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Strangerfamiliar Releases “Insecure.” – An Abstract Expression Of Raw Emotion

Strangerfamiliar is a solo project by Illichna Morasky based in Montreal with a sense of aesthetic unlike any other. Linking abstract expression with sound and emotion is not easily accepted as the norm in music, yet Strangerfamiliar manages to make an outstandingly mesmerising song that clearly portrays raw feelings of anger and sorrow through a sound and visual content that is abstract and very conceptual, making Illichna Morasky’s artistically creative expression stand out from all the rest and going beyond genre and stylistic titles.

“Insecure” is a track which stems out from raw emotions felt during heartbreak but it sounds nothing the many typical pop songs which delve into the same subject matter. The music carries a certain weight that you can feel while listening to it while the vocal part is lighter but with a strong underlying sense of strength and a tone that is seductive and soulful. This quirky sound is not thick in texture and every element has its own place and intention. Through her music, Strangerfamiliar expresses a sound that stands out from the rest, rich with symbolism and deep underlying philosophical concepts that are expressed through music in an abstract way that can still deliver the message clearly and strongly. Strangerfamiliar is just one of a kind, and a free soul finding a truly authentic voice in music expression.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Hannah Harper Whets Audiences Appetite

London based Hannah Harper seems to make music which wonderfully captures the city that she is based in. It is at once artistic and slick, pushes pop music into quirky, staccato dance realms, feels wonderfully urban, uptown, classy and shimmers with the pace and edgy energy of the city around her. At a time when pop music seems to have hit a formulaic, production line creative process, where most are content only to make music in the mould of what has already been successful, Hannah’s debut single marks a fascinating departure.

Already picked up by BBC movers and shakers, Appetite is the sound of things moving on, of barriers being pushed aside of new paths being beaten through previously unexplored territory. But the clever thing is that whilst offering something new, it isn’t too radical either. The beats and the structures are still familiar it is just the way they are put together is intriguing. It is, in fact, the best of both worlds, a new sound but one for which there is already a captive audience via popular radio and clubland playlists. It is safe to say that the evolution of pop music just took a very big stride forward.


Color Channel Releases “Meadows” – A Colourful Painting Of Sounds

Characterised with a particularly unique sense of texture in their sound, Color Channel will have you grooving along immediately to their brand new track “Meadows.” This Boston based group skilfully moulds a unique style through influences of dance, psychedelic pop and a little bit of funk as well, creating a sound which is truly authentic and inimitable. Apart from this, a strong sense of balance and equilibrium in sonorities can be observed in their music, where literally every sound is fundamental to make up the whole picture.

As the song “Meadows” evolves from psychedelic out of tune guitar sounds into a solid groove, the steady introduction of synth bass sounds together with the cool and funky sporadic guitar riffs will pull you in and without even realising you will be grooving along and dancing to this cool dance groove. What is most fascinating about it though is the way all the sounds come together. Every note has its place and with a certain simplicity in arrangement the music comes to life effortlessly. Overall “Meadows” is just one of those songs which express a sound that goes beyond stylistic pigeonholes and categories. It is music that is crafted with a good sense of balance and a groove that will make you move.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Boys Ride Bikes Release “Somagwaza Ii” – An Infusion Of Samples From South Africa And House Rhythms

“Somagwaza II” is one of those tracks that immediately will grasp your attention. With an extremely particular combination of sounds, which include samples from South African field recordings from the 50s and westernised House rhythms, this song has a very unique character to it and can definitely create a lasting impression. “Somagwaza II” is in fact a Kwaito infused track taken from a project entitled “South Africa Vol. 4,’  featuring the work of several different artists while focusing on one homogeneous theme.

What makes Kwaito music and “Somagwaza II” so unique is its ability to immerse the listener in a whole new different world through African samples and a particularly slower tempo which makes it very different from other types of House music. Apart from this, the song is also rich in catchy melodies, variations in texture, synth loops and rhythms which have the ability to carry you along and immerse you in the groove. Having said this, the most impactful element, without a doubt, is the distinctive vocal melody highlighting the South African sung lyrics which give this song a truly unique character. This is a song which is not only enjoyable to listen to but which also provides listeners with an immersive experience, transporting them to a whole new place.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


glo – Control: Youthful Melancholy in Bloom.

glo are an enigmatic electronic-indie duo from Boston, MA. Their new track Control is hot off the press and we’ve got caught up in the pure sensual energy that the charismatically talented female vocals convey in a timeless sense of fragility.

The lyrics written by the talented singer song writer are packed with a sense of liberating female sexuality. It’s a rare treat to hear such an honesty behind the lyrics which are sang through such stark serenity. Lady Gaga eat your heart out. The production is packed full of alluring energy which allows their music progress with a transgressive sense of wonder to create the perfect 21st century ballad.

Control is fuelled with innovative sound grounded by its compelling structure, it’s packed with thunderous synthesised effects which really make the track come to life. The melancholic steeped vocals are not too dissimilar to the works of many contemporary artists such as London Grammar and Lorde. However, their command over their sound is far more poignant. They allow the soundtrack to take you through a whirlwind of evocative emotion. There’s a sweet nativity found in the youthful melancholy of the talented lead vocalist.

