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Cagework – Mould: The Ghost of Cello Rock

Cagework was born as the musical project of Samuel Bedford after being conceived in the cello rock aficionado’s bedroom. His humbly dramatic sound is reverberating through the streets of South East London as underground revellers are all too eager to drink in the eclectic sound which he creates. Working through his back catalogue was an audiophiles treat, yet nothing stood out more than Mould.

Cagework’s debut track is a quaint, resonant mix, with a Shoegaze Indie styling, that sounds as though it were born through the 90’s penchant for reverberated guitars and stifled vocals. Mould is an atmospherically haunting mix, dubbed with some silliness that will quite literally take your breath away.

Coming across an artist that doesn’t take itself too seriously is a pretty hard accomplishment to achieve these days. Yet the London based Singer Songwriter seems to master the ability with ubiquitous ease tackling a Sonic Youth style silliness in some of his tracks. Other tracks flow with a prominent cello domination to give his sound a more orchestral and harrowing sound.

Check out Mould, along with Cagework’s other tracks by using the BandCamp link below:

Stay up to date with live shows and more releases on the Facebook page below.


Cologne’s Sweet Smell Of Success

They may be new kids on the Philadelphia rock block but Cologne have really arrived with a fully formed sound. One part stadium rock, one part indie cool and one part pop accessibility, it is hard to see who they wouldn’t appeal too. Musically it gives them great scope to build sonic architecture in the space around them but also play with subtle musical dynamics, deliver songs dripping with euphoria but also commercial accessibility.

And it is this fantastic generic balancing act which sets them apart from the pack As popists and rockists wage pointless pitched battle, Cologne clearly adhere to the cult of the song, preferring to take the role of tunesmiths who exalt composition over flash and muscle. If this song is the perfect rallying point for those who have long understood that this middle way has always sported brilliant acts – pop acts muscled up by a dash of rock, rock acts whose bluster is tempered by indie details and indie acts happy to explore pop immediacy – then the fact that hey have an e.p. called New World available is just the icing on the cake.


Violitt blend cult and commerciality with the ghostlike Casper

Listening to Violitt’s majestic and haunting brand of dreamy alt-pop you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a long lost gem from another time, probably from that much maligned era, the eighties, which despite modern rebranding was paved with such beautiful and exploratory music. Its dark intensity suggests a Concrete Blonde track deemed too haunting for release as a single or a Cocteau Twins work in progress before they drenched everything in reverb and stardust, it mines deep emotions and pursues heartache and wanders along the very brink of despair.

But Violitt are too clever to just play the misery card or wallow in self pity and if old-school dream-pop seems a nostalgic and cultish notion which has long ago had its day in the post-punk sun and pop proper is a form too concerned with playing to the gallery and making music with the widest appeal, the more switched on modern artists have realised that you can take the integrity of the former and the commerciality of the latter to make music which is the best of both worlds. It is a sound which Violitt does better than most and it is exactly why this futurist pop revival is producing some of the most rewarding music of the moment without having to compromise cult appeal for commercial potential.


KTWG Releases Intimate Poetic Song “Jaded Seaguls Singalong”

KTWG is an artist from Paris with a sound that cannot be strictly categorised or labeled. His music, particularly the song “Jaded Seaguls Singalong,” has a strong Folk element with poetic lyrics and a guitar accompaniment, but it also presents a strong sense of individual creativity in the way the voice is used to create effects towards the end of the song. The music carries a sensitivity in its character that brings out a strong human aspect even through sets of cryptic lyrics. The strong accent which comes through as the lyrics unfold also adds an even more naturally raw human element to the whole song.

“jaded Seagulls Singalong” starts off immediately with an image evoking verse that transports the listener directly to the story which, although carrying a sense of melancholy, manages to bring out even more the effects of strong human emotions. Some of the phrases can sometimes be more abstract that others and this element of mysteriousness makes the song even more intriguing. The instrumental backdrop is kept calm and smooth-flowing throughout and as the song reaches its ending, the vocal phrases turn into juxtaposed melodies that add the the melancholic naturally human sensation that the song creates. KTWG definitely has an imitable sound that stands out and this personal touch is what makes his music so unique.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


“Wander” – MEDIC’s Latest Polished Indie Pop Release

MEDIC is a three piece indie pop band from Nashville, TN, with a sound that is the result of various sources of inspiration together with an artistic vision and creativity that stands out from the rest. Their sound is reminiscent of stadium concerts by big artists such as Coldplay, while their lyrics are an interesting blend of honesty and abstract expression. In this case, their most recent song “Wander” features a pop sound that is not like what you’d imagine a pop song to sound like. Apart from this, the production aspect of the song makes it stand out from the rest even more. With a polished radio friendly sound this song is ready for a great success.

“Wander” does not only deliver a precise artistic vision through a polished sound but it also features a set of lyrics that are both honest and creatively poetic. Sung through catchy melodic phrases, which are also very ear friendly and singable, the lyrics add a lot of dimension and depth to the song along with the way the instrumental arrangement and digital effects are crafted. Overall these guys have something very fresh to offer and their sound is cool and enjoyable to listen to! Check it out!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Shy Spell Are Casting Spells

There is something of the old school disco blended with the pop end of the New Romantics at the heart of Shy Spells latest release Between Us. Not in a retro, rose-tinted or plagiaristic way, but it does seem to beat with an older, musically wiser and certainly more fun heart whilst being wrapped in slick and modern indie-dance trappings.

