with the same swing and syncopations. Kylerr has just the track to shake things up with Black Rose. Produced by Lord Rico, this song provides an almost seasick amount of sway in a slow, soft track that will have you feeling all sorts of ways. First of all, it’s hard to imagine someone not moving to this. That isn’t to call it a dance track. Far from it, we’ve got a song with some dark themes surrounding the pains of love.

The drums still feel tight and just about ready for a trap set, but the bass boasts a vintage aesthetic in a mostly open feeling mix. The openness isn’t emptiness though, it’s breathing room. This is a song that ruminates in itself. It’s disheveled and it’s broken and it’s maybe had too much to drink. To describe a song like this as opposed to an artist is definitely a good thing. Kylerr is a versatile front man for presenting a mixture of moods and this song embraces a sort of isolated feeling that often gets lost in hip hop playlists. Black Rose stands out in the bouquet and that’s a very good quality.


Torenzo Delivers An Impact With ‘Gotta Stay Strong’

Music makes us feel things. It distills emotions in ways that we can’t always communicate. Combined with direct lyrics, it can hold layers of text and subtext that dance around each other in otherworldly ways. Torenzo is an artist familiar with the hustle of life and the determination that it requires to keep going. Gotta Stay Strong is more than a fairly straightforward set of lyrics. It’s a delivery with impact. It’s a beat that plays gently in your ear. It’s a song that understands and respects the listener for connecting through struggle.

Torenzo understands that a big part of being the voice of his music means vulnerability. He allows us to communicate as if he’s in the room with us, and this is a fantastic method of making a song special. This isn’t a song that you can be alone with. It’s a dialogue between what the artist and listener are feeling. This could inspire people, or at the very least let them know that they aren’t alone. Every now and then, this is the most important thing an artist can do with their music. Gotta Stay Strong is the reason we love music. We need to feel each other in dark times and this song reaches out to take the initiative for us and begin the conversation.


Dane Releases Hip-Hop Track ‘Clarity’ Prod By Refuuj

Clarity is an apt title both thematically and literally for this track. Literally because the clean, cerebral production makes every layer of this carefully crafted late night tale a joy to listen to.

Thematically because Dane has put down in words something most of us will experience at some point. Drunkenly realising that it just isn’t going to work with that girl.

Perhaps this is a recurring theme in Dane’s life, “thank god I was faded” hints at a defensive edge to the track. Which would be right. The track moves at a consistently slow pace, never releasing some of the tension it builds.

It’s a jaded, late-night slow burner that would be at home at any afterparty once the concotion of drugs and booze have sent everyone “down the rabbit hole”.

Hopefully the themes this track brings up aren’t too relatable but if we are being a bit “jaded” then I would say they are.

God I’m lonely…

-Zach Hughes


DEE WP’s ‘Slow Down’ Doesn’t Disappoint

Sometimes it takes a few listens to a song before you can fully formulate a full opinion on it. Other times, you can feel a song as soon as the first notes pump from the speakers. Slow Down by DEE WP is the latter and it doesn’t disappoint once the song gets going. These are powerful verses from a thoughtful voice and a beat that brings you along for the ride even if you’re not feeling the heavy vibes contained.

With a gorgeous string outro, this song shows the power of thematic instrumentals in a way that we don’t always get to see outside of the greats and some of hip hop’s classic artists. Here’s an artist who isn’t here to brag to you, but humbly delivers a message with remarkable talent. Without much flash, it’s possible that this song could get overlooked. We need to remember the power music can have when we’re alone. When the party’s over and lying in bed and we want to connect with something, DEE WP is the kind of artist that should come to mind. Look him up when you feel a need to Slow Down.


Mid Twelve Releases Rap Hip-Hop Vibe Track ’40’ (Prod. by Alexx)

Have you ever met someone who can’t vibe with a party without a 40 in at least one hand? Meet the leader of these people, mid Twelve. Now your pre-gaming set can have its own audible bottles with the song 40. Produced by Alexx, this song combines deep kicks and tight snares with just enough atmosphere to keep you entranced without getting seasick.

Mid Twelve is an artist who isn’t trying to rap too quickly or sing too dynamically. He’s cool and collected through his verses, even while delivering threats of violence to those who’d step at him. This is an artist who moves through and explores a theme and what better theme to dive into than those magical bottles that make the night worth having for so many people. After hearing this song, grab a 40 and hit repeat. You’ll want to be in the spirit in the way it’s meant to be heard. This isn’t product placement, but it still feels vaguely effective. Advertisers, this artist is doing the work for you! Hit up mid Twelve and give credit where it’s due. I may need one myself after writing this…


Ace A Caped Crusader Releases Tasnim’s Interlude

Some performers simply try to provide some entertainment to their audience. Others, on the other hand, really love to share a deeper meaning through their art.

This is certainly the case of Ace A Caped Crusader – an artist with a really special and unique approach. His recent release, Tasnim’s Interlude, is more than just a rap song. In fact, it could be easily described as a spoken word track. The melodies, provided by a beautifully textural background track where electric guitars and percussion interact, is all about providing a lush and atmospheric backdrop for this artist’s compelling voice.

