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TYC release dope new Single – All 2 Myself

It’s all about paying your dues and TyC has certainly done that. After establishing his name as part of the band Carousel he has spent the last few years honing his production skills and song writing craft by shadowing and working with a wide and diverse network of artists and labels. The time now felt right to put his own release out and ahead of the forthcoming ep, the track All 2 Myself acts as a musical teaser and calling card for what is to follow.

And it is an intriguing mix. The ghosts of eighties electro explorers loom large over the song for sure but the more immediate vibe is a slick and sunshine fuelled west coast dance vibe. Add to that big production values, innate pop infectiousness and a polished modernity to his approach and you have a song that not only knows where it comes from but also sure as hell knows where it is going.

It is a busy sound with rock guitars and pulsing bass lines blending effortlessly with the more usual dance-floor elements but through clever production and a careful approach to space, nothing is lost and even the subtlest of sounds has its moment in the spotlight. Now that’s value for money.

Words: Dave Franklin


A&R Factory Present: Jamie Light

Emerging UK singer Jamie Light is proud to unveil debut single “Lies”, released independently via his own label, Ninth Park Records . The self-penned and produced track immediately stands out with its catchy hook and Jamie’s soulful vocals laid over glitchy electro beats—stemming from the singer’s love of electro music and the R&B/soul he has been influenced by since his early years.

“I always wanted to mix glitch elements with R&B to give my music a unique vibe and the result was ‘Lies’, which I wrote about a previous situation”, Jamie says of the track. “The song is about confronting the demise of a turbulent relationship and moving on when you can no longer gain anything from being in it.”

“Lies” is available to stream now and is the first single to be taken from Jamie Light’s forthcoming debut EP, RITUALS, scheduled for release in June. Keep up to date with all future releases and news by following Jamie and Ninth Park online:






A&R Factory Present: Alba

Alba presents her latest release titled “Life of a Bird” a song that is all about moody melodies and emotional vocals that combines the track into an epic piece of “Nordic Noir” vibed indie pop.

Anni Sinilahti, who goes by the artist name ALBA, is a singer-songwriter and producer from Finland. Her artist name was inspired by a meeting with an old man whilst travelling through Morocco, who told her that the name would bring her fortune in life. After leaving Finland at the age of 16 to busk in the streets of London, ALBA returned to her home country to work on her solo releases and write for other artists.

To date, her cover of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Love me like you do’ has gained over 300,000 plays on Soundcloud and her latest collaboration ‘One and Wild’ with DJ and producer Tarmo has been played more than half a million times onSpotify. Her musical influences vary from indie names such as Fever Ray and the Knife to pop artists including Britney Spears and Tove Lo.

In 2016 ALBA met producer Aleksi Kiiskinen aka MAULWURF and they wrote and produced her upcoming single in one sitting. One could say that it was music at first sight. This debut single, ‘Life of a Bird’ is due to be released in February 2017


A&R Factory Present: The Sunset Kids

The Sunset Kids are a unique Canadian Electro Folk/Dream pop music duo created in early 2013 by Josh Palmer (Guitar, Synths, Vocals) and Ally-V (Synths, Vocals). . Beyond providing energetic performances throughout the country, they share their enthusiasm and passion for music and film. Nominated for best Independent Music Video at the 2016 HMMA’s ( Hollywood Music in Media Awards). Their merits as artists also extend internationally, all their main official videos have been produced in California in collaboration with videographers and other crew members from the TV series Breaking Bad.

Ally V , grew in post Soviet /post Berlin wall Siberia, with no money and political unrest for years. She later immigrated to Saskatchewan Canada and her cinematic eye and musical ears were inspired by her journey to Canada. Her other worldly experiences bring a uniqueness to the Sunset Kids music and videos that’s all their own. The Kids make exciting Electro Folk music and also Cinematic music videos  and short films. For their live show they combine this cinematic eye for a multimedia experience with video projection.

The Sunset Kids have become well known for implementing visual art during their performances.  This comes in the form of original videos that capture the attention of their audience by mimicking the essence and mood of their music. To date, The Sunset Kids have played nearly 100 shows, including local, national, and international venues. The Sunset kids are heavily influenced by the New-Wave and Synthesized Sounds of the 80’s and folk pop of today. Their music represents a blend of many genres, from folk to synth electronic and indie.

Other than the most recent Music Video Nomination, one of their exciting milestone was the release of their first EP Seventh Sky on March 23, 2014 in front of a Los Angeles audience at the famous and Historic, House of Blues HOB on Sunset BLVD. Thanks to the overwhelming crowd response.  In fact one of the last performances their before the legendary club closed down.

Find out more here


A&R Factory Present: Dear Jane

With druggy atmospherics and plenty of low end, Temporary Bed is quintessential lo-fi R&Bass – what happens when an icy, heartbroken femme fatale decides to record a song in her bedroom. Vibes.

