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Modestep performs thrilling gig suspended from icy peak at 6,500 feet

Modestep have performed the world’s most epic gig, on a space net suspended from a freezing New Zealand peak over an icy ravine. The sixth annual Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig stars Josh Friend and Pat Lundy of Modestep, who took their performance to new, dizzying heights, in sub-zero temperatures.

The daunting gig location, Cecil Peak in Queenstown, is 6,500 feet above sea level and accessible only by helicopter. Known for their unique electronic rock and dubstep sound, Modestep’s Ice Cold Gig set list included new single, Higher.

First developed for the extreme sport of base-jumping, the space net was handmade in Utah especially for Jägermeister and took 210 hours to create. Rigged from the cliff edge, the space net created a unique, suspended platform on which Modestep performed.  To reach their unusual stage, Josh and Pat had to zip-line over a sheer drop.

Following the gig, Josh Friend of Modestep said, “When Jägermeister approached us for the Ice Cold Gig, we knew it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We like to challenge ourselves in new ways so we were immediately hyped to get involved. We knew that our new single Higher, would be a perfect track for this daring, elevated gig.”

Pat Lundy of Modestep added, “Every second that we spent on the space net was completely surreal. Performing in that location, with a helicopter whirling around and these insane drops beneath us –  it was definitely the most epic gig we will ever perform! We’ve been involved with Jägermeister for years, so collaborating on this experience has been unbelievable. We hope people enjoy our Ice Cold Gig and feel inspired to push their own boundaries.”

Jägermeister, the iconic German herbal spirit renowned for pushing the limits in the music world, has partnered with Modestep since 2011 through its JägerMusic programme which supports emerging and established artists. Tom Carson, Music Manager at Jägermeister UK approached the energetic London duo knowing they would be the perfect choice for the challenge.

Tom Carson said, “The gig is our annual embodiment of the bold, adventurous, spirit of Jägermeister, inspired by the perfect chilled shot serve of -18°C. It’s a big challenge for a band to perform in the freezing cold, never mind whilst suspended at 6,500 feet. Modestep blew us all away with an energetic and fearless performance – luckily they didn’t call us out on the lack of a dressing room either!”

The immense challenge of creating this ambitious gig fell to Secret Compass, a professional expedition company whose Brand Projects team travels the globe creating and capturing adventures in the World’s wildest places.

Tom McShane, Operations Director at Secret Compass commented, “Each year when we begin to brainstorm for the next Ice Cold Gig, we visualise the most incredible gig we can imagine and then we aim to bring it to life. Logistically, this Ice Cold Gig presented colossal challenges – we needed to create a stage that would hang from a mountain peak in an inhospitable environment and also ensure that all equipment was in place to deliver and capture the performance. Luckily, we revel in these challenges!”

In the Ice Cold Gig series, there’s no obstacle too big for Jägermeister to overcome. Jägermeister’s 2016 Ice Cold Gig saw Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine accomplish an audacious world first: an adrenalin-filled continuous gig on land, sea and air. In 2015, TesseracT performed on top of an immense gigantic igloo, thought to be the world’s biggest in Lapland, Finland and in 2014, Jägermeister hosted the world’s first gig on an iceberg with UK metal band The Defiled. The Ice Cold Gig series has so far made it into the Guinness Book of World Records twice, and been nominated for three awards.



When Joy Division and New Order legend Peter Hook performed at Rebellion Festival in 2016 it was widely regarded to be one of the most memorable sets of the weekend.  It is, then, with great pleasure that Rebellion can confirm that Peter Hook & The Light will return to play the festival in 2018 for a special ‘best of Joy Division’ set that will be guaranteed to thrill both newcomers and old fans of the band.

“It’s a real pleasure to be returning to Rebellion Festival with The Light again,” states Peter. “Rebellion’s a tremendous event bringing together a great line up of alternative and punk bands with a very enthusiastic crowd. The reactions are always great and it attracts a real mix of people to Blackpool’s Winter Gardens, a great venue in its own right. It’s always a unique occasion and one of the highlights of the year.”

