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Kind Releases Instrumental Track “Like Love 4”

“Kind” is a seamless, elegant and understated word with only 4 letters, just like love. The concept of this single is absolutely outstanding. I love the textural, pumping atmospheres with some trance-inspired pad tones clashing with powerful 808-style beats.

This is an instrumental electronic hip-hop vibe track that takes the listeners on a very unexpected musical journey. Initially, the song focuses on some lush textures with a new wave flavor, but later, it explores a driven beat inspired by techno and trance music, two of the most deep and textural under currents of EDM. On the other hand, the track also has a stunning interlude, where the song gets considerably quieter, allowing the track to breathe and gain a deeper arrangement.

I love the multi-dimensional sound of this production, and the many instruments in the song really fit well together – from the electronic drum samples to the stunning guitar tones and vocal loops.


Michael Rhodes “Feel It” Is Packed With Fun

With “Feel It”, Michael Rhodes set out to create a sound that feels organic, direct and more importantly, packed with fun! This song immediately stands out for its positive energy and great vibes. The melodies are simple, yet really memorable and easy to fall in love with. I love the beautiful dynamic range of the vocals, which can go from high falsetto to a lower, more intimate register. Feel It is a perfect combination of stunning pop melodies, R&B vibes and beautiful percussive elements.

The song’s mix is excellent, with a particular focus on allowing the many amazing vocal layers to really stand out. Besides the vocals, the beats are also one of the most important traits in this particular track. I love the claps and tambourine hits adding clarity and precision to the groove. This is a track that was certainly meant for dancing, and I love the infectious rhythm that really compels me to tap my feel and get moving!


HIDDENHILLS Release Punchy Rap Track “Full Throttle”

HIDDENHILLS managed to create a stunning and lush tracks, with some beautiful layers of melodies converging together with a massive and explosive groove. The vocals create some stunning harmonic layers, while the punchy and modern electronic beat samples are packed with punch and edge.

What I really love about this tune is certainly the transcendental power of this track. It has elements of pop, trap and R&B, and it is a really well-constructed track that defies elements and songwriting ideas, in order to come up with something unique and innovative.

Produced by LarryBeats, the track feels modern and punchy, with a special tone that really highlights the arrangement’s crafty ideas and insane musicianship that went into the creation of this gem. The song begins with a softer intro that hints at the upcoming groove with a bit of a lo-fi feel. Later, the song opens up beautifully, with a crisp and melodic sound. The 808-style drums cut through the mix beautifully, just as much as the vocals, which bring melody and rhythm to the mix in equally balanced doses.


Leonie Sherif Releases Slick R&B Track “Deny”

Leonie Sherif follows in the pop-dance traditions of the likes of Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and Mariah Carey, and if you are going to pick role models they don’t come much bigger than that. And like her icons she weaves slick dance grooves through accessible and sophisticated pop melodies to create music and which in a throwaway world is anything but.

It is the combination of old and new, the match of a certain familiarity with a forward thinking vision that makes this work so well. For every modern electro- beat there is an organic, old school R&B groove, for every pop pulse there is a soulful echo. Not everything has to be about revolution when it comes to creativity, barriers don’t always need kicking down, pop music doesn’t need to undergo unnecessary cross pollination, sometimes it is just enough to nurture what has gone before and give it a modern rethink. Evolution really is the way forward.


NAKD Releases “OUTRAGEOUS” (Ft Kooly Bros & No Choice Ricco)

Outrageous is a brand new, exciting single from NAKD. The song also features a collaboration with Kooly Bros and No Choice Ricco, who helped take the track to the very next level.

 This single clocks in at slightly over the 3 minute-mark, packing a wild punch and a lot of sexy, heated grooves. This song blurs the lines between deep house, trance and hip-hop, going for a truly eclectic and unique production approach. I love the multi-dimensional sound of this production, which remains catchy and appealing, while taking listeners through some really unexpected pathways. The lyrical flow is smooth and direct, echoing artists such as Pitbull. The production aesthetics are modern and vibrant, with massive doses of low end and a crisp, silky top end to smooth things out. This is a perfect club banger, but it is also a great rhythm-driven track that showcases the lyrical talented of some really high level performers throughout the song.

The matching music video, currently available via Youtube, is a perfect way to describe the song visually.


Lauta Releases New Club Banger Track “Free Falling”

Singer – songwriter Lauta, recently released her first solo single Freefalling which is an epic infectious dance anthem, Some of you may recognise Lauta, she was part of popular girl group Hollywood FM, who saw great success with their track Уходи.

Raised in Ukraine, Lauta points to the rich musical heritage of her home country as a central catalyst for her passion for music. The single, Freefalling, which was released earlier this year, features drum n bass rhythms with EDM and pop hooks driven by Lauta‘s captivating vocals. The track is dope, expect to hear it in clubs up and down the country and will sit nicely on a KISS FM late night playlist!

