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Strangerfamiliar Releases “Insecure.” – An Abstract Expression Of Raw Emotion

Strangerfamiliar is a solo project by Illichna Morasky based in Montreal with a sense of aesthetic unlike any other. Linking abstract expression with sound and emotion is not easily accepted as the norm in music, yet Strangerfamiliar manages to make an outstandingly mesmerising song that clearly portrays raw feelings of anger and sorrow through a sound and visual content that is abstract and very conceptual, making Illichna Morasky’s artistically creative expression stand out from all the rest and going beyond genre and stylistic titles.

“Insecure” is a track which stems out from raw emotions felt during heartbreak but it sounds nothing the many typical pop songs which delve into the same subject matter. The music carries a certain weight that you can feel while listening to it while the vocal part is lighter but with a strong underlying sense of strength and a tone that is seductive and soulful. This quirky sound is not thick in texture and every element has its own place and intention. Through her music, Strangerfamiliar expresses a sound that stands out from the rest, rich with symbolism and deep underlying philosophical concepts that are expressed through music in an abstract way that can still deliver the message clearly and strongly. Strangerfamiliar is just one of a kind, and a free soul finding a truly authentic voice in music expression.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


The Spirit Of Violence Release Melodically Rich Track “Black Golden Body”

The Spirit of Violence are an Albany based rock band with a character and sound that is authentic and rich in harmonic and melodic texture. Their music is not like any of the typical rock out there. It has a very strong character and is musically intriguing in such a way even reminiscent of the music by Queen. Their latest release “Black Golden Body” has a harmonic and melodic drive that takes the listener on a whole journey through a variety of tonalities and chord functions. This sense of symphonic texture which keeps evolving and developing throughout the song make s it interesting from start to finish even for those who might not be into rock. It simply has good musical value and is enjoyable to listen to.

Apart from these drastic changes in harmonies the music is also characterised by tuneful vocal melodies and memorable guitar riffs that push the music forward even more. With piano arpeggiations highlighting specific harmonic changes and electrifying virtuosic guitar solos the music offers a little bit less than 3 minutes of pure energy and drive, leaving the listener wanting more. Check it out and you’ll see how unique this sound truly is.

Sarah Marie Bugeja


CalynRoxx Releases Brand New Fun Track “Make Me Cry”

Calyn Roxx is a young upcoming talent from Stockton, CA, who is showing a great passion for music from a very young age. At eleven years old she already has her own sound and she knows how to perform with just the right attitude as well. She is already developing her artistic style and is clearly enjoying time in the studio making music that sounds fresh, catchy and cool. Her latest song “Make Me Cry” is indeed evidence of this and it shows that she is definitely reaching for the top and trying out different things fearlessly.

“Make Me Cry” is a fresh pop song with just the right amount of digital effects on the voice and a fun instrumental arrangement that accompanies Calyn’s vocals nicely. Apart from this, what is most interesting about this song, is the way melodic contrast is used to distinguish sections. Verses, pre-choruses and choruses all have a different character yet blend perfectly well together. The pre chorus and chorus are the most melodically strong section which also feature bigger intervallic leaps that add a certain cool attitude to the whole song and make it even more fun to sing along to. Overall Calyn Roxx is showing the world that she is ready to delve into the music industry. She has a fresh cool sound, just the right attitude and she also knows what she wants in her music!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Jamie Felton Releases Feel Good Pop Song “Grab My Hips And Sway”

Jamie Felton is a multifaceted music artist from Oxfordshire who does not only sing and play the guitar. He writes, arranges, records and produces his tracks himself and is also capable of playing a variety of instruments as well. This guy is truly amazing at what he does and his passion for music shines through and is noticeable by anyone. His latest release “Grab My Hips and Sway” features a high energy arrangement and a tuneful melody that you will not be forgetting any time soon. This song is not just a feel good song though. It features an interesting arrangement and a surprise at the end with a horn section building up the climax and final chorus.

With some very rhythmically active guitar parts and a cool sense of melody the song starts off simple and evolves into a party. One of the most interesting aspects though, is Jamie’s vocal tone quality and his performance style. With a tone colour that is very suitable for rock and roll and soul, he creates a pop sound that it unlike any other. This guy definitely knows how to make music ideas in his head come to life, and the fact that all his music is made by him from start to finish proves that he is ready to have a solid career in music. Listen to the song and watch out for more !

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


“Paper” – Catherine’s Room’s Latest Electronic Dream Pop Track

Catherine’s Room, an experimental music group from Rome, is a band with a sound that is smooth and relaxing yet also strong and in constant motion. Their latest track “Paper” presents their very own dream pop sound through a track which keeps developing through to the end, with constant additions to the instrumental texture as well as a vocal chorus melody that is as clear and clean, somewhat reminiscent of the undistorted reflection on a clear and still sea. Featuring simple phrase shapes and a minimalistic approach to melody creation the song still manages to evolve and develop through to the final notes.