His lyrics are personal, insightful and inspiring, going for a soothing, smooth, yet powerful vocal tone. On Tasnim’s Interlude, Ace A Caped Crusader set out to show off his insightful lyricism and visionary word flow, going for a very mellow, yet vibrant rhythm expanding and evolving throughout the track.

On this song, the artist exposes himself with no fear of revealing his most intimate side or deeper feelings. This is a perfect example of what happens when hip-hop and poetry come together, making for a creative, personal and emotional musical journey.


Blak Ace’s ‘My Passion’ Is A Hip Hop Track That Is About Music

Music about music is a tradition of popular culture. In hip hop, music about the musician is a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. To allow a look past your persona and be vulnerable can ruin your image as a badass, a gangsta, a force of nature or whatever deity Kanye West is sitting by the pool with. For Blak Ace, we’re treated to a reminder that inspirational messages tied into vulnerability can bring a greater sense of character in a powerful way. My Passion is a track that’s about music and the musician. The relationship between art and artist doesn’t have to be abstract. It doesn’t have to focus solely on struggles and sorrows. Black Ace finds that music is worth whatever it takes and is willing to give himself to it for the sake of the life music gives back. Moreover, this song encourages others.

Anyone who can’t get past the notion that hip hop is about selfishness, aggressiveness and general thuggery needs to open their ears. Blak Ace is not the first, nor will he be the last, to understand that music has power and that power can change people. Spreading messages of following ones dreams and living their passions to the fullest doesn’t sound like the bad influence scapegoat that hip hop has become to so many parents. In fact, one of the best qualities of My Passion is that it teaches pride in oneself and belief in a time when people aren’t always ready to follow their dreams. Today, we need more artists like Blak Ace.

-Paul Weyer


Corliss Plug Releases Colorful Hip-Hop Track Ridin’

I’ve heard people describe auto tune as sounding chromatic, as if the sound of hard pitch corrections reveals some kind of audible colors hidden in the harmonic structure of the human voice. Corliss Plug knows just how to bring these colors out in more ways than one. With filtered synths and percussion blooming in and out, Ridin’ has to be one of the most colorful hip hop tracks in recent memory. This isn’t using effects as a crutch or replacement for substance. This is the proper use of an often underestimated tool set at the disposal of producers.

Ridin’ is resonant and fun. It blows by any chance of being called corny due to its timing and tight, modern beat sensibility. This track can have a major impact on a room from the first seconds through the outro. The transitions are atmospheric and the vocal samples thrown in vary from full duet verses to Michael Jackson-esque yelps. It’s always a pleasure to hear an artist who genuinely sounds like they love what they’re doing. It’s even better when they’ve made something for the listener to love as well. Corliss Plug delivers a strong hit with Ridin’.

-Paul Weyer


Mic Strong Releases Video For ‘Classic Feel’

Millennials have the pleasure of reading a bit more every day about how their nostalgia-driven culture is self-destructive and how the world will suffer because of their inability to move on. To be fair, this culture is predicated by the last few decades of technological development. The things we loved are not only well preserved, they’re coming back one after another. With our heads looking back, what does this say about our art? Mic Strong has a message that it’s okay to look forward with a fondness of what’s behind us in his track, Classic Feel.

Classic Feel doesn’t sound like a vintage tape recording, but it helps bring up intense love that people have for their homes and childhoods. While older generations long for the days they spent spinning vinyl, singing along with the Beatles and living in an age where nobody had to fear the constant incoming and outgoing data stream that is modern life, many often forget that while this technology was new, there was a generation growing up in the between. The advent of anime, mp3 files and organized block parties was a time to treasure, but that can be done with new beats, new raps and new outlooks with more experienced eyes. Mic Strong brings the timeless qualities that could be attached to people of all ages who have even a single fond memory of their youth. The truth is in the title; this song has a Classic Feel.

-Paul Weyer


Hiigh Society’s Cherry Racks Up 121k Plays On Soundcloud

In the days of trap, we’ve found a love of resonant pads and tight, crisp hats. Hiigh Society knows how to drop these loops, and more importantly, they know how to do it with all of the talent of classic rap and persona of the last twenty years of hip hop. Mix this and you’ll get a cocktail called Cherry. Detuned to perfection, we’ve got a hypnotic melody and a battle-ready beat that would be enough to fit in with current trends. Beyond that, we’ve got dynamic verses that showcase some really unique talents.

Featuring Freddy Mac and the Surgeon, there’s no shortage of interest in going verse to verse. While pop music continues to perfect the art of the chorus, Hiigh Society recognizes that the real art is what’s surrounding those refrains. Verses are mixed perfectly but still maintain their deliveries in ways that feel natural and suited to each rapper that takes the mic. It’s wonderful to see artists coming together in a way that really does show a culmination of so much compacted musical influence. Hip hop fans, don’t miss out on this.

-Paul Weyer

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