Joining Peter Hook in 2018 is the kind of line-up that Rebellion Festival is known and respected for the world over, bringing together the best and most vital bands from the long and varied history and present of punk and alternative music. Whilst it’s still early days in the festivals curation, the programme is already shaping up to reflect the very best of what the scene has to offer. Some of the acts already confirmed include the cream of UK punk such as The ExploitedCockney RejectsAngelic UpstartsDischargeRuts DCUK Subs, and Slaughter & The Dogs joining a host of punk and hardcore from around the world, including legends such as D.R.I., The AdolescentsSNFU,  Toxic ReasonsRaw Power and many more.

Tickets available here:

Many more bands, running-order and stage times still to be announced.

Rebellion Festival is an ALL AGES, family friendly event and children under 12 are admitted free of charge (accompanied by an adult). More information and tickets are available at:



Streaming and Licensing Can Prove Lucrative for Artists

Listeners have more access to music more easily than ever before. Not only that, but they also have an unprecedented level of control over what they listen to. No longer are fans forced to sit by the radio or call in requests to their local DJ. Nowadays most fans are able to find their favorite artists on demand through a variety of streaming platforms. While this has been great for music lovers everywhere, artists are still learning to adapt to an ever-changing industry in the information age.

It’s also been great that artists can connect with their fans more directly than ever before, but a side-effect of this accessibility is the adverse impact on album sales. Musicians have become forced to rely more heavily on streaming, which often yields a fraction of the profits to all but the biggest artists. As a result, it’s even more difficult for bands to make a living solely from their releases. Streaming is arguably one of the best and worst things to happen to musicians in the last decade. In many ways, streaming has provided a freedom from the typical album format to allow artists the leeway to experiment with daring new sounds. For fans, it has provided access to all their favorite tunes at their fingertips, and often for free.

And it looks as though streaming will only continue to grow as the preferred mode of consumption for most listeners. It was recently announced that Tesla, (the electric auto giant, not the heavy metal band), could be launching its own streaming service dedicated to its futuristic cars. The company is apparently in talks with major labels to create an in-car entertainment service that might operate on a monthly or yearly subscription model similar to Amazon Prime. The manufacturer already has a deal with Spotify in some markets, but with its own service it could create a valuable additional revenue stream. Also, if they pay artists a little more fairly than Spotify, it could be a winning situation for everyone involved.

The issue with many streaming services often comes down to the payouts. In many cases, smaller artists receive a pittance for their efforts, and they’re no longer able to rely on music sales to provide a stable and reliable source of income. The same can also be said for most established acts looking to court the interest of a much younger and technologically savvy audience.

In order to find a way to connect with new listeners while also widening their streams of income, licensing has turned into a lucrative option for bands hoping to expand beyond album sales and touring. And this goes far beyond letting a song be used in a commercial or a movie soundtrack. Some artists have begun loaning out their likenesses to online video games, which allows them to profit from their notoriety and extend their reach to a new audience. These online slot reels feature a variety of bands with artists like Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses highlighted at the reviews for popular casinos. These games feature the artists themselves along with some of their biggest hits to create a new means of appealing to old fans while making a few new ones along the way. The end result is an innovative way to increase exposure while capitalizing on an established back-catalog. As acts continue to set up these kinds of deals, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it spread across the industry.

The digital revolution in music will likely prove to be a positive for everyone, and it’s only natural that there would be some growing pains along the way. Artists will continue to learn how to best take advantage of the resources provided by streaming and the virtually endless licensing opportunities. And we predict that things are going to work our for enterprising musicians in the long run.



Festival No. 6 – the exhilarating finale of the UK’s summer festival season – is proud to announce a distinguished and diverse line-up from across the Welsh music spectrum for this year’s festival, with many more acts still to be revealed.