“Paper” starts off with electronic organ carpets that set up the relaxing and atmosphere which develops into a dreamlike sensation as the beat kicks in and the vocal melody starts developing the first verse. Right as the chorus emerges, the vocal melody stands out even more, with long luscious notes accompanied by a build featuring soft string, creating a cinematic sound that it image evoking and delicate. Later on in the song, the entry of the electric guitar shakes things up and the image becomes slightly distorted while the melody remains clear and crisp. Catherine’s Room have a unique artistic vision and know how to craft sound in a truly effective way that is capable of communicating emotion and evoking images. Check it out!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Swamp Child – Miss Disgrace: 21st Century Riot Grrrl

Miss Disgrace is the latest percussion soaked track from the San Francisco based Swamp Child, it’s sound is a torrent of contemptuous sound. Grabbing hold of the same angst as bands such as Hole, Babes in Toyland and Jack Off Jill. Vocalist Brandi Cheek revels in her garage blues sound with no notable ode to the predecessors to her genre. She carries her sound in a unique veracious way that celebrates her feminine tenderness with her demur styling.

Through their sound they combine the soulful grunge rock influences of New Orleans through the rattling perpetual rhythm of the guitar provided by the deft hands of Robb Hagle.

Miss Disgrace is an ode to their alternative rock roots with the invigorating touch of the contemporary indie garage rock sound which they take all across San Francisco to treat fans to a taste of their delectable enigmatic sound.

Keep tuned for the full Miss Disgrace EP which is due later this fall.

In the meantime, check out Swamp Child’s new single on Spotify using the link below:

For more on the band and details of their upcoming tour head on over to their stunning website


Listen To Peter Donegan’s Outstanding Songwriting Skills In “Superman”

Peter Donegan, son of late “Godfather of British Rock n Roll” Lonnie Donegan, has music running through his veins with an inevitable strong passion towards Country music in particular. His sound is authentic and inimitable and his outstanding songwriting skills are able to captivate listeners of all stylistic preferences. His latest hit song “Superman” does not only showcase these skills but also features a raw heartfelt performance quality and a clear sound that can communicate musical ideas effectively. The chorus section for this song is also able to create a very lasting impression, with higher melodies and interesting rhythmic choices as well as an instrumental background that complements these elements perfectly.

With a consistent vocal tone quality exploring shapely singable melodies using a variety of colours as well as a very effective instrumental arrangement which constantly propels the music forward, the song is intelligently crafted and performed. Another aspect of the song which makes it feel so raw and natural is it’s ability to evoke the sensation that the music is being experienced live in concert. With changes in texture that sustain interest throughout, a balanced Country style instrumentation that keeps growing and singable melodies that form uplifting choruses, the song truly shows how great Peter Donegan’s songwriting skills truly are. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Ekaterine Music Presents DreamTaun; Contemporary Country Funk

One month after the initial release of DreamTaun, the fresh new single from Ekaterine Music and we’re still revelling in the absolute masterpiece of this sonorous sound. With its wholesome hints of Country, Americana, Electro-Pop, Funk and Ska DreamTaun has the momentum of a thousand wild horses.

The track progresses with Ska tones reverberating from the guitar with transient slips of melody from the verse to the chorus. The track has an angelic aura about it twined with the exuberance of one of the most confident women that you’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to expressing herself in a midst of raucous energy. The sound dominates its sweet euphoric vibe. The vocals are as clear as glass fracturing into a thousand pieces through the rhythm of this track. Ekaterine Music is the new musical venture from visionary Moscow born singer song writer Ekartine Goglidze whose music soon caught the attention of the BBC. In 2016, she was invited to perform her original material in the live sessions. She’s a woman of astounding grace and stunning talent.

Check out her new single DreamTaun on the SoundCloud link below:

Make sure you also check out her website & social media, once you get a taste of her sound, you’re going to want to get acquainted with her.


Apollo Grey – Sex for Breakfast

Apollo Grey is a nostalgia tapping R&B artist ready to blow us away with his artful rendition of the modern love song.  He’s created a magnificent grinding anthem through Sex For Breakfast. I was dubious of the title when I hit play, expecting a myriad of crass perversion and contempt to flow through the sound. Yet rather than depreciating a woman’s worth, he offers a playful mind’s eye view into his pain loss and suffering which celebrates the tortuous nature of femininity, ending the track with a raw ending through his humble admission of loss.

When it comes to his sound, it’s undoubtedly influenced by his impeccable sense of aesthetic. He’s fused fashion and the most contemporary of millennial art into his stylings. There’s no grandiosity within his lyrical presence, you can tell that his entire sound stems from his sincerity and his passion for a melodic fusion of the iconic R&B sound. There’s no ‘Ghetto en Vogue’, just a wonderous dichotomy of sound mixed with innocent style. This is just the start of Apollo’s musical mastery.

Check out Apollo Greys poigniant new hit on the YouTube link below:

Link up with him via social media and through his website


Deep Sea Peach Tree – Clue: It Will Swallow You Whole

I saw the name, and fell in love before I even heard a note of their music. Their ambient Shoegaze sound riddled with alternative indie jazz & indie pop is the most sensational sound since Cigarettes After Sex. Shoegaze will always have an undeniably special place in my record collection with the likes of My Bloody Valentine, SWANS, and Slowdive.

The New York based trio have captured a quiescent sound through their new track Clue which is just one of the glorious sounds on their latest release Vaguely Navy. Every inch of their presence is poetic, they’re one of the most beautiful collective of musicians I’ve ever encountered. As you’d expect from a Shoegaze track Its ambient melody pulls at the heart strings whilst the heavy reverberation of the inexplicably played guitar fuels you with the sound of their powerful momentum that’s almost orchestral. Lead singer Kristof Denis keeps the soul of the enigmatic genre alive over the incandescent guitars and eerie melodies that have the power to swallow you whole.

Their Single Clue is available to play or download via the Bandcamp link below:

Follow the band’s musical ventures on their Facebook site

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