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Epic Rain Is A Project With A Fresh, Energetic & Personal Attitude

Epic Rain is a project with a fresh, energetic and personal attitude. The sound blurs the lines between various musical styles,ranging from experimental alternative rock, to electronica, math and progressive. The act recently published a new single release, “Dream Sequence 1”, a great taste of their sound and an example their commitment to unapologetic musical experiments! The song is going to be featured on Epic Rain’s upcoming album, “Dream Sequences”, slated for release later this month.

This track is built on an intricate pattern of beats, chopped up melodies and interesting synth tones with a lush, deep atmospheric tone. In spite of the sophisticated sound, the energy of the arrangement has a very instinctual feel, allowing listeners to immediately connect with the track.

This release certainly marks an important step for this band, who certainly worked hard to affirm their sonic aesthetics and vision for this particular work.

The music has a very organic atmosphere that has a very psychedelic vibe to it, and although psychedelic music has a long history, which could be traced back to the 60s (or even earlier), Epic Rain’s approach is more modern and unpredictable, with oneiric textures and hypnotic grooves.


Kattacomb Releases New Track “The Hive”

“The Hive” is an electronic dance track straight out of Kattacomb’s brand new album “10 Days On Titan” which has as a basis it’s very own fiction story providing context to the tracks. This track itself, heavily based on driving rhythms which emerge as sounds are juxtaposed in the building of a tight texture, is a lot more than one can expect from an electronic dance track. The sounds used are carefully chosen and interwoven in a crisp and intense combination which drives curiosity for what’s about to happen next, and in fact the music keeps evolving until the very end.

A few moments after the mid point of the song, Kattacomb carefully takes out all instrumentation and prepares us for the final development and climax. Apart from this instance the track is not short of builds and drops either, making for a well structured dance track that is sure to have everyone moving. As his music keeps climbing up the charts, this budding producer definitely surpasses expectations with his creative approach to electronic music production.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Nej!Las Releases Electrifying Track “Sunken’

With her dynamic grooves and mesmerising dreamlike atmospheric effects, Nej!las is able to capture the imagination and take her listeners on a creative journey through sound and “Sunken” is the perfect example for this. Upon first pressing play on an electronic piece of music one would most likely expect heavy build ups and drops but on the contrary “Sunken” keeps a mellower yet steady vibe with a texture which is in constant motion and fluctuation. While creating her unique morphing sonic experience Nej!las also creatively mixes in components of techno and progressive house which give the music her unique tone.

Apart from its steady driving rhythm, deep sounds and gradual changes in instrumental arrangement and digital effects this song also features melodic vocal lines which also immediately grasped my attention as I was listening. The vocal aspect is definitely not the main element of the track but provides a better sense of dimension and context while the music indeed portrays the feeling and emotions attributed to its title. At this point this young producer shows no sign of slowing down and her creative ideas are truly interpreted through music in a convincing and competent nature.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Ari Releases Icelandic Electronic Indie-pop Track ‘Spor’

Spor is proof that you don’t necessarily have to understand lyrics to appreciate how great they sound. As a singer working in his native Icelandic, obviously those who will understand the lyrical content will make up only a fraction of the music market place Ari finds himself in but right from the first bar of Spor you realise that this doesn’t matter. The vocal delivery is so smooth, so ethereal, so polished and perfect for the music it sits alongside, once you think of it as another part of the instrumental make up of the song, you won’t even notice the language barrier and there really is no such thing as a music barrier.

The result is a sumptuous, widescreen, electronic indie-pop; it is cinematic and forward thinking, deftly produced and both futuristic and otherworldly. There is probably something of the geography of his homeland infused in the music and it isn’t that hard to notice an almost subliminal description of that lands wide skies and dramatic vistas etched into the music’s glorious soundscaping.


Glow by Precept Evolves As The Song Goes On

Some people enjoy a song that takes you to a time and place in your mind. If only for a few moments, you can be back in that dance hall, in that small room, on that mountainside, etc. Glow by Precept takes this idea a step further by really setting a mood and an atmosphere that grows and evolves as the song goes on. In this sense, you’re brought to both a start point and sent onward through a completely different end point. This transitory process in your mind is all thanks to the careful filtering and layering of Precept.

They say music can communicate when words fail. If this song is any evidence, the compacting of dwelling is entirely possible in an audible sense. Glow has done the brooding for you. It’s watched the sunset, contemplated the nature of the universe and stared at the void long enough for it to give a wink back for you. If these sound like hobbies of yours that are entirely too time-consuming, Precept has managed to stuff them all in less than 4 minutes. This is a beautiful song using electronic elements to make a very real and existential point.

-Paul Weyer


AKH’s ‘Jungle Fever’ Is Dangerous, A Song Worth Hearing!