Returning to Festival No.6 for its fourth year, Horizons, BBC Wales and Arts Council Wales’ music project, opens the Lost in the Woods stage on Friday; hosting acts nominated by BBC Wales’ specialst music radio DJs and producers. Acts including Llangollen-based Campfire Social, Wrexham’s indie-pop sensation Kidsmoke, Cardiff’s art-rock theatrics of Palomino Party, Caernarfon’s psychedelic favourites Castles, post-rock girl group Adwaith, electro-pop maverick Griff Lynch, folk rock duo Zervas & Pepper, anthemic rock from Climbing Trees, blues-tinged indie rockers Candelas and Sweet Baboo – who recently released his first out of a three part trilogy studio album, ‘Wild Imagination’.

Building on the success of last year, Welsh music specialists Huw Stephens and John Rostron from Sŵn Festival based in Cardiff have curated a bespoke mix of Welsh artists and collaborators. Saturday’s highlights include electronic pop musician and producer Ani Glass, Argrph, Chroma, DJ Elan Evans, rising Welsh artist Greta Isaac, Lastig Band, sets by Swn DJ’s, Toby Hay and Twinfield.

Nyth Gwydir will be hosting a collective blend of Welsh and international artists for Sunday including guitar-slinging singer-songwriter and winner of Y Selar’s Best Album of 2014 Yws Gwynedd, Yr Eira, Carcharorion, Welsh folk-rockers Bob Delyn a’r Ebillion, Alys Williams, alternative folk trio Plu and a number of sets by Nyth DJ’s.

Festival No.6 is also proud to host CED Music who has curated an audio feast each day with some of the most talented, unsigned artists across the Welsh musical spectrum. Highlights include songwriter AP Cooper, four-piece rock band Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles, Bonnie Pilgrim, Calfari, Climbing Trees, Corteous Thief, Deckchair Protest, Hannah Willwood, Magi Tudur and Paur Green. The stage will also play host to singer-songwriter Sera, Welsh poet Sophie McKeand, Synnwyr Cyffredin, The Bortowski Swing, The Secret, Velvet, Xtacsi and Wil Williams & The Continentals who’s set will offer a lively mixture of original material and fantastic covers.

The Welsh programme joins an already impressive music bill featuring headliners The Flaming Lips, Bloc Party and Mogwai. With more incredible acts, DJs, happenings, activities and installations still to be announced the special sixth edition of Festival No.6 will be truly unmissable.

Festival No.6 is a bespoke banquet of music, arts, culture and gastronomy, taking place over the weekend of the 7-10 September in the magical village of Portmeirion, Wales, home of the cult TV series The Prisoner. With more live artists, DJ’s, renowned chefs, speakers and surprises yet to be revealed the sixth Festival No.6 will undoubtedly be the most impressive to date.

Acts will perform across the entire site, by the whimsical Italianate architecture of the village, the historic town hall, piazza, Bristol Colonnade, beside the picturesque estuary, in the atmospheric woods and the promenade along the River Dwyryd.

Constructed between 1925 and 1975 by maverick architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, Portmeirion is a wonderfully bizarre and elaborate interpretation of a Mediterranean villa, nestled in the stunning mountains and forests of North Wales overlooking the expansive estuarial waters of the Irish Sea.

For the full line-up to date and more information visit:


The ultimate summer haus party is back on the festival trail – Jägermeister’s award-winning JägerHaus

The wait is over – the JägerHaus is back with a bang. After picking up ‘Best Activation at a Festival’ at last year’s prestigious Event Awards, the immersive music venue is the ultimate festival destination and will be touring four of the UK’s most popular events this season – LoveBox, Citadel, Kendal Calling & Bestival.

The life and soul of the fields, this year the JägerHaus will be as eclectic as ever, hosting the freshest bands and DJs. Whether you’re into indie sounds or ride the dance beat wave, the JägerHaus is the place to be.

