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Tribal Saints release radio friendly pop track “My Heart Bleeds”

There is a wonderfully simple ethic at the heart of Tribal Saints… “If it doesn’t groove, it won’t move you.” This writing and production team are dedicated to making music that falls into the pop and dance realms but which is built on beat and percussion, groove and pulse and whether they playing with rock guitars, pop synths or dance samples there is always an infectiousness at the heart of the music.

My Heart Bleeds is both radio friendly and stadium ready, equally at home blasting from the car stereo as from festival speakers and with the song featuring America’s Top Model breakout star Cory Wade, this song has all the right elements to catch the cultural zeitgeist of the moment.


Producer Chris Martines Releases Debut EP ‘Fairytale’

Electronic music has fused with pop in myriad ways and for all but the most avid listeners, the endless variety of labels and subgenres can be daunting. For many, there’s simplicity under the umbrella of pop. Even when influenced by other scenes and sounds, there’s never a need to dedicate oneself to fitting into a singular box of what fits the cultural image. Fairy Tale by Chris Martines is a great example of pop music staying true to simple, catchy structures while decorating them in a variety of electronic inspirations.

While the song may not be a major dance number, there’s a hint of R&B sway that finds itself in a comfortably slow tempo. This lets the vocal performances breathe and be as expressive as they need to be, without resorting to a backing of monotonous minimalism. The synths might be the most notable elements of the track. They stand out for their brightness, lending some of the charm from synth pop into a much more intimate song than you’d expect. Fairy Tale breaks some rules without treading into Avant-garde territory and proves to be an easy listener for anyone with a curiosity towards pop and beyond.

-Paul Weyer

Danny Strikes EDM Summer Track ‘Forever (Something New) feat. Andreia Da Silva’

Danny Strikes is a talented EDM producer who knows a thing or two about creating memorable melodies and lush sounds. On his brand new release, “Forever”, he actually teamed up with Andreia Da Silva, a talented vocalist with a unique approach to melody. The song has all the punch you would expect from the best electronic dance music production, but it also has a melodic sensibility and an edgy appeal that’s typical of pop music.

Andreia Da Siva did a great job matching the song perfectly with some great tones, while Danny Strikes certainly added a special touch to this production. The mix is punchy, crisp and loud, yet incredibly clear and sophisticated.

This song is surely going to help people relax and unwind the rest of the summer – it could be a club banger, but also one of those tracks you could just enjoy while your out driving in the sun or simply chilling at home on a nice summer day.

With such great melodies and uplifting grooves, you simply can’t go wrong!


Jutty Fennix futuristic and energetic dance track ‘Yamasaki’

If some videos are just a way of promoting a single to a more visually receptive audience and others little more than an afterthought, Yamasaki is a refreshing combination of sight and sound. Even without fully understanding the intricacies of the narrative found in this amazing anime sequence it merges with the music to become a hypnotic masterstroke.

As EDM beats and writhing synthetic hooks play out a futuristic and energetic dance score, the animated story line is the other half of this futuristic opera, one breathing extra life into the other to become an inseparable package of sensual delights. Instrumental dance music is often a very abstract concept, designed as a catalyst for energetic nights out and hi-octane dance floor antics, Jutty Fennix reminds us that its potential as a film score is an area which needs to be explored more. And this is the man to do it.


Check out ‘Moonlight’ a dream-dance track by LADLX

If there is such a thing as dream-dance then LADLX makes it. Moonlight is a chilled and sonorous blend of slow groove dance, ambient hip-hop and hazy electronica and it sounds like nothing that you have heard before. The elements that make up the track might be familiar in their own right but when they are assembled in this intricate and unusual way the result is nothing short of spectacular new sonic architecture.

It is like sleepwalking through a techno-soundscape or the sort of dreams that robots might have, it alternately chills and grooves as the dynamic twists and turns, one moment infectious and dance-fuelled the next half heard and dreamlike. Dance music is already a broad section of the modern musical spectrum but I think LADLX has just invented a new sub-genre. What it is called is anyone’s guess.


Check out Dexter Banks EDM track ‘The Final Synthetic’

If a computer turned rogue, put aside its assigned functions and instead decided to write music, it might sound something like The Final Synthetic. Dexter Banks manages to capture the clinical beat, the hypnotic nature and the rising intensity of just such a scenario. The manic laughter also does little to convince you otherwise.

