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Gordon James and The Power – When I First Saw You There: Empyreal Evocative Indie.

Gordon James and The Power have just released their latest track When I First Saw You There, whilst I’m normally adverse to overly sentimental music, the sound compelled me, in a refreshing way.

I’m not sure whether it was the jingle of the guitar or the sincerity displayed within his voice, but I was captivated right from the very first verse. Whilst this band are undoubtedly in their infancy, it’s evident that they have a lot more to offer the scene.

The lyrics to the new track are captivating enough to dictate a flurry of emotion to any listener through the narrative of their new heart wrenching track as the sound progresses with talent that becomes impossible to deny. Whilst there are many singer songwriter acoustic acts on the scene Gordon James shines through with his sincerity and ability to convey the most evocative of emotions with his latest track that’s definitely not to be missed!

You can check out the official video to When I First Saw You Here on the YouTube link Below:

The rest of Gordon James’ EP is coming soon, so keep tuned for more developments from this enigmatic acoustic act.


KTWG Releases Intimate Poetic Song “Jaded Seaguls Singalong”

KTWG is an artist from Paris with a sound that cannot be strictly categorised or labeled. His music, particularly the song “Jaded Seaguls Singalong,” has a strong Folk element with poetic lyrics and a guitar accompaniment, but it also presents a strong sense of individual creativity in the way the voice is used to create effects towards the end of the song. The music carries a sensitivity in its character that brings out a strong human aspect even through sets of cryptic lyrics. The strong accent which comes through as the lyrics unfold also adds an even more naturally raw human element to the whole song.

“jaded Seagulls Singalong” starts off immediately with an image evoking verse that transports the listener directly to the story which, although carrying a sense of melancholy, manages to bring out even more the effects of strong human emotions. Some of the phrases can sometimes be more abstract that others and this element of mysteriousness makes the song even more intriguing. The instrumental backdrop is kept calm and smooth-flowing throughout and as the song reaches its ending, the vocal phrases turn into juxtaposed melodies that add the the melancholic naturally human sensation that the song creates. KTWG definitely has an imitable sound that stands out and this personal touch is what makes his music so unique.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Kareen Lomax Releases Polished Hit Song “Melatonin”

Kareen Lomax is a young upcoming talent who is ready for some great success in the music industry. His creativity and writing style are not the only things which make is sound so ear pleasing. In fact, his latest track “Melatonin,” sounds very polished, fine tuned to perfection and ready to be the next hit on the radio.

Apart from having a very fresh and modern dance and R&B sound, the music in “Melatonin” also features a gentle arrangement highlighted by smooth guitar chords which gradually develop and evolve into a groovy dance beat. The vocal tone quality is kept very natural and without any unnecessarily overdone digital tweaking, while the melodies are singable and cool sounding. What is most striking about this song, though, is the rhythmic variation used for the delivery of the lyrics, and the way this relates to the structure and message behind the song. The lyrics are definitely well thought out and feature an interesting word play too. Overall the song “Melatonin” contains the mix of all the right ingredients for a good hit. It is catchy, natural, cool and ear friendly. Check it out !

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Ryan Sutherland Sets A Brilliant Trap

Ryan Sutherland seems to have the ability to take familiar building blocks, folk, rock, jazz and blues and use them to build interesting new musical creations which are at once familiar yet totally unique. The Trap has a very folk feel to it, one that is a mercurial blend of the contemporary and the timeless, but there is something in the delivery which also nods to the jazz fraternity whilst winking to the rock brigade, is soaked in blues emotions and yet brims with enough melody and accessibility to even keep fans of more commercial endeavours happy.

Taken from last years The Rats In The Walls, it is a brilliant calling card for Sutherland’s ability to work across a wide range of genres but create a sound that is not only quintessentially his but remains cohesive across a full album of music. Nothing much is new under the sun, it is all about using what already exists and just fashioning it to your own musical vision, something that this New York troubadour does so seemingly effortlessly.


Corey Kilgannon’s Folky “Montauk II” Is Divine!

Corey Kilgannon spearheads harder this time with a rather melancholic tone; A voice that’s cladded in such a soothing quiver; a quiver whose momentum is absolutely capable to rivet the butterflies that have been felt by a sweetheart to a self-sober reflection without a flinch towards the transition of the mood swings..

While this song might seem to be a slow cool jam, it’s also that type of song that gives you many flashbacks and gets you reminiscing about your current life and the past. Corey Kilgannon’s ‘Montauk’ is a song that has a lot of messages in it.

With his well-structured lyrics and alluring voice, Corey Kilgannon took us on a mild beautiful journey that dates right back to his own life story. This song brings back memories of high school senior years and the entire love triangle that comes with it. This song is also not the type of song that sprung out, and then flies right to the top of music charts but rather it’s that kind of song that crawls to the top of the chart at its own pace.

With an amazing 1st bridge that somewhat come off as an artwork form the music group; little big town, and an amazing note that suits the tempo of the song, Corey’s ‘Montauk II’ obviously made me stop for a while and listen with great attention paid to the words he put together to write an awesome song like this one. I can’t say that this song is one hell of a happy song but it’s an amazing song that’s worth its own place in your current favourite playlist.