Off the self-titled debut Dear Jane, Temporary Bed like the newly released 6 track EP is a moody escape from reality with a destructive female we all know just a little too well. Production by Nico Cary, Rafael Casal & Dahlak Brathwaite.



A&R Fctory Present: Zagata

Zagata is making its debut with the release of its first music video for the single “Kill Me One More Time,” which walks the line between the past and the present. This song will be featured on the EP Backseat which will be released on October 25.

With its synth wave tones, the video takes on a 1980s aesthetic, with all the footage having been filmed in VHS format (Video 8). Despite the nostalgic undercurrents, the context of the video is very actual and will undoubtedly touch the heart of any music lover

Zagata’s project (voice, guitar, keyboard) is supported by a team of leading collaborators, which includes Jean-Nicolas Leupi (known for his work with Le Matos (coproduction, cowriting, synthesizers, drum machine) and for his work on the Turbo Kid soundtrack, John Nathaniel (coproduction, cowriting, mixing, drum machine), and the notable Tom Coyne (Adèle, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd) from the Sterling Studio in New York (Mastering). The album is fully anchored in the present time.

Zagata is Jesse Proteau’s solo project. With Zagata, he is bringing together his unbridled love for new wave, synth wave and cinematography and hearkening back to a time where synthesizers and drum machines dominated the music scene.


A&R Factory Present: Von Sell

NYC-based electropop artist, Von Sell is the son of Israeli singer Esther Ofarim and German filmmaker Philipp von Sell. Though born in New York City, he moved to Hamburg, Germany at the age of 2, where he was raised.

He began making bedroom pop at the age of 18. After high school he did stints at the British Academy of New Music and Humboldt University in Berlin before finally moving stateside to Boston to study music at Berklee College of Music, majoring in “Contemporary Writing and Production” and studying the piano. From there, he made the musician’s pilgrimage to Brooklyn in 2012.

In 2014 he decided to write a batch of new songs containing a decidedly different sound and style from his previous work, culminating in an EP to be released later this year. His first single, “Ivan”, came out in February of 2015 and has reached over 100k plays on both Soundcloud and Spotify. His second single “I insist” came out in April of 2016, has reached the #1 spot on hype machine twice, over 250k plays on spotify and over 300k on Spotify.

In ‘Names’ Von Sell’s sound comes full circle combining the melancholy and the soulfulness of ‘I Insist’, as well as the the pop sensibility and energy of ‘Ivan’.


A&R Factory Present: Aubergine MACHINE

Aubergine MACHINE is a collaboration between world renowned multi-platinum selling producer Ian Carey and new-comer to the scene Shanti Ellis. They formed the band in late 2012 after realizing their unique capability to create genre-blending electronic music. Having both travelled the world in their own right while picking up many influences along the way, their mental catalog of music includes everything from pre-EDM electronica to the uber-current sounds of future bass.

Ian’s very established in the international House Music scene and has visited more than 60 countries on tour sites. His production, while cutting edge but not alienating to new listeners, combines with Shanti’s brand of indie-pop laced vocals to build a foundation of melodies that range from youthful to emotive and haunting. Shanti and Ian like to sum up what they do in their mantra: we make music, love life and laugh sometimes. we are Aubergine MACHINE


A&R Factory Present: Woolf and the Wondershow

Enigmatic, alt- pop duo Woolf and the Wondershow – producer/singerChristopher J Baran and film composer Benjamin J Romans – have unveiled their latest music video for single, “Drinking About You,” which was directed by their long time collaborator David Richardson. The video lets you into their cinematic world, and is from Woolf and the Wondershow‘s forthcoming EP, We Need To Talk, that will be released independently on June 10th.

The “Drinking About You” video is direct footage from the two’s recent, and much talked about invite only concept installment shows that have been happening in downtown LA over the last month.

Their performance combines the mediums of projection mapped theater, silent film, modernized Victorian fashion, along with an epic performance of the duo’s entire forthcoming EP. The performance’s interludes are narrated by actor Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl), and thematically the live show  is centered on heartbreak, vulnerability and finding yourself in the aftermath.

Previously, the LA-based duo released the EP’s lead tracks “Cloaked,” “Cages,” and “Vandal,” which combined has over 2 million streams on Spotify.


A&R Factory Present: Mason

Mason is a multi genre artist and songwriter from Philadelphia who’s taken his talents all over the country with acts like Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco, RJD2, Joe Budden, Cypress Hill, DJ Skee, Nipsey Hussle and many more.

He’s progressed from a lyrical break beat rapper to a multifaceted shooter for mainstream stardom in a lane yet to be taken. With a myriad of albums piling up in the creative stage of his career he is the ultimate sleeper artist emerging from the Philadelphia area bound to stretch his wave nationally and internationally.

Drowning out the competition and leaving the scene wading in a new direction of sound is the inevitable force of this mix between The Weekend and Kendrick Lamar with a twist of Eminem’s rebelliousness.

Remember the name… Mason

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