Where this music fits in to the musical canon is a joyous puzzle, dance floor filler for a futuristic club night, a video game score or film soundtrack, who knows, but then why does everything have to fit into perfect little boxes with their clearly marked labels? And for all its outsider nature the music is infectious, compelling and even a little bit frightening but then things need shaking up every once in a while.


A&R Factory Present: Cellar Kid

Cellar Kid’s visually rich video plays with some wonderful imagery:  illusions and allusions that give the viewer a lot to think about. It blends cold and vivid futuristic surroundings with the trappings of horror films but rather than play that obvious card it seems more interested in exploring the anonymity of the modern world and promoting a freer existence away from those technical temptations and traps which we are all slave too.

There is a wonderful image as the video resolves, people race up the stairs towards the light, reminiscent of the final meeting in Close Encounters of The Third Kind the same blind faith sought for in the hazy light of the unknown. This time the unknown turns out to be the real world, their masks are shed and they emerge blinking at the natural light surrounding them.

Musically it is just as rich, sitting somewhere between a clinical, slow dance floor groove, a techno-pop adventure and musical prophecy.  It blends musical futurism with the ghosts of those post-punk krautrock pioneers who set the electronic genre going all those years ago.

Not only a great piece of music and a slick and seductive video but a very import message. It looks like having something to say is back on the menu!


A&R Factory Present: KVR

KVR finally unveils his much-anticipated debut single ‘Never Gonna Be’.

‘Never Gonna Be’ is an upbeat, captivating and contemporary dance track with a killer catchy top-line. 17-year-old Dutch producer Koen Van Ravensberg has expertly blended together all the right ingredients for his amazing first solo release. A teenager who’s natural ability in production and songwriting defies his tender age.

As KVR tells us: “I’m really happy with the overall vibe of Never Gonna Be, I feel it’s got a catchy, poppy sounds to it. I had been thinking about what the song should be like for some time, struggling to find that perfect sound I was looking for, but it just wouldn’t work. Then eventually when I got it, I think I finished the basic concept in under an hour.”

KVR is no stranger to success even at the age of 17! His remix of Nathan Goshen’s ‘Thinking About It’ became a massive hit and has been certified platinum in Denmark and The Netherlands, gone gold in Sweden and Norway, reaching more than 71 million streams so far worldwide.

The Dutch producer has a bright future ahead of him with a truly global dance sound that has also now brought in his first official remix for Lady Gaga’s ‘Million Reasons’ (Feb 17th).

KVR ‘Never Gonna Be’ is out 24th February.

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A&R Factory Present: A+A

A+A Musical duo based out of NY, who started originally writing,producing, mixing for other musical acts and decided to leave that world and do it all themselves. Their philosophy states, “There are no rules or guidelines when it comes to making music because it is all subjective, but as humans, our likes and dislikes are all over the place.” A+A is a musical representation of exactly that. They make the music they love to listen to and inspires them which has a broad range of literally every genre. They have Roots of Classical, Jazz, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Folk, Country, Electronic… Pretend all those genres had a baby, thats A+A.

“Run” is their follow up single to their debut album Livingrooms that was released last year.

Check them out here.


A&R Factory Present: Karmic

Karmic derives from the word Karma.  Everything we do or say, as human beings, has intention.  To actively be aware of yourself and how you affect others is a mindful activity.  Knowing that you have the power to be the light with how you speak is Karmic.  Pushing a friend to be his or her best is Karmic.  Living and creating with the intention of bringing people together is Karmic.  Accepting life situations as they come and having the power to be a leader through madness is Karmic.  Inspiring people to be good to each other and to work together as one is Karmic.

We are a band of musicians, artists, and life adventurers that strive to inspire people with not only our music, but our vision of the world.  We write about our lives.  We write about people we know.  We write about experiences we have had.  We hope our songs can make you laugh, cry, think, and feel.  The good and bad.

We invite everyone to experience our world, and to share positive messages in the world.  We are all in this together after all.  Let’s create art. Let’s create conversations.  Let’s paint a better picture of this world.  Let’s push to be our best.  We are Karmic, and so are you.

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