The single was inspired by the singers relocation from Ukraine to Paris following the political turmoil in her homeland. The uproot forced Lauta to rebuild her life and continue to pursue her dream of becoming a solo artist. Lauta mentions:

“My latest tracks are about rebirth – an exciting new phase which gives the feeling of being in free fall! Sometimes, it’s actually a crisis that makes you who you are. I learned to create everything from scratch, and I feel like I’m living in flight. It’s all a story, building, building, building… and I know that there are no boundaries.”

The video for ‘Freefalling’ will be available to view from Friday 13th October on Vevo and is the first release from forthcoming debut EP of the same name, due for release later this year and we expect to hear it all across Ibiza if the release date is timed to perfection!


Jack Hodges Releases Alternative Pop Track “Strange Feelings”

“Strange Feelings” is a new and exciting single release from singer and songwriter Jack Hodges. The song immediately stands out for its lush, driven and direct textures. The snare sound in particular, is absolutely massive, as if it was echoing from deep down the bottom of a cave. I love the dark, haunting vibes of this track and Jack does a really great job at keeping up with the melodies and textures of this track with his laid-back and on-point vocal performance.

On this track, Jack reminds me of talented artists such as Frank Ocean or D’Angelo, combining unique textures with some stunning sonic ideas. The production value of this single is definitely worth mentioning. The track is absolutely world-class and the mix is balanced and masterfully executed.


City of Salt Release Folk Grunge Track “The Rhythm, The Cipher, & The Shield”

City of Salt certainly has a knack for evocative song titles and poignant lyrics with a very personal overtone.

The project’s recent single, The Rhythm, The Cipher, & The Shield, is a blend of delicate folk vibes, echoing the work of artists such as Damien Rice or Ryan Adams, just to mention but a few.

The song is built on a very seamless and simple arrangement: the rich and warm acoustic guitar serves as a backbone to the song, providing a nice steady rhythm, but also defining a great core melody. On the other hand, the string sections, add depth and a stunning atmospheric tone that really defines the vibe of this track. The vocal are honest, inspired and direct, perfectly matching the natural heartfelt vibes of the lyrics. There is quite nothing as compelling and direct as a songwriter pouring his heart out and sharing a moment with the audience!


Nyro Releases Cinematic Track “Terror In Tacoma”

Rarely do artist completely change the direction of sound – and do it as effortlessly as Nyro has done on, “Terror In Tacoma.” The lavish yet slightly monochromatic musical score dances around a colorful yet glassy piano and not much else (maybe some slight strings here and there), but it’s the whimsical simplicity that sets the undertone of mystery and anticipation.  The musical score enters with a reoccurring motif that slowly blends within the score allowing the listener to relate to the sound on a narrative level. If you listen close enough, there’s a story unfolding right before your very eyes or ears rather and that’s the best part of this piece.

The veracity of the piano is a key factor when listening to this track, as it’s use employs a wide range of orchestrated sounds dancing from subtle almost Asian influenced patterns to playfully quaint tones yielding harmonious moments of both beauty and anticipation. Despite its beauty (or maybe because of it) one can’t help but be drawn in from beginning to end. This is a solid track, a refreshing glass of water in the somewhat cottonmouth sound we are slowing becoming accustomed to hearing more and more these days.


Miles Blue Spruce: Progressing Forward With Sounds Of The Past

Be courageous. Be honest. Be compassionate. Be Talented. Most importantly be yourself. This has to be Miles Blue Spruce’s mantra, his passion for music exudes in every aspect of his journey. In another era; he would have been an endearing but soulful – rock front man at least twenty years his senior. Lucky for us, he wasn’t and we can enjoy the powerhouse singer, amazing showman, and incredible musician who’s also a pretty amazing audio engineer.

I recently had the pleasure of listening to an original piece entitled, “Flame,” in the musical realm Miles may have succeeded where others have failed, in authenticity. “Flame,” is a beautifully written contemporary rock that brings to mind passion, love and unrelenting passion. The song opens with some exceptional guitar riffs, dynamic tones, and it even utilizes some classic rock chords, patterns, and traditional tempos. The exceptional vocal melodies provide accessible and dynamic tones as it builds at full length in intensity and energy. There’s a slight stream of consciousness in the lyrical delivery which only enhances the classic feel.

Miles’ voice, although light and crisp provides such an intense trance that seems to seamlessly pull you in with just the right amount of riffs and adlibs. Production and arrangement wise this song although similar in quality is slightly above what you may be used to with indie artist. It’s crisp, very clear, there’s no oversaturation of reverb, there’s no unnecessary enhancements to the vocal patterns only pure artistry. The song keeps a basic arrangement through several distinct sections with only some fine adjustments to the bass line and slight additions of a few blues infused chords joining the ever-present classic guitar. This piece has been perfectly molded into a well-orchestrated symphony of diversity. Its classic, it’s modern, it’s soulful, it’s harmonious, it’s authentic, it art, in short, its music. Although the piece is classified as; “rock,” the rich vocal presence coupled with the dulcet driven guitar easily provides this song with a mass crossover appeal.

“Flame,” incorporates elements of alternative rock, blues, and even a slight hint of country while remaining rooted deeply in originality. If this song is at all a hint of what’s to come from Miles Blue Spruce, then I expect to hear quality music for years to come.

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