Check out Glo’s debut track on the SoundCloud link below:


HOURIGAN – Love In The Middle – A Direct Rap Sound With A Chill R&B / Neo-Soul Vibe

HOURIGAN is a versatile musician whose work stands out for its inner variety, as well as for the performer’s sheer talent and attitude. His recent studio release is a brand new single titled “Love In The Middle”. The track is a tasteful blend of R&B, soul and rap. The song truly manages to maintain a wide emotional spectrum and keep the audience’s engagement high at all times, conquering their attention with appealing hooks a la Pharrell and with many outstanding lyrical hooks that are really reminiscent of artists such as The Weeknd or Frank Ocean, just to mention but a few.

Hourigan is all about showcasing his great vocal range and mad rapping skills. With “Love In The Middle”, HOURIGAN truly set out to build a very detailed track with lots of great atmospheres. The song feels energetic, yet even and smooth, with a nice chilled out vibe to counteract the energy of these performances. The production of the song is very interesting, because it is not just about upfront beats: HOURIGAN carefully managed to provide an amazing melodic backbone, which really adds something special to the track.


Sunday Store – See The Sunshine – Electronic Pop With An Indie Vibe And Lots Of Layering Melodies.

Sunday Store is a driven, direct and eclectic music project that focuses on a unique blend of electronic pop music. The act’s recent release is a brand new single titled “See The Sunshine”, available through Youtube and accompanied by a stunning lyrics video for all of those who wish to sing along! The song is inspired by EDM and retro electronic music, with vocals that make me think of the work by artists as diverse as Empire of The Sun, Planet Funk or MGMT, just to mention but a few.

“See The Sunshine” is powerful, direct and edgy as a single, yet it is bright and uplifting, highlighting the band’s sonic coordinates perfectly. The production of the song also deserves a special mention. One of the biggest challenges of this kind of electronic music is certainly the concept of retaining a very organic sound, preventing it from sounding too sterile or aseptic. In this particular case, Sunday Store certainly managed to create a thick, organic and exciting musical backdrop, allowing the vocals to unfold over the track and fit seamlessly within this perfectly balanced song mix.


Rig Veda – Hymn In The Cut – Thrilling Sonic Experimentation With A Kaleidoscopic Feel

Rig Veda is a talented artist with a forward-thinking approach to electronic music. His sound is lush, atmospheric and dense, focusing on creating stunning melodic patterns and sophisticated rhythmic layers. Rig Veda’s recent release is an EP titled “Hymn In The Cut”. The project actually features five original compositions, which highlight the artist’s diverse approach, stretching out towards different creative direction. The sound of these tracks make me think of artists as diverse as Flying Lotus or Jon Hopkins, just to mention a few.

The mellow, haunting atmospheres of these songs certainly make for a fully immersive listening experience, taking the audience through a sonic journey, where many unexpected elements collide tastefully and beautifully. From swirly synth arpeggios to pad drones and cool drum samples, the songs on “Hymn In The Cut” are all about creating deep and far-reaching sonic ambiance to get lost in! The stunning cover artwork of the EP is an example of classy, tasteful visual minimalism,and it certainly fits well within this particular musical context.


Listen To “Bloodline” By S.O.S – A Strong And Cool Electro-Pop Masterpiece

S.O.S is the creation of Anglo-Maltese singer, songwriter and producer Sophie Debattista, who is working hard and making lasting impressions in the music industry with her quirky electro-pop sound. Upon first listening to “Bloodline” it is evident that this song is very well crafted with strong songwriting skills and performed with conviction and a solid artistic vision. As the chorus unfolds it is clear that this song is a hit and an evident reflection of S.O.S’ ability to mould a unique sound.

Amongst the several factors which make this song great is primarily the melodic aspect which features angular embellishments on syllables as well as smooth underlying vocal carpet which creates contrast and further interest. Apart from this, the electro-pop instrumental arrangement also complements the angular melodic embellishments with sweeping sounds, crisp beats and a well developed texture which leaves space for the vocals to shine above everything else. With intelligently crafted lyrics focusing on our humanity’s ability to work together as one bloodline, this song not only presents a great message but also showcases great musicality and songwriting skills, definitely making S.O.S an artist to look out for.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Hands of Kali – Life Street: Release A Pounding Track That’s Insatiably Upbeat

Most of the time when I listen to a 21st century electronic track, I’m left wishing I hadn’t. Life Street was a refreshing change from the prevalence of overly polished crass reincarnations that we so often find in the electronic field today. The London based mastermind artist behind Hands of Kali has certainly created a new era within the genre of Electronica. It’s infused with 80’s glitchy synth pop with a rich dubbing of soulful dubbed vocals. Essentially, it has got all the elements you’d hope for in a good club hit.

It’s got excellent potential, I’m pretty sure it will be pumped through gym stereos and dance worldwide in no time at all. This conceptual artist infuses immersive breakdowns with some excellent electronic trance worked into the production to create a powerful cacophony of sound that flows seamlessly and soulfully.

All too often tracks like this come over as cheesy and crass, but the pure pounding bass takes you away from judgement to immerse you in one of the most upbeat tracks that you’re bound to hear this year. It provides all of the nostalgia of 80’s electronica yet with a futuristic sound which draws you in and captivates you from start to finish in this mesmerising track. She’s the true essence of originality with her thoughtful, evocative lyrics!

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