Jägermeister has deep roots in the music world, so it’s no surprise that the 2017 JägerHaus line-up features some of the biggest names. Jägermeister has hosted chart-topping Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Mercury Music Prize nominee Jungle, and Jägermeister stage favourite MURKAGE, who performed with UK’s most influential artists of the millennium, Mike Skinner. Not only does the venue book the freshest acts of the season, the Jägerhaus welcomes music industry stalwarts – Jamal Edwards (founder of SBTV), Rudimental and Blossoms to name a few.

The fun doesn’t stop at the music, the JägerHaus is also the hottest drinking hub at the festivals, with Jägermeister on tap and innovative cocktails being served up, the Ice Cold Shot is just the start of the drinks menu. From the berry-inspired Purple Stag to the signature ginger beer paired, Root56, revellers can enjoy a range of world-class summer serves to get the party started.

So pack up your tents, get your wellies on and head to one of the festivals on the JägerHaus tour:

Lovebox – Friday 14 & Saturday 15 July

Citadel – Sunday 16 July

Kendal Calling – Thursday 27-Sunday 30 July

Bestival – Friday 8-Sunday 10 September

The JägerHaus journey

The seven unique spaces in the JägerHaus have been revamped, ready for the troops of music enthusiasts to enjoy the Jägermeister vibes. As you enter, the sweet Jägermeister-inspired botanical aromas will hit you and tempt you to grab a drink at The Lodge Bar. Showcasing the unique qualities and versatility of Jägermeister, the menu includes the classic Ice Cold Shot, the signature Root56 (Jägermeister, ginger beer, cucumber and lime) and Black Spice (Jägermeister Spice and cola), and the best Jäger cocktails, Hunter’s Punch, Purple Stag and, Deer and Beer. Created by the Hubertus Circle, an exclusive range of elite UK bartenders, alongside Jägermeister brand ambassador Florian Beuren, the selection of summer serves highlights the superiority of the herbal spirit, and will surprise the drinks aficionados amongst us.

After choosing a drink, you can take two paths, choosing to wander through the wardrobe into the Backyard to chill out and soak up the sun, or to venture through to The Warehouse and revel in the energy as you watch your favourite live acts and DJs. 

Whatever the British weather may hold, there is something for everyone at the JägerHaus; if you need a little sprucing up, then head to the ‘Pimp my Wellies’ station to get your footwear adorned.

For VIPs and Special Guests of Jägermeister, there is an escape in The Loft which hosts the best view of The Warehouse stage, a fully stocked bar, comfy seating, and some good old-fashioned games – Jägermeister pool and foosball.

For those that can’t make the festival fun, London’s independent station, Soho Radio has teamed up with Jägermeister to broadcast from the JägerHaus at LoveBox, Citadel and Bestival. So tune in to be part of the best summer ‘Haus party’ out there!

Join in the conversation on Twitter @JagerUK, Instagram @JagermeisterUK and



No festival experience is complete without the classic ‘lighter in the air’ moment. Be in with the chance of winning a limited edition Download Zippo windproof lighter (worth £27), usually only available to buy exclusively at Download Festival.

A&R Factory has teamed up with Zippo to offer you the chance to win one of these much sought-after lighters.

The limited edition Download Festival Zippo windproof lighter features festival artwork and is the perfect Download Festival memorabilia. Since the iconic sea of flames was created as Zippo lighters were first waved in the air calling for an “encore”, the windproof lighters have become the ultimate accessory for making a bold statement in music.

To be in with a chance to win a limited edition Zippo windproof lighter, just answer this simple question:

*Competition closes 10th June 2017


Top 5 Tips for Music Licensing

So today A&R Factory had the chance to ask Scott Dudley his Top 5 Tips for Music Licensing.

