Twalle: The King of Killer EDM Remixes

Twalle’s remix of Avicii’s 2017 hit ‘Without You’ has gone down a storm with indie and EDM fans alike. With his killer remixing skills he fuelled the originally classic hit. This Dance / EDM remix is a smash hit…


LA MiiShia: The Queen of Trap

LA MiiShia’s new track “Love Too Fast” has quickly become an unlikely favourite. She’s a welcome introduction to the sub-genre of trap music. Her humble small-town girl reinvention of the 90’s grunge aesthetic will undeniably make her a hit…


Elwood: A Journey Through the Mind of the Magnanimous

When you listen to lyrics, you want to be moved, for an artist to do that, they have to have true soul. Which is exactly what I found when I listened to Elwood’s latest hauntingly powerful track ‘Alive’ off…


Kloyd’s “Balearo” Will Keep You Moving

There is an art to the introductory sequence. To set a tone while promising there is more on the horizon and building to a climactic delivery knowing that it will be up to the audience whether or not the…


Check Out The Bassline on T-Bow’s Release “The One”

Without funk, what’s the point? Sure, music can translate feelings that range infinitely, but let’s be honest. Swing can get you moving one way, EDM can get you moving another, but that timeless soul that is injected into every…

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