Lake Folks – The Old Man and The Lake: Sonorous Simplistic Sound at Its Finest.

This one’s for the Indie Folk lovers. Lake Folks is a solo act from a visionary talent revelling in his talent which is allowing him to dominate the folk scene.  To describe his new debut track ‘The Old Man and The Lake’ as a serendipitous wonder would be an understatement.

The solo artists sound is a unique, intoxicating blend of pop & a tranquil taste of indie folk. It’s impossible not to get caught up in the lucid angelic melodies which invoke a serene melodic transcendence. The music is teaming with plaintive inspiration which they find in their dulcet home town of Aix -les-Bains and notable acts such as Bon Iver, Paul Simon and Jeff Buckley. The Old Man and The Lake is steeped in sincerity, entwined with acoustic splendour.

There’s some elemental darkness to Lake Folks tracks, their latest track in particular, which makes their latest hit a true testament to the harrowing times that the world is lingering in. The lyrics are steeped in bittersweet sorrow, their music is delectably easy to swallow thanks to the angelic upbeat jingle of the guitar combined with the inventive use of instruments.

Check out their latest track on the link below

You’ll find a plethora of twee, euphoric covers from the Lake Folks on their Youtube Channel. So if you want to hear a sweet acoustic folk style version of Taylor Swift and Daft Punk be sure to check out he videos!

Follow the Lake Folks on their social media links below!



Broken Bones Matilda Release A Lush, Haunting Masterpiece

If you have ever wondered what it would sound like if Nick Cave wrote songs for Fleetwood Mac, the answer might just lie somewhere in Madeleine, the latest release from Broken Bones Matilda. It has all the hallmarks of the a Cave penned ballad but with all the short-circuiting sonic turmoil removed and instead rendered with the lush, majesty of the aforementioned transatlantic stalwarts.

But Broken Bones Matilda are their own people and references aside they weave a unique tapestry of their own design from exotic folk, deft acoustic guitars lines and baroque pop, medieval vibes and arabesque richness, sweeping strings and sultry vocals. In lesser hands the sheer weight of the sonic building blocks involved would prove overpowering but such is the skill of this Bath quintet that it is so perfectly balanced that it is nothing less than a rich and haunting masterpiece.


Mitchell Mirande – Oh Ailia – An Emotional Song That Falls Somewhere In Between The Lightness Of Pop And The Intimacy Of Folk Music.

Mitchell Mirande is a singer and songwriter with a minimalist approach to his work. His music makes me think of the work of artists as diverse as Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz, just to mention a few. It is all about trying to find that thin balance that exists between cheerful and uplifting pop tunes, and that intimacy we known and love about acoustic/folk music.

This song however, takes on a different life, as the acoustic guitar and vocals are joined by a full-on arrangement, with lots of counter melodies, drums and other cool rhythmic elements.

Mitchell’s recent studio single, “Oh Ailia”, is definitely a great compromise between these two different vibes. The song has a nice rhythmic twist and a very sparse arrangement that further contributes to the emotional response and positive impact of this particular single release. When listening to this song, I almost find myself wishing it was summer all over again. I could picture myself sitting on the beach surrounded by friends with a guitar on my lap, singing along and strumming along to this great tune!


Kaeson Rempel – But That’s Alright -The Charismatic Singer-Songwriter Set Out To Create A Song That Feels Upbeat, Yet Emotional And Direct.

Keason Rempel is a singer and songwriter with a passionate approach and a direct style, which highlight his passion and truthfulness as an artist. Keason recently released another brand new track, a composition by the name of “But that’s alright”. The title might reveal a personal and understated theme, and the music follows suit with an intimate melody that matches the introspective vibes of the lyrics. T

The song does indeed start as a mellow, moody and introspective track, but it evolves and becomes richer in terms of arrangement and melodic content. A beat drops in, adding a nice modern punch to the song, while the melodies are enhanced by what sounds like a nice ukulele, strumming along with the guitar. This instrument certainly adds a brighter, uplifting and happier tone to the song, making for a nice twist. The song’s cheerfulness perfectly matches its positive message to the audience: Keason wants to encourage people to look at the bright side: even when it seems like there is no way out, there is always a way!


Hat’s Off To Common Jack

In this age where “singer-songwriter” seems to have become a genre, a certain image appears in my mind when I read those words. A young man working on his first beard, in a wide brimmed hat and black, skinny jeans with designer rips on the knees. These days it seems as if you could blindly throw a stone and not fail to hit some over-entitled, gap-year troubadour treating us to his accumulated life experience since leaving home six months previous. Common Jack does indeed have a hat but thankfully that is where the similarity ends.

It comes as no surprise that John Gardner, the man behind the pseudonym spent two and a half years as part of the touring version of the film Once, as Glen Hansard’s wonderful music seems to be a reference point, as does the dynamism of Damien Rice and the confident drive of David Gray. But they are merely reference points and Common Jack create a wonderfully original sound and Restless is a fine example of a song that starts in folk territory and ends up in anthemic, sing-a-long acoustic rock. Throw in some sweeping violins and a stomping back beat and it is like Mumford and The Whale never existed. If only!

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