Scott is the Creative Director at is an emerging agency/web interface that focuses on landing placements for mainstream & burgeoning artists; placing multiple genres of music for TV / Film / Advertisements / Games etc. at the fingertips of those looking for precisely that.

His credits include BRITAwards, MTV, VH1, FOX Sports, NBA on TNT, SBNation, ESPN, FOX, NBC and many more!

A&R Factory had the chance to ask Scott his Top 5 Tips for Music Licensing.

  1. Presentation / Metadata

Music Supervisors want the story to the song… the mood. For example, if a pitch is searching for something similar to “A Tribe Called Quest,” submit your song with a personal email. Something like “Hope all is well, I’ve attached a similar song with the ‘Golden Era’ feel,” etc. Build the relationship. Don’t just send a song and exit.

Your metadata should be very descriptive. Include lyrics, similar artists, moods. When a pitch comes in and someone looks for something specific and/or lyrics mentioning “Sunshine”, it’ll boost your chances having done this ahead.

If you are adding your songs to 3rd party libraries or allowing agents to place your music they will greatly appreciate this! It saves them time and money and allows them to hit the ground running with your current and new music.

  1. Mastering Quality

Songs being crystal clear and 0db mastered are ESSENTIAL for any major TV/Film license. If the song is not properly mastered, most won’t listen past 10 seconds. Even an online mastering service like LANDR noticeably improves quality and levels the composition to 0dbs.

  1. Sessions Files Available

Most agencies or supervisors will need or request changes. Sometimes it’s as simple as turning the piano down. Sometimes they need a 4 minute song crammed into a 3 minute song. To do all of this, you will need your session files available. Immediately, when you master your song you should have the Instrumental and Clean Version made as well. Some may request to have it remastered via their in-house engineer so also save the unmastered version. This is vital, keep them both saved and on hand!

  1. Networking

The fact of the matter is, this is legwork. The most powerful relationships we have at PUSH are long-term built over multiple projects. When you work together on something great, companies tend to stick with you and keep coming back. Where to find them, some major networks will give TV Slates to the public if requested. This lists upcoming works on the network and the Music Supervisor involved.

The public pitch sheets or music pitching services I wouldn’t necessarily recommend. They are impersonal. When you release something like that to the public you are going to get a lot of junk. That’s why most connections we have come from a 1-1 relationship and a history of the music we provided to them, which leads me to my #1 tip…

  1. Professionalism

THIS, in my opinion, is the MOST important. Your music is a commodity. Whether or not you gain monetary value from it is completely up to your business ethic. Have your BMI Song Splits ready with your IPI #, The Work #, ISRC # on-hand! Return contracts in a timely manner. These major companies may have 48 hours to place a song. If you happen to get a bite and they ask for Song Splits / Performing Rights Organization, etc. and you respond with “What’s that?” odds are they won’t respond, they’ll look for the next song selection.

Read your contracts. Never sign an exclusive contract without an advance. You are eating 100% of the risk. An agency can make all the promises in the world, but in the end do not let them bury you in the risk. Ask questions, be careful of giving up your publishing. If anyone is requesting to own the publishing they need to compensate you. Your music has value, if someone is requesting to lock down your music for 2+ years add a clause to terminate if no placements are made within a certain timeframe.

Email is good, but speak to your clients on the phone. Go out to them, fly out and network. Bottom line, get in that legwork!

Get in touch: Scott teaches a class over at Pyramind (  If you are a musician that may be interested in getting your music licensed in TV/Film send a demo to or contact Scott directly at with any questions you may have.




Five Things Successful Bands Do Differently

Five Things Successful Bands Do Differently

The enrapturing aspect of music that is prodigiously appealing to its listeners is the individuality and unique talents that follow with the artist. The variation in the music industry is so enigmatic, and this is what presents the music world with such a golden appeal, leaving us with a thrilling thirst for more. Despite this, talent is not the sole factor to what attributes an artist’s success. Each factor is as valuable as each other to maintain a well-respected name within the industry.