Electronic music has opened up so many expansive planes of creativity. Hip hop has evolved with the advent of auto-tuning and incredible leaps and bounds in the world of production and synthesis. Jungle Fever pulls together some of the most spectacular instrumentals in the game and uses them as a platform for Akh to portray his rise to what can only be described as inevitable stardom. Featuring talents from Antonio and Gaza, this song brings together pop culture references and strong modern compositional skills.

Jungle Fever is about pride in the hard work that’s come before and celebration of earned status, even when that’s symbolized by another person. Akh is surrounded by a beat that’s both deep and tight. His melodies are both atmospheric and close enough to feel dangerous. His flow is organic despite the electronic vibe of auto-tune. This is an artist who knows how to carry a song and Jungle Fever is a song worth hearing. With the constant strum and the whir of filtering, the song feels like it’s encompassed in the transitionary parts of pop music that keep music interesting. In this way, the song never loses itself to repetition. Akh is definitely an artist to keep tabs on.

-Paul Weyer


Xitlalic Faraday Releases Loud And Proud Track ‘Something To Prove’

Sometimes you need music that’s loud and proud and unafraid to shout to the world. Other times, music can be laid back and bring out different perspectives in a tame and predictable manner. Xitlalic Faraday finds the perfect balance between consistency and an ever-changing style with their song Something to Prove. This track brings back a lot of the adventurous spirit of the new wave era, but wraps itself in modern sensibilities and a well-crafted mix that nobody will mistake for something outlandish. There is a lot of harmonic bite and an evolving, busy arrangement that somehow never passes the verge of being dynamic. It’s hard to imagine a song that does so much without ever noticeably changing its overall volume. Producers, take note.

Something to Prove has a lot of echoes and effects gingerly placed over layered vocal lines. The lines aren’t always clear, but that definitely helps create a tone of self-interpretation. This isn’t boring ambient music. It has notable hip hop and electronic influences that almost seem to translate through the lens of a front man destined for shoegaze greatness. Just when you have the groove down, a new element is introduced. XF definitely has something to show, but it’s hard to accuse them of having something to prove.


Abigail’s ‘Perfect Storm’ is a true cocktail of pop and electronica

Abigail is a singer and songwriter with a distinctive voice and a very special production approach.

Her new single release is mellow, yet somewhat dark and haunting, echoing the work of artists like Portishead or Tori Amos, but with more energy. The beat has an amazing impact and a unique punch, while the beautiful layers of vocals really allow the song to stand out and reach an amazing depth.

The song opens up with a really great chorus, where Abigail managed to unleash an insane vocal hooks, rising the volume and intensity of her singing, only to take it softer again in the verses. The wide range of this singer’s voice is amazing: in the verses, she can create a smooth, warm tone, while in the courses, she manages to cut through the mix seamlessly, with control and grit, while remaining melodic and appealing. The bridge is also memorable, with a sparse beat and some cool vocals on the forefront.

This song is a true cocktail of pop and electronica, but with the energy of rock.


Hypnova release ‘Stranger Things’ – Featuring DR King

While the world of stringed instruments is expansive and can satisfy curiosities and cravings of many types, it’s highly regarded that one of the most expressive accessories since the invention of the pick itself: the slide. They can be glass, brass and a whole lot else in between. Despite how beloved the sound can be, it’s generally reserved for luaus and country ballads, with little else taking advantage of the unique and unmistakable sound. Stranger Things by Hypnova finds featured vocalist DR King enjoying an electric pop song that’s lead by none other than a sliding hook that’s bound to get people moving in a way that they’ve never done before.

Aside from the excellent hook, Hypnova managed to keep a great beat and finds time for finely-mixed piano parts that underscore DR King’s soulful performance.  This is a brief track that doesn’t need to spend time exploring or evolving. It knows what it is and it delivers what the people want. This not only provides an excellent addition to our pre-gaming needs, but gives us two great names to follow (if we aren’t already). There’s plenty to look forward to as far as sounds from Hypnova and performances by DR King. Maybe we’ll even see more collaboration in the future. Stranger Things have happened…

-Paul Weyer


Velour Fog & Angie C – Givin’ It Up (feat. Lambert McGaughy)

For budding musicians, one of the most consistently overlooked elements of what makes music great is the lower frequency spectrum of a song, also known as the bass. Velour Fog & Angie C know how to put together a house-inspired track, but bring a bit extra in the bass department on Givin’ It Up. This track will get you dancing, assuring the whole club a good time, especially those who may be physically moved if too close to a speaker. Besides a great beat and low end, a strong vocal performance cements this song’s credibility as an EDM hit. But wait, there’s more…

Other than the solid foundations of this song, one of the most standout ingredients to this track would be featured artist Lambert McGaughy. The smooth and dreamy saxophone transitions on Givin’ It Up remind us exactly how nice it can be to see featured artist collaborations in a music scene saturated with people working on tracks together just for networking purposes. This is a clear example of a musician being placed right where something special is needed and seizing that opportunity with style and flare.

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