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Holyphants Never Forget

The wonderfully named Holyphant merge the drifting desert blues sound with a darker and more ephemeral vibe, one which is built on shifting dynamics, from ambient moods to classic rock salvos, and the bleak and wasted stoner rock vibe. Throw in some brooding gothic undercurrents and some hypnotic interludes and you are about half way to nailing down their meandering and mercurial sound.

It’s a lot to back into one song but it shows a clear understanding of the rocks rich and varied history and a deft hand when it comes to blending past styles into a gloriously new sound. It wanders progressive landscapes planting defiant rock seeds, waters them with alt-rock nourishment and prepares for the blooming of a whole new post-genre, all inclusive rock movement.  Knowing where you come from is the key to knowing where you are going and Hallucinations prove beyond doubt that Holyphants never forget!


The Secret Things Take On P J Harvey’s ‘Down By The Water’

It is a brave move indeed to take on a P J Harvey classic and try to bring something new to the table. Yes, covering the song is easy but for an artist already dripping in non-conformist creativity and single-minded sonic direction, there is little point in taking on such a task unless you can bring a similar uniqueness to the song.

Thankfully, The Secret Things seem to have exactly the right mind set and approach to the song’s reinvention and the result is the perfect blend of their own leftfield alt-rock and Harvey’s beautiful and terrible resonance. They manage to create a version balancing power and restraint, a musical tide that pulls the listener in and just up to the edge of the maelstrom, a majestic cacophony if ever there was one.

Not many people can take on such a song from such an uncompromising artist like P J Harvey and hope to breath new life into it, but the fact that The Secret Things are able to do just that suggests that they might not be that secret for very long.


Desert Clouds Release Kool Alt-Rock Track ‘Weight’

Some bands like to push boundaries, storm barricades and try to change the face of music; others stick to what they are good at and work in familiar territory. It seems impossible to simultaneously work in both fields; surely they are polar opposites, mutually exclusive, opposing camps. Well, yes, but somehow Desert Clouds bridge that gap. For whilst you can see the familiar elements that make up their sound – a large helping of grungy, stoner rock and desert blues tempered with psychedelic sensibilities – the way they re-arrange these sonic building blocks produces something wonderfully refreshing.

But whereas many bands could take the same musical elements and end up making a clichéd pastiche to any number of bands on the Homme/Lanagen musical axis or worse, try to reimagine 90s Seattle, Desert Clouds manage to make rock music that is cool, groove laden, infectious and well, to be honest…damn sexy. It is also forward thinking, wonderfully of the “here and now,” and reeking with modernity rather than nostalgia. Forget the patched denim hordes and their nostalgic tunnel vision, these guys not only know where they come from, more importantly they know where they are going and that is what really counts.


A&R Factory Present: Kaldera

KALDERA are a four piece indie rock band based in Reading. The guys are all 19 years old and sound impressive. Loud guitars with catchy riffs and a great image.

The band were originally “Captain and the Gypsy kid” but they decided to re-brand ourselves and develop a more mature sound, which we think is something in between artic monkeys and the black keys.

Kaldera, whave been gigging around Reading, Oxford, Bristol, Londo and were voted in by the public to play TRUCK festival last summer.

Henry Belcher – lead guitarist
Alasdair Jenkins – bassist
Oscar Robinson – drummer
Tom Waddington – lead singer and songwriter

A&r Factory Present: Drayter

Drayter is an award winning pop/rock band from Dallas,Texas. Renowned for their high-energy live shows and emotionally charged modern rock songs, Drayter stitches together melodies from both pop and traditional rock ‘n’ roll that are impassioned, heavy at times, most assuredly danceable, and pop in all the right places.

With Liv Miner’s angelic female vocals, jazzy bass lines, combined with Cole Schwartz’s slicing guitar and driving percussion, Drayter’s sound is both unique and familiar to even the most discerning music fan.

It is great to see such a young band, making great music. They take a whole range of musical influences from Foo Fighters to Periphery to create there own style of progressive rock with soaring melodies.



A&R Factory Present: Suburban Myth

Suburban Myth are a rock band currently based in South Carolina that takes its music influences from bands such as The Goo Goo Dolls and Shine down. Its lyrical influence range from its appreciation of a wide range of musical genre, however rock legends such as Mike Peters and David Bowie figure heavily in their love for anthemic music and one half of the songwriting duo is based in Nottingham , United Kingdom , giving Suburban Myth a cross Atlantic element to their music .

Suburban Myth bring their own unique individualism which together produces a melodic rock sound that surrounds and encompasses storytelling that gets the feet moving and the mind reflecting.

Suburban Myths second Album “Wilderness” will be released sometime in ​ 2016​. The single “Wilderness”, received its radio debut on BBC Introducing to an enthusiastic review from its presenter Dean Jackson and has an atmosphere complimented perfectly by the emotional tones of vocalist Derek Daisey.

“Wilderness follows the release in 2014 of “Welcome (If Only) Suburban Myths first Album. A 15 track compilation that received great reviews with the single “Crashed and Burn” having a good deal of media attention , including airplay on Planet Rock (Wyatt radio show)


A&R Factory Present: GROVES

Los Angeles-based GROVES comprised Stephen Salisbury (vocals/guitar), Reid Guidry (bass/synth) and Will Smith (drums). The native Texans met in high school at the age of 14 and after years of sharing the same affinity for music, they left for LA in pursuit of starting a band.

Inspired by the likes of Elvis Costello, Phoenix, Blink-182 and The Beatles, the band’s sound is broad and unafraid to experiment. Highlighted by tight groove based, melodically rich guitar interplay, dark synth underpinnings, and vocals that are at once urgent and passionate.

On January 13, 2016 GROVES revealed the first piece of the puzzle, their debut single “Ender” alongside a music video . The release is currently being spun on LA’s New Alternative: Alt 98.7fm, as well as KCRW, and has also climbed to #1 on Hype Machine’s Most Popular Tracks on Twitter. “Ender is a call to arms and represents the rebirth of our music. We’re very excited to show you the rest of what’s recorded” says vocalist Stephen Salisbury.


A&R Factory Present: Wingman

Wingman is an alternative rock band that lives at the juxtaposition of pop sensible and melancholy.

After years of frustrating and failed personal pursuits, members Con Davison and Dan Stewart met and formed their sound while playing as the rhythm section for another notable indie band, Ancient Mariner. Their debut record, Honcho, tells stories of stolen money, losing faith, and fighting crippling anxiety, all while being delivered by fuzzy guitars and infectious melody.

Self produced and engineered, the duo recruited Brett Bullion (Bad Bad Hats, John Mark Nelson) to mix the record and Huntley Miller (Low, Aero Flynn) for the master.

Their first single, Giant Microphone, boasts grit and groove in which bobbing your head becomes second nature.

The second single, In Comes Rushing In, is a clean and moody track, that builds in intensity and power; all the while never losing its melancholy sweetness.

Honcho will be out on June 10th.

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