Regardless of their success, branding yourself as a solo artist can open up many doors as an established artist within the music industry. Jamie xx reached his potential and managed to mark himself as a reputable artist within the underground dance genre as well as performing regularly as a longstanding band member of The xx. Lauryn Hill, an internationally renowned soul artist reached her fame when she left The Fugees, and now she is compared amongst the A-listers such as the notorious Erykah Badu. Although Chance the Rapper has always worked as a solo artist, he rejected the opportunity to sign with record labels to make it in the music world on his own, this led to Chance being the first unsigned artist to winning three Grammy awards.


The importance of originality is predominant to a musicians’ success. Fans and potential listeners easily seek out the variety between various music genres and what simply sounds bland and dreary. Examples of this are shown in The Mouse Outfit, a hip hop, funk and jazz band of 9, alongside Childish Gambino who explores the sound between hip hop and funk. Additionally, Maribou State composes a futuristic sound by merging elements of electronic down temp, hip hop, soul and funk, essentially producing trip-hop music.


A way to exhibit your talents is by performing in other bands. Putting all your heart and soul into one band is certainly a route to success, but by experimenting in different areas of music proves your true gift. Two of the MC’s from The Mouse Outfit ‘Sparkz’ and ‘Truthos Mufasa’ perform in likeminded hip-hop and grime band Levelz, David Grohl was the drummer in Foo Fighters then later founded alternative rock band Nirvana, and indie rock Johnny Mar quickly reached his celebrity status through playing in The Smiths and Modest Mouse.


A vital factor which gives musicians the stamp of approval within the industry is the personal depth behind each composition. It is essential that listeners can relate to the music through ground-breaking topics which occur in our everyday lives. The likes of Sampha, A Tribe Called Quest and Glass Animals convey this idiosyncratic ideal in their new albums where they explore the topics of mental health, political corruption and the realism of humanity.


Finally, the concluding feature to the success of bands and artists is the interaction between themselves and their fans. This is a method of connecting with their fans and obtaining positive feedback, proving the genuine nature behind their music. Various artists have shown their interest in reaching out to their fans like top grime artist Stormzy who used twitter to meet up with a fan to watch a football game at their home, JME who played a short football kick about with a fan, and Darius Syrossian who held regular villa parties in Ibiza over the summer.

Granting there are many different aspects as to what makes a successful band, these are of the upmost examples of what countless successful bands and musicians do differently. The current time and trend may vary on the speed of success, but the creativity and originality of music is what is most crucial. Down to these five steps, it is apparent as to how music becomes an alluring success.

Words: Aly McHugh


Win Tickets To The Afro Beat Show Of The Decade

We have TWO tickets for the  up for grab for The Afrobeat Event of the Decade for our readers, submit your details below for a chance to enter!!!

On the 24th March 17 at The O2 Forum, Kentish Town, Soundcrash is proud to present a very special night celebrating one of the greatest sounds in the entire musical landscape… Afrobeat. With a very rare line-up of the greatest artists in the genre featuring the original band and family of Fela Kuti himself.

Expect a night of high energy, infectious beats and african rhythms. Expect a night where history is made. This REALLY is a night not to miss.


Son of Fela and one of the greatest ambassadors of afrobeat and West African music in general. SEUN himself is one of most incredible high octane performers in the world today. Relentlessly leading the Egypt 80 in continuation of both his father’s musical and political legacy, whilst providing one of the most engaging shows you’ll ever see. “You could take the fact that Seun Kuti, not his older brother Femi, heads Egypt 80 as conclusive evidence that he is the baton-bearer for Fela Kuti’s legacy” – The Quietus


Drummer, composer, and songwriter of Nigerian origin, Tony Allen, learned how to play drums on his own by listening to legendary drummers such as Art Blakey and Max Roach. In the midst of the 1960s, Together with the human rights activist and political musician Fela Kuti, he created the “afrobeat” movement – a blend of traditional African music, jazz and funk – “Without Tony Allen, there would not be an Afrobeat” are the words of Kuti on Allen. Tony Allen continues to be an active musician at the age of 75, having played on over 70 albums so far. Quoted by Brian Eno as “Probably the best living drummer”, Tony Allen will play for the legend “Art Blakey” who has been an inspiration to him.