This is a version of the late 70’s/early 80’s that didn’t quite exist but had it done it would have fitted right in, an alternative reality that would have happened if Sheffield had been a suburb of New York and those bored kids rewiring broken synths to their musical wills had actually had a more vibrant scene to exploit and experience.

And for all it’s backward glances it still manages to be moving forward, part of the here and now rather than the rose-tinted retro brigade. For those too young to remember things first time around Shy Spell give you the chance to experience some of the cooler musical aspects of that era and this time around there isn’t a leg warmer or shoulder pad in sight.


Thames Release Mellow Alternative Song “The Fear Of Losing The Ones You Love”

Thames are a four piece band from Saint Louis with sharp songwriting skills that allow them to tackle difficult subject matter and lyric themes in a way that keeps their music enjoyable to listen to. Apart from this, it is also very clear that these guys are humble and genuinely want to deliver a strong message through their music. Characterised by an understated calmness that shows their belief and confidence in this artistic vision, these guys have something truly sensitive and special to offer.

“The Fear Of Losing The Ones You Love.” is taken from their most recent album release, “The Fear,” which is characterised by their distinctive heartfelt sound that is also really enjoyable to listen to and fun at the same time. With a steady yet mellow driving beat, delicate piano melodies and smooth vocals this song features very interesting use of harmonic movement and melody. Unexpected notes colour the smooth melodies vibrantly and all the elements together create a mesmerising texture. Apart from this it is also very interesting to note how the vocal tone is used in several different ways to add character and dynamic to the lyric delivery. Overall Thames are definitely on to something good and their own belief and determination in the sound they envision and create shines through. Go ahead and check it out!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Anadel’s Cosmic Creature Comforts

Cosmic Creatures is one of those songs that reveals and rewards more and more as it plays out. Starting with some minimal acoustic guitar chords you could be forgiven for thinking that this might just be another fey troubadour looking to change the world with a working knowledge of the key of A minor, you know the type. But as it slowly builds, as it draws shimmering dream-pop and gentle indie structures to its heart you realise that you are instead being subjected to a master class in minimalism and emotion.

Anadel revel in space and understand that often it is the atmospheres which are conjured between the layers of music, the anticipations that hang between the words, the intangible ideas which are much more than the sum of its musical parts that really tug the emotional heartstrings. To use a cliche, less is more, but cliches are cliches because they are true and here Anadel do little more than build inviting musical structures and wait for them to be inhabited by the listeners own imagination and feelings. Now that is what I call a very neat trick.


Madzy – Conflict of Livetress Demo : Listen Up Sonic Youth Fans

Here is a new rough demo 'conflict of livetress' I think some of my Thurston Moore influence shows up in here a little.

Opslået af Madzy på 24. november 2017

As a massive fan of Alternative Rock & Shoegaze this demo struck all the right chords for me. The recording is as rough as it comes. Yet the talent on display is so poignantly raw, that’s a fact that you quickly learn to ignore.

You’re going to want to whack Conflict of Livetress on full volume for the full atmospheric power of the track in which she demonstrates her full rhythmic prowess. Her music is an unashamed nod to her musical influence Thurston Moore, the icon guitar player from Sonic Youth. Even over the heavy reverberation of the guitar you can hear her natural control over the guitar, Madzy is potentially the most talented female guitarist I’ve ever stumbled across. Contending with the likes of Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Nancy Wilson.

When she’s not making her own raucous music, Madzy, or Madeline is found playing guitar for Below Blackstar a band that has become infamous for its Classic Prog Rock Sound mixed with Shoegaze in which Madzy puts her angsty power chords to good use!

You can check out Madzy’s demo via Facebook using the link below:


Last Wild Lion – Seasons: Alternative Sound Fit For The Mainstream

Last Wild Lion are an Alternative Rock collective of five respectably talented musicians hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland. The spotlight undeniably goes to Sarah Monteath for her sweet orchestral lyrics which she throws into a mix of muted instrumentals with a downtempo styling and compelling immersive breakdown leading to stylish build ups. Sarah’s talents don’t end with her vocal ability, the multi instrumentalist also throws in her talents on the violin and keys into the mix to create a dreamy Pop Rock Sound.

The bands sound is simply out of this world, they’ve created an Alternative sound that wouldn’t sound out of place on any mainstream radio station. The talented collective have blended their passion of 90’s emo music. Taking inspiration from Jimmy Eat World, Cross My Heart and Penfold, the band create a pensive sound of authoritative conviction.

Last Wild Lion have just brought out their new Double A Side which is an evocative exploration of human emotion that’s bound to take you on an emotional rollercoaster as the tracks progress from minimalism into raucous soundwaves of chaos. The tracks treat you with a taste of melancholic nostalgia with an ironically haunting Scottish sound.

Check out the bands new debut hit on SoundCloud now!

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