The Heliocentrics are undoubtedly one of the most incredible things to happen in music of the past decade. The band’s unique blend of raw funk, dark cinematic psychedelia and sci-fi jazz has earned them a cult following around the globe. Among their dedicated supporters, you may find Gilles Peterson, Egon, Madlib and The Gaslamp Killer.


From selling out Jazz cafe to receiving global recognition with the likes of Gilles Peterson, & Boiler Room singing their praises, it’s fair to say that multi-instrumentalist Nick Tyson aka Xoa has firmly positioned himself & his full live band as a defining new talent.

Combining analogue synths, guitar riffs & outstanding percussion the XOA live show delivers an acute insight to 1970’s golden era Afrobeat with a modern twist; all performed by some of London’s leading talents.


An exciting DJ set mixing next-level tropical riffs, hypnotic horns, glitchy electronics, sweaty funk and everything in between! Expect the feel-good vibes.

Music News

New Music 2017

Check out some of our top new music in 2017!

SAM WOOLF is a 20 year-old folk/pop singer songwriter known for his original arrangements, beautiful pitch perfect tone and emotional original songs. His performances and recordings have obtained millions of views on YouTube and Sam receives tremendous support from his fan club, the “WOOLFPACK” on social media. Sam Woolf has gained national recognition as a finalist on American Idol’s 2014 Season where he placed in the Top 5. Independent Grammy-winning producer Danny Blume produced and recorded an EP “Pretend” containing Sam’s originals for release. It debuted at #9 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart.

Hailing from West Memphis, Arkansas, Yebba Smith is carrying the weight of a town that brought us such musical juggernauts as Grammy Award winner Shirley Brown, Blues legend Junior Wells and of course, The Memphis Horns. Her chillingly soulful, yet soft voice gives you the impression that she has no problem flying that flag, as she commands the stage with a pain in her voice that is enough to encapsulate any audience.

Jose Otero was born in Gran Canaria in 1990, Jose says “I was was a very active kid and lover of soul music because of the influence of my parents who loved jazz and soul. My vocal inspiration are Etta James, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Stevie wonder. ” Jose started singing when he was 16 and moved to London in 2012 to study music, since then he has reached the final of Open Mic U.K. coming 4th out of 12.000 applicants. He then got a production deal and the outcome was this powerful track “I told you”

Hear the words “Amish Country” and you’d be hard-pressed not to think of butter churns, windmills and a conspicuous lack of places to plug in your iPhone. So, it might be hard to believe that Justin Baron, a prodigious singer/songwriter and New York City’s best-kept secret, grew up in Lancaster, PA – the widely reputed home of the horse and buggy.

A self-proclaimed ‘music nerd’ Lauren Carter has completed a Masters Degree in Music, resulting in her knowing Beethoven and Schubert as well as she knows Lana del Rey, Bjork, or say, Leonard Cohen. Featured extensively in her career in magazines such as GQ, Maxim, Esquire, she explores the relationship between audience and performer, the male gaze, and her writing delves into topics like sexual politics, female independence, life in Los Angeles, and the American Dream.

Eloah Jones is a driven, passionate and charismatic singer and songwriter with a truly unique approach and a diverse set of talents under her belt! Now 17, Eloah has been acting and singing ever since she was 11. Eventually, due to her hard work and committed passion, was was finally able to bring her music to the next level and work on something amazing. Eloah recently released a brand new single, “Soldier”, which is inspired by artists as diverse as Selena Gomez or Lana Del Rey, just